Teen Prob

Three bad girls enter their senior year in high school knowing they gonna slay. Parties, boys, fights, and clothes is all they wanna hear about. Find out more in the book about how the three best friends handle their senior year or last year in high school.


8. Chapter 3




Mistty P.O.V.


"Mistty! Wake up! Your gonna be late!" My mom yells. I put my pillow over my head trying to block out the sound of my mom yelling. Then all of a sudden the covers were snatched right off of me. It was such a cold breeze I scribbled my knees up to my chin. 
"I said get up! I'm not gonna tell you again!" My mom fussed throwing my covers on the floors. "And clean this crap up!" She walked out sounding frustrated. "Ughhhhh" I moan trying to get myself up. I finally get up and take a shower, brush my teeth and put on my most revealing outfit I could find. I love the attention. Anyway I went in the kitchen and saw that my mom already left. So I gabbed my keys to the car and drove to McDonald's. Thats where Star, Gabby, and I meet every Monday morning. 

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