My Deadly Demise

Jake Tyler who is just now starting college has a rockband, and he really wants to prepare the band for a city event. His band members are all out of college and he is the only member who is in college. Jake meets a hard challenge when he enters his household for the school year. He can't play loud music. How is he suppose to practice without music?! This could be the worse 3 yrs of his life.


1. Douchebag Roommate

   It is early summer and Jake Tyler is driving in his van to Central Valley College, listening to is own band music. He is getting motivated, pumped, and getting ready to rock out when his band gets a chance to perform. He has black hair with half of his hair covering his left eye. He has blue eyes that always get the girls attention. He is wearing a black spike choker. He is wearing a grey jacket with the sleeves cut off and a black muscle undershirt that is shredded for style at the bottom. He has a grey brace covering is lower arm with a gold thread to tighten it. On his left arm he has a black wristband. He has on red jeans with a black spiked belt, and black and white high top vans. He is tapping on the steering wheel singing along to his song Good Girls Club. 


   "She hit me with her smile, and kicked me with a smirk, I think she's a member of the Good Girls Club!" Jake says singing along with the song. Jake flips his hair as he pretends to play a guitar. He stops at a red light and then puts in another CD from his band. His band is called My Deadly Demise. There are three members. Jake Tyler, Ronnie Max, and Kyle Jackson. All three are big rockstars in the little town they grew up in. Ronnie and Kyle are already out of college. Jake is a few years younger than them. He is nineteen. Ronnie is twenty-two, and so is Kyle. Jake starts driving again and he turns into the Central Valley College. He parks a little ways from the school and unzips his bag, then pulls out a piece of paper that has his house number on it. 305 is the house number. "I hope I don't have smart-ass roommates." Jake says as he gets out of his van. The van is white with black lettering that says "My Deadly Demise" on both sides. He is greeted by a blonde haired girl wearing glasses and wearing a school uniform. 

   "Hi, you must be Jake Tyler?" The blonde says. She smiles at him. 

   "Yeah, I am." Jake gives her a smile. "Perhaps you heard of My Deadly Demise?" Jake bows as he shows her the letters on the van. The blonde shakes her head.

   "I haven't. Anyways I'll show you to your household." The blonde says. Jake jaw-drops. 

   "Hold it lady! I'm Jake Tyler. The Jake Tyler." He says making his name sound like its bigger than life. The blonde gives him a confused look. 

   "I know you're Jake Tyler. Now let me show you to your room." The blonde says. Jake jaw-drops again. He was going to do his pose, but instead he followed the lady. 

  "I can't believe these people don't know My Deadly Demise! We're huge in Colorado!" Jake thought. The blonde shows him the house and he is quite shocked at the outside of the house. It is like a little mansion. It is made of wooden and painted white. The top is a bit fancy with the pillars that look like eagles. The windows have purple curtains covering them. He begins to walk in and there is a blonde haired guy standing on the porch. He has short hair with strands coming down on his forehead. He has brown eyes and he is wearing a black t-shirt that shows a good bit of muscles. The blonde haired guy walks to him. 

   "I'm Zack Little. I'm the person that runs this household." Zack says. Jake gives Zack a smile. Jake walks up the steps and a girl with dyed blood red short hair that is spiked out comes running through the door. She bumps into Jake stending him into the post. 

   "Whoa there miss." Jake says. The girl looks at him and smiles. Jake smiles because she is very beautiful. 

   "So you're the new kid huh?" The girl asks. She gives Jake a sexual smirk. 

   "Yeah, i'm Jake Tyler, and you?" Jake says. The girl winks. 

   "Baily Howard." Baily says. 

   "This might just be a good three years." Jake thought. He walks inside the house. Jake looks at the inside. He stands between two rooms and a hallway in front of him. Jake walks into the living room and there is a girl with dyed white hair with grey highlights at the bottom of her hair. She has hazel eyes. She is wearing a sleeveless shirt with purple and black stripes. The shirt shows her stomach. She is wearing black cut off jeans. On one of her wrists is a black wristband and on the other one is a silver spiked wristband. She is laying on the couch with ear buds in her ears. She looks at Jake and smiles. She takes the ear buds out and the music is blaring. It's playing Diamonds Aren't Forever by Bring Me The Horizon. She gets up and starts walking to Jake. 

