A man with no partner, depressed he takes a makeover and the ladies die for him. But he still feels empty.


3. Hope

I messaged her back saying "Hi, I'm interested in you, lets get to know each other first, and if it works we can see the real 'us' and hang out." I finally had hope. A few months later, I finally decided to ask her to meet me, we had so much in common. I didn't care if she didn't look like her picture, at this point I liked her personality. We met up at a cafe in the street and hung out for a bit. "So, you ever been on a date or is this your first time?" I asked her, trying to show I wasn't nervous, "Yes, I'm exited. I think you and I could be a thing," she was hoping for me to think the same, luckily for her I did, "Me too. Can I know your name, please?" I wanted to know her real name so badly. "My name is Caroline," she replied, "I'm Sherman," I told her, anxiously staring into her pale green eyes. She did use her real face. She is definitely my type of girl. 

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