Teen Prob

Three bad girls enter their senior year in high school knowing they gonna slay. Parties, boys, fights, and clothes is all they wanna hear about. Find out more in the book about how the three best friends handle their senior year or last year in high school.


13. Chapter 8

Gabby P.O.V


So as I'm trying to get myself together I'm thinking of what boy would I find at this party ....I'm kinda worried because if I do find someone he has to be right and of course sexy asf......my mom lets me date but it's basically my dad he thinks imma go around and be a hoe and just care about my boyfriend (if I had one) but I don't know if I should wear makeup or not because I want my face to look natural....So as I'm getting ready Star calls me..."What you want star" I said "damn I can't call you" ....."i mean you can but I thought you needed something" I said ......."oh no I was just making sure u were up getting ready okay I will see you later"she said in a weird voice. Okay so as I'm thinking I thought of my ex witch  did me wrong and he goes to my school I was wondering what girl would he try to flirt around with at this party.

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