Excerpt from Book:
"What do you expect me to say!" He shouted. Tears covered my cheeks.
"I am sorry. I didn't meant to yell." he said quietly. Pulling me into his embrace.
"I don't know Louis. You're this big star now." I said. Crying at the thought of him being gone forever.
"I know. But we will work. We can make it. I promise." He said.
"Promise?" I asked.
"Promise." He said, kissing away the tears. We stayed there. Drenched in rain holding onto each other as if our life depended on it.


1. 1:

My smile faded as I heard those words.

"You five will be in a band." Simon spoke through the mic. The plate I was holding fell to the floor breaking into a million pieces.

"Makenzie! Pick up that mess." My mother shouted. I groaned and grabbed the broom from the laundry room. Sweeping up the glass pieces took all of but 5 minutes. Vibrations were felt through my jean shorts. Louis' face popped up on the screen as he smiled widely.

"I am coming home for a few days!" He exclaimed. The smile returned.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yes and I can't wait to take my lovely girlfriend out to dinner and see her beautiful face." He said smiling down at me.

"I miss you Lou." I said frowning slightly.

"Hey don't frown I am coming back tomorrow and I want to see you when I get off the plane. So I can hug the life out of you and leave sloppy kisses all over your cheeks." He said. I gagged in disgust.

"Please don't leave kisses all  over my face." I begged. He laughed and smiled.

"I won't but hey I have to go. Text you later ok." He said.

"But I am about to go to bed." I whined.

"Well Goodnight my lovely." He said blowing a kiss to the camera.

"Goodnight Lou. Love you." I called after him. But he had already hung up. Groaning I changed into some cozy clothes and fell back on my bed cutting the lamp beside me off. Tomorrow I would see him again. Tomorrow he would be home. And I just couldn't wait.

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