   "Hey you're Jake Tyler from the band My Deadly Demise right?" The girl asks. Jake smiles and nods. 

   "Hell yeah I am. You listen to my band?" Jake says. The girl nods. 

   "Yeah, you're my third favorite band." Jake gives her a dumbfounded look. "My second is Falling in Reverse, and my first is Bring Me The Horizon." The girl smiles again

   "At least its the top three." Jake says smiling. The girl giggles. 

   "My name is Georgia Coleman." Georgia says. Jake nods. Georgia offers a handshake and Jake takes it. They shake hands. Zack comes in and tells Baily to get into the living room. Baily gives Jake a sexual smirk again and he bites his lip while looking at her. 

   "Everyone sit on the couch and I'll explain to Jake the rules of this household." Zack says. Baily lets out a sigh and rolls her eyes. Jake sits down beside Georgia and Baily sits down beside Jake. "Alright here is the paper again." Zack gives them the paper. 

   "Why do we have to sit through this boring shit again?" Baily asks. Zack glares at her.

   "Because you seem to not know about the rules." Zack says. Jake looks at the paper and he reads the first bullet. It says no being out later than ten 'o clock, unless for special reasons. Jake could easily tell Zack he has a band, and when a event comes up he'd just tell Zack he'd be at the concert. "Baily read the first bullet. You seem to have broken it alot lately." Zack says eyeing Baily. Baily rolls her eyes. 

   "Alright. I'll read it." She looks down at her paper. "Do not be out no later than ten 'o clock, unless for a special reason." She lays down the paper and rolls her eyes. Zack nods. 

   "Alright that was good. You do understand it don't you?" Zack says eyeing Baily. 

   "You're not my parents. You can't give me a curfew." Baily says ignorantly. Zack sighs.

   "Next rule. Read this one Georgia." Zack says. Georgia looks at the paper and he looks at his. He reads the second bullet.

   "The refrigerator has a rule too. Buy your own food, put it in a container or bag and write your name on it, so it doesn't get into any drama over foods. Same thing goes for beverages." Georgia looks up and winks at him. Jake gives her a short smile. Zack nods.

   "That rule is going well. Everyone has followed it." Zack says. He looks at the third bullet. "Now I'll read this one." Jake looks at the third bullet and reads it. His eyes grow wide in disappointment. 

   "What the actual fuck?! How am I suppose to fricking practice?!" Jake thought. 

   "The third bullet states that you cannot play loud or disturbing music to disrupt your fellow roommates. You also cannot play any instruments to distract or disturb your roommates either." Zack looks up at Jake, who's expression shows disbelief. "Is there a problem Jake?" Zack asks. 

   "Yeah there is a problem! How am I suppose to practice for my band when I can't play any music?" Jake says with anger. 

   "You came here to study not to become a rockstar." Zack says. Jake stands up, Georgia and Baily both cover their mouths and try not to laugh. 

   "Let me tell you why that's bullshit! I can study and rock out at the same time! I've done it before!" Jake says protecting is rockstar identity. Zack faceplams.

   "Dude, just sit down and chill. Your band can wait." Zack says. Jake turns pale. 

   "Look Douche-ack! I'm a rockstar, and I'ma keep being one!" Jake says. He crosses his arms. 

   "Look Jake the Fake just calm down and obey the rules." Zack says. "No loud music or instruments." 

   "I'm no fake! I'm a real rocking rockstar ya hear?" Jake says. Zack looks at him with a concern look.

   "If you're a real rockstar then whats the band's name?" Zack asks. 

   "My Deadly Demise." Jake says still with his arms crossed. Zack scratches his head. 

   "I've never heard of a band like that. It must be your fantasy band huh?" Zack says. Jake turns pale again and jawdrops. 

