Teen Prob

Three bad girls enter their senior year in high school knowing they gonna slay. Parties, boys, fights, and clothes is all they wanna hear about. Find out more in the book about how the three best friends handle their senior year or last year in high school.


15. Chapter 10

Mistty P.O.V.

After hanging up on Star felt so stressed 😩. I had no idea what I was gonna wear, like I wanna look sexy but not revealing for once. My mom walks into the room. "Hey, hun." My mom said. I guess she woke up from her nap. "What you doin with all these clothes on the floor." She asked. "Umm I was just--" "ya going to a party." She said cutting me off. "Ma I know you won't let me go but I really do wanna go so please let me ma I just wanna have fun." I complained. She was silent. Then she sighed. "Come here." She said with her finger motion. She went to her room in her closet. And pulled out a box. "Here, I was suppose to give this to ya when you got good grades." She laughed. "I had good grades!" I said playfully. "Yea ya HAD." He laughed again. This was the first time I'd seen my mom happy in a while. It made me smile and then her laugh faded away and it turn into a sad tired face. Then she said to me. "I lost my job." "How?" I said surprisingly. "Don't worry about it, I got a gig." She said sitting on her bed. I knew what it meant when she said she got a gig. She was gonna go back to the stripper club for money again. "Really!" I yelled. I stormed out the room with the box and went in my room and slammed my door shut. I knew how dangerous that was. She could easily get raped, shot, or kidnapped. I started to cry my self to sleep and then Gabby called. "Hello" I said "hey, I'll be over in 40." "Oh shit! Ok ok I'll be ready but pick Star up first" "ok, bye" "bye." I hung up, ran to my bathroom and fixed my hair. I waved my hair and put a small bun on top of my head and left the rest out. Then I did my makeup. I went back into my room and opened the box. My mom usually don't have the same taste as me but this time she picked exactly what I was lookin for.

After putting on everything I got a text from Gabby. (I'm outside) she texted. I opened my door quietly and tipped toed in my moms room to see if she was sleep. She was snoring quietly. I went in the living room where the front was and went outside. "Hop in bitch! What the fuck took you so long?!" Star asked. "I was trying to hurry but I had to be quite. We drove off to the party. 

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