The day I first met you

Katlyn was like any normal girl until she met Ashton irwin and he turned her life upside down and totally flipped her world around


3. chapter 2

Katlyn's POV

I wake up to my alarm beeping and no doubt about it I get up right away knowing today was the day and I was ever so excited I decided to text koda

(Kk-koda k-katlyn)

K- ready for today

Kk- hell yeah can't wait , be ready I'm picking you up in an hour

K- alright see you soon

With that I get ready I put on black skinny jeans and my 5sos shirt with Irwin on the back today was finally here the day that I get to met my idols but mostly Ashton , an hour passes and Kodas here I jump in the car and we go , we jam out to 5sos the whole time and by time we are there were 5 hours early and the first couple of people there

" koda I think we are way early "

" yeah we are but it won't be long now till they get here "

I point and there walking over and I get my camera ready Ashton then walks up

" hey pretty " he smiles at me

" hey ash can I get a picture " I blush

" sure " he kisses my cheek and hands me something I look down an it's a note saying to meet him back stage after the show man today was goin good already

Sorry for the short chapter I'm gonna have days I update so maybe Monday and Thursday because it's hard trying to update everyday but hope your liking the story so far

Love you guys xox 😘

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