Teen Prob

Three bad girls enter their senior year in high school knowing they gonna slay. Parties, boys, fights, and clothes is all they wanna hear about. Find out more in the book about how the three best friends handle their senior year or last year in high school.


23. Chapter 18

Mistty P.O.V.

It was Sunday morning and I woke up from a text. (Hey mama you coming over today?) it was Jordan ‘(the boy I was with the other night)’ before I could reply my mama walked in. “Girl you working today?” She asked. “No--I'm mean yea.” I replied knowing I was lien. “Ok then get dressed for work, I'm going to church today.” She said not expecting a thing. My mama left the room and I got dressed in my work clothes to pretend I was going to work and did my hair. After that I grabbed my bigger purse to secretly pack extra clothes. I walked out my room towards the front door. I opened the front door. “Bye ma!” I yelled out walking out the house. I ran to my car opened the car door and sat to crank the car up, shutting the car door back I began to start texting Jordan back. (Yea. I'm on my way.) I turned off my phone and began to drive to the gas station. I pulled up, grabbed my purse and went in the gas station. “Hello lil lady.” A old man said at the cash register. “Oh hey mr. Clark.” I said excitedly. “How's Mrs. Clark?” “She doin just fine, heh.” “Ok Mr. Clark.” I laughed walking to the bathroom. I went inside the bathroom and changed. I was walking out the store and I noticed mr Clark wasn't there. I just kept on walking. I got I'm my car and drove to Jordan house. I pulled up and he was standing in the doorway. I got the car and walked up to him. We started to kiss then he leaned in more. We walked more inside the house still kissing. I drop my keys down on the couch as we walk to the room still making out. We enter the room the room and closes the door. I lay down on the bed breathing heavily, and he gets on top of me kissing my neck. “Baby oooo stop you gonna give me a hicky baby” I say moaning. “Damn baby you taste so good.” He replied ignoring my statement. Then he sat up and took off his shirt. So I took off mine. A few seconds later we were naked. As I laid back down he entered me slowly sliding up to my lips, and he kissed my neck as he stroked going faster each time. “Mmmmm!” I moaned. Now he was going full speed. “UGHH DADDY YEA YEA DADDY YEA MMM” I was moaning so loud that I'm pretty sure if people walked by the house they would of heard me. I felt so good in that moment. His dick was hard and long I was enjoying it. A few minutes later he stopped. We were both sweating. He got up and put his pants on. Then he stood over me, and kissed my forehead. “I love you.” He said. I smiled not knowing if I agreed, and fell asleep as Jordan walked out the room. Later that day I woke up. I blinked a couple of times. I looked out the window. It was getting dark. “Shit!” I yelled. Jordan walk in the room. “What's wrong?!” He asked. “Nothing, what time is it?” “8:45, why?” “Oh shit! I gotta go!” “Oh. Ture.” He said looking at my naked body licking his lips. “Could you go get my bag out the car for me please.” I asked. “Yeah, where yo keys.” “On the table in the living room.” “Ight” he said walking out the room. Like a minute later he came in the room with my bag and sat on the bed looking at my ass. “Umm.” I said. “Oh my B.” “Yea yo B” I said laughing. He walked out laughing back and closed the door. I got dressed in my sonic work clothes and put my other clothes in my bag. I walk out the room turning the light off. I see him watching tv on couch and I walk up to him from behind the couch and rap my arms around his neck and kiss his cheek. Then I stand back up. He looks back i me up and down and laughs. “That's suppose to turn me on?!” He laughs. “Lol, really.” I reply. “Yea, you gotta work or something?” He asked. “Yea something like that.” I smiled. “Oh.” He replied. “Bye.” I said walking out to my car. “Bye baby.” He said smirking standing in the doorway. I got in my car and drove back home. I walk in the house. The lights were turned off and I went in my moms room and she was sleep.” I walked back in my room and took a shower. Then went to bed wondering: do I love him?


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