The day I first met you

Katlyn was like any normal girl until she met Ashton irwin and he turned her life upside down and totally flipped her world around


4. Chapter 3

Katlyns pov

I get to mine and Kodas spot and we stand up as the countdown begins

" holy shit there coming on stage I can't fucking wait " I scream to koda over loud fans

" I know right I can wait either it's gonna be a fucking good time " she laughs and then they come on stage

They start off with what I like about you and I'm yelling at the top of my lungs


Then the last ending song was lost in reality and it was the most amazing thing I eer heard in my life but I loved every moment of it.

So me and koda head back stage and we sit and wait then four sweaty boys come off stage

" hey katlyn " Ashton smiles

" who's your hot friend " Luke added

" we'll Michael Luke and calum I'm katlyn and this is koda "

" hey koda I like your name it's kinda cool " Michael says

" thanks Michael that's so sweet " koda smiles and Luke watches her closly

Ashton then walks close to me " how would you girls like to come on the last half of the SLFL tour with us "

" that would e amazing omg " I smile and giggle all full of joy and happness

" yeah koda it woul be nice to see your face every morning " Luke says and koda blushes

" we'll in that case I'm in " she says blushing , I couldn't Belevie me and my bestfirend get to go on tour with our idols and the boys that make us wanna get up everyday and put a smile on our faces this was gonna be amaing

Sorry for spelling errors I've been rushing lately try to update as much as I can but I don't get a lot of time in so I do it before I sleep and sometimes it's just tiring but he's another chapter to enjoy love you guys and hope your liking it so far katlyn 😘❤️

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