I will have you Pup

Adien is a 18 year old werewolf that has been looking for his mate. What happens when he finds his mate? What if his mate is really a boy? What if that boy is abused? Will he accept him or will this all fall apart?


2. I found An Angle

“Beautiful,” I heard him whisper.

“Why are you so quiet Andy?”

“Andy? So I don’t get hurt by them.”

“Who’s them? Yes, Andy that is your name is it not? ”

“The pa- I mean my brothers. And I go by Andrew, but when you called me Andy, I dunno it just feels right.”

“Oh okay. Why don’t you text or call me sometime if you ever want to get into a little bit of trouble.” I said smirking as I pull out a red pen and write my number and address on a sheet of paper. When I was done, I looked in his eyes and got the overwhelming urge to kiss him, so I pulled his body close to mine and pushed his hood off so I could see his face, scars and all. I quickly made a vow to myself and to Nyx, the beautiful and powerful moon goddess herself, that I would find out who had hurt this sweet angel, even if it sucked the life out of me. Finally, when my lips touched his, all my worries washed away, all the chatter from the hall and the ticking from the bell. I felt like nothing wrong could ever happen to me. Eventually we had to part and when we did I saw life in his eyes and as quickly as I saw it, it was gone, the pain and sorrow hidden in his eyes that made my heart squeeze had returned.

“I-I-I’ve got to go.” Andy said running out. Looking down I saw that he had left his coat behind, picking it up I walked out of the room, not knowing or caring where I went. The rest of the day flew by in a short haze,I felt tainted by the bodies rubbing against me the smell of body odor sticking to my clothes and teachers blurting careless things at me. When the day had finally ended I, ran out to my bike and I rode home as fast as I could only to be met with an aggravated mom. Who need I say resembles a mother bear trapped in a cage while her young cubs were being taken from her.



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