I will have you Pup

Adien is a 18 year old werewolf that has been looking for his mate. What happens when he finds his mate? What if his mate is really a boy? What if that boy is abused? Will he accept him or will this all fall apart?


3. Is this a nightmare or hell

“Mom, please calm down. I drove home then I went for a short walk.” I replied, and she shook her head and turned around to continue making dinner that was sitting on the counter. I had began to walk, ever so slowly,  closer to the stairs.

“I don’t get you, one minute you won’t walk to save my life, now you walk for fun,” she said as she continued to cut into the chicken, looking off to the side, I had noticed that there was three steaks in there along with  four more chickens.

“Yea?” I had said inching toward the stairs, that would lead me to my safe haven. I was so close when she whirled around.

“We have a few guests coming to dinner tonight, so go get dressed and for Luna’s sake take a shower.”

“Okay mum.” I  said as I walked up the stairs and into my room. The black walls and green fire flames coming from the floor boards had greeted me. As I made my way over to my closet I stumbled on my converse, I sighed and tossed them into my closet and grabbed out my black pants and dress shirt and a red tie. I went to leave and close the door when Shadow came bolting through.

“Dang cat.” I had muttered under my breath as I continued my journey into the bathroom.  Once I had gotten there, showered and dressed I looked in the mirror and tried to figure out if I should change my hair. Given it’s not the length of a girl’s hair but it was about as long as Michelle Clunies hair in Queer As Folk the T.V show from the 2000’s. I decided that it was fine and I spiked it and put on eyeliner putting everything away I took a deep breath and left the bathroom and went to the kitchen.  As I got closer to the kitchen the strong the scent of mutt became impossibly strong as I descended the stairs. I rounded the corner and upon my arrival, I saw four people standing with my mother.

“Umm do I know who you are?” I asked as I entered the room walking over to the table where my mom was sitting.

“Honey please come and meet the pack we are going to be joining.” I looked over at the three larger men and the one smaller man. I stood straighter and stood behind my mother with my hands on her shoulder.

“Young man you have nothing to worry about we are not here to harm you or your mother.” The middle man had said.

“You sir have no amount of authority in this house. I am the man o-” I began to say as the man on the left smashed his hand on the table he yelled at me.

“Now listen here you little twerp you are on our land meaning you need to watch your tongue.” I looked at him and scoffed.

“Who are you his bodyguard can he not fight his own battles,” he nodded but before he could utter a word I continued, “Then you need to shut up. You are not going to be my alpha so LET HIM TALK!” I had yelled my temper getting the best of me. I felt a hand on my arm and I slowly began to calm down then I heard a whimper, causing all attention to go to the small figure in the corner.

“Andy?” I asked trying to get a good look at the smaller boys face. He looked up for a split second, long enough for me to see his face, then put it back down. I walked over to where he stood all eyes on my moving silhouette. I was a foot away from him when he looked up at me to reveal new bruises and cuts.

“Who did this to you?” I asked lowering his hood.

‘It was an accident.” He whispered. I turned and looked back at the alpha and asked him instead.

“Who did this to him?” He looked at me and smirked.

“Why do you care?” I had, had enough of his cockyness so I pounced and that’s all I remembered. I woke up a few hours later in a basement chained, I had tried to stretch and as I tried to stand I saw that the guy I attacked was there.

“Welcome to hell.”  


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