I will have you Pup

Adien is a 18 year old werewolf that has been looking for his mate. What happens when he finds his mate? What if his mate is really a boy? What if that boy is abused? Will he accept him or will this all fall apart?


1. New school V. Old school

“Aiden get y’a big o’le butt up it’s the first day! Come on!” my mom's voice traveled up the stairs to my room. Waking me up from my death-like slumber. Groaning, I  got up, giving my cat, Shadow, a pat on the head. I’m sure you’re wondering why my mom said it’s my first day, right? Everyone else does; so here's what you need to know; you see, my dad ran off with his assistant and my mom fell into a deep depression. So I told her it was time to move, and that we did; we moved from sunny warm California to not so warm Ohio. I didn’t mind moving, I mean my boyfriend and I broke up and I had no friends. Yes I’m gay and yes I’m “emo” get over it or go eat a penguin.

    So I went to take a shower. Once I was done I threw on my red MCR shirt, leather coat, worn out skinny  jeans, and combat boots. I did my eyeliner heavy and teased my midnight black hair. I walked down stairs and kissed my mom on the check. When she wasn’t looking, I took one of her brownies. I got my helmet and put my bag in the storage unit underneath the seat I rode all the way  to school without stopping. When I got there, some punk thought it would be funny to drive right in front of me. So I did what I thought best and what any other sane person would do; I drove around him and into the parking spot the butt-hole was blocking . I took off my helmet fixed my hair and grabbed my bag.

“ Hey, dipwad move your dang bike!” the redneck, hick yells. Grabbing my things from the compartment and replacing them with my helmet, I turn and flip him the bird walking to the office on the side of the much taller building. As I enter there is a silver haired woman behind the desk reading what looks to be Wuthering Heights. Not wanting to be rude I clear my throat and step closer to the desk.

“Hello dear, what can I do for you?” the older woman asked, setting down her novel.

“My schedule please, ma’am.” I asked her in the sweetest way and smiled, putting my hand on the desk and the other pulling out my phone. She smiled at me and bent over to try and find it. When she found it she sat up like a rocket and handed me the papers. Thanking her I turned  and left.

I went  to my first class which happened to my favorite class; music. I love the way it makes you feel and gives you the freedom to freely express yourself. I walked in the large room and the teacher, and I don’t say this just to be another whiney student, but he was the rudest teacher I have ever had the displeasure of meeting; this is why looking up from the sheet of music he was translating he had to give the clearest example of why everyone hates school.

“Are you Aiden??” He asked in a the rudest manner. so I replied back in the same tone.

“I don’t know, are you Mr. Baldist?”  I asked, purposely screwing up his name. His face got bright red and for a second, I thought that smoke was coming from his ears. I began looking over at the rest of the class watching to see what the joker's next move would be. Soon, my eyes landed on a small boy sitting in the back by the window with his hood up and his head down.

“Can I go and sit down now or are you going to keep me up here all day?” I asked the man that was still standing there red faced.  I didn’t hesitate before I began following the scent of freshly cut grass and honey. I barely heard what the teacher had to say as I made my way over to where the hooded boy was sitting. When I stopped right in front of him, I was able to see his face and how beautiful it was.

“Is this seat taken?” I asked as my heart rate slowly started to climb, realizing that he was the one that was giving off that amazing scent I almost cried out in pure joy I had finally found my mate. He shook his head never looking up at me, fully trying to hide the bruise on his face, I got a stabbing pain in my heart as I tried to reel in the feeling to protect and find out what ape would hurt such a beautiful creature . I sat and looked to see him watching me out of the corner of my eye. I haven’t made full eye contact with him yet but I knew that there was a strong attraction and it was hard not to want to take him away from every pain in the world, protect him, love him, and cherish him right then and there.Looking over hoping that he had something with his name on it, and he did. Andrew Pierce . Beautiful, I thought to myself. I spent the rest of class looking at him, I didn’t even know the bell rang until after everyone was gone but the two of us.

“What’s your name?” The angel had finally spoken to me, and may I say it was the most melodic sound I had ever heard.


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