I will have you Pup

Adien is a 18 year old werewolf that has been looking for his mate. What happens when he finds his mate? What if his mate is really a boy? What if that boy is abused? Will he accept him or will this all fall apart?


5. Where is he?

I wake up to a bright blinding light. Looking around I see green fields and trees, the sky was flawlessly blue sky everything was calm and peaceful.

"Hello dearest one." I jumped and turned around to see a woman standing behind me in a flowing white dress.

"Where am I?" she smiled and caressed my cheek. 

"You are in my private gardens. I like to call them κήπο αλήθειες"

"what do you want with me?"

"To give you a choice. Stay here with me or go back and be with your mate."

"What about the alpha?"

"I allowed the warriors to take care of him. Warrior Kaine is now the Alpha."

I looked around and saw a hole in the ground. Walking over I see a sad looking mate, my mother, and a bruised and cut me. I saw a doctor walk in and saw that he was comforting my mother.

"That is her mate."

"Wow," Looking over at her I needed to ask, "If I go back will you help guide me?"

"Yes my child."

"What did they mean by Andrew doesn't get a mate."

"I made him special. He will be able to bare you pups."

"I want to go back please."

"Of course, child. Just close your eyes."

I turned and opened my eyes only to be meet with the most beautiful blue eyes ever. Then in my ear I heard a faint whisper. Η αγάπη σκληρή και ο φόβος δεν είμαι πάντα μόνο ένας ψίθυρος μακριά. Αλλά προειδοποιούν ότι υπάρχει ένας πόλεμος έρχεται.



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