   "Its not a fake band! We're the real deal bro!" Jake yells. Zack looks at Georgia and Baily. 

   "Have you two heard of his band?" Zack asks. They both shake their heads teasing Jake. "See there ya go. Fantasy band." Jake storms off and takes his bags upstairs. 

   "What a day!" Jake says. He puts his bags down and takes off his grey sleeveless jacket. He lays down on his bed and looks at the ceiling. "Despite Douche-ack's idiotic rules, this college might be fun." He lays on his side and checks his phone. He has three messages. One from his mom, Ronnie, and Kyle. His mom had a long text message so he didn't read it. Ronnie was asking how his first day was, and Kyle was asking if they could play at the college. Jake hears a knock and he looks up to see Georgia standing in the doorway with her hand on the frame. 

   "It takes balls to stand up to Zack." Georgia says. She smiles. Jake laughs a bit. 

   "Yeah I guess. Douche-ack will see my band is real." Jake says. Georgia giggles. 

   "He knows its real, he's just playing hard to get. Zack is very strict." Georgia says. 

   "Yeah not being able to play my instruments and music will bump our ratings down." Jake says. Georgia nods. 

   "I can help you if you'd like me too." Georgia says. Jake lightens up. 

   "Wait for real?!" Jake says excitedly. Georgia nods again. 

   "I could see if the school's gym would let you practice, but the basketball players need it during winter." Georgia says. 

   "That'd work fine. By the time winter comes I'll already have money to rent a garage or something to practice in." Jake says. Geogria smiles. 

   "Alright, we'll see about the gym tomorrow. We'll go out to get pizza tonight, because it's Sunday and Zack likes to have Sunday's as pizza night." Geogria says. 

   "Alright thanks for being helpful." Jake says thanking her. She winks.

   "No problem hot shot." Georgia turns around and walks to her room. Jake lays back down.

   "Hot shot? Never got called that." Jake says. The hours pass and the roomies are eating pizza. Jake and Georgia eat pizza outside in the dark with the porch light on listening to Failing Hearts by Jake's band. 

   "I was told. That two broken hearts made a whole. If we were together. Then we'd make each other, whole again." Jake says singing the lyrics of the song. Geogria claps and roots for Jake while eating her pizza. Jake starts singing again. "I think I made a mistake. I should have trusted you. I failed at lying. Failed at dying. Failed at trying. This is why. We are called Failing Hearts. This isn't how this ends. This isn't how I end. This isn't how you end. This isn't how we end. I failed at lying. Failed at dying. Failed at trying. This is why. We are called Failing Hearts." Jake finishes the song. Georgia roots again and starts clapping. Inside the house Zack looks back from the kitchen table to see what the hooting and hollering was all about. He sees that Geogria is rooting and he looks back at his plate. 

   "You know Georgia is happy." Baily says. Zack nods. 

   "You're right. She is. One of her favorite band's came here." Zack says. He puts his half eaten pizza down. And thinks. "Who was that guy she is in love with? Isn't it Oliver Peck?" Zack asks. Baily shakes her head. 

   "Oliver Peck is a tattoo artist. Oliver Sykes is her crazyed lover boy. I don't get why she likes boys with eyeliner." Baily says. "When I was little I had a crush on Justin Beiber." Zack gives Baily a what the hell look. 

   "Really? That fake ass singer?" Zack asks. 

   "I was like twelve okay?" Baily says. "I then figured out screaming was way better than whining." Zack gives her a concerning look.

   "I thought you listened to rap." Zack asks. Baily nods. 

   "But Georgia keeps telling me to listen to that screaming shit." Baily says. She rolls her eyes. "To be honest I just look at all the hot guys. Like that lead singer for Going in Reverse?" 

   "I think its Falling in Reverse." Zack says. 

   "Yeah that band." Baily says. Zack finishes his last pizza, and Baily does too. They both call it a night and go to bed. Later Jake and Georgia call it a night and they go to bed. 

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