Teen Prob

Three bad girls enter their senior year in high school knowing they gonna slay. Parties, boys, fights, and clothes is all they wanna hear about. Find out more in the book about how the three best friends handle their senior year or last year in high school.


5. Intro. Part 5

Heeeyyy I'm another one of the writers🙂🙂🙂🙂

ok, my name is Star... do not call me out my name that's one thing I don't like. Let's just make that shit clear and I may sound rude but I'm really a nice person....Its just if anybody say somthing smart to me then they gonna catch these hands and it's as simple as that. But I'm a really smart student with all A's😌 So dont try to pull no dumb shit because I'm just to smart not to figure out. Anyway I have  no siblings......well I did have an older brother but he passed away when I was 7😔 I miss him with all my heart but I understand that he left for a reason. So that's why I like fashion because it takes my mind off my brother

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