The Kingdom Of Darkness

There Is A King And A Queen They Have A Child That Grows Up To Be The Angle Of Darkness


2. My First Time Seeing My Family And My Home

We went home after the doctors and we lived in a huge castle my mom said " your the princess aren't you exited " she walked into the castle with me in her arms. She put me in a crib and rocked me to sleep the next day she called my auntie called Lauren. She was a really nice lady who would give kids everything she showed me my brother dog and sister my dog was called buddy he was white, age 2 and had brown eyes and brown spots. My sister was called Lilac and she had blond hair and blue eyes she loved unicorns and my brother was called Ben he loves cars and he has brown hair and brown eyes. We played together for a bit and a few months past and i was 19  

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