I Will Love You

A dream come true after a devastating departing with her boyfriend Jimmy, going to complete the Five Seconds Of Summer band!


1. Just Me

I stopped at the red light, listening to a song that my boyfriend and I used to listen to. 'If You Don’t Know' by 5 Seconds of Summer. I started to cry, thinking about the longing feelings for him. He had just died almost two weeks ago and my heart still could not get over it. I felt my phone go off as I calmed myself down enough to answer. “Hello?” I answered in a voice that wasn’t my usual sweet and sassy self.

“Hey girl! Come over today!” I sighed, knowing that my best friend Judy wouldn’t stop until I did. She can be persistent at times, I'll let you know that.

“Okay, be by in five.” She giggled evilly and hung up. I pressed on the accelerator as the light turned green, signaling me to continue on my drive.

Being about five houses away when seeing a big black truck in her driveway, I furrowed my brows and tried to figure out what was going on. I never seen this car before, who's is this?Parking my car along side the large vehicle, I walked to the door and stopped in my tracks after entering. “What the hell?! What’s going on?” I screeched seeing a big song producer in the house.

I see Judy stand up and walk over to me, “I showed him your songs. He just wants to hear you sing." She smiled hopefully at me while I glanced between her and the big-buck-man, "I thought you needed something to cheer you up after Jimmy's departing.” I smiled at her, knowing she means well.

“Okay, what would you like to hear me sing for you?” I asked politely, knowing to keep my manners in check while a large man is here in my little presence.

He thought for a second before deciding on a song, “Let's try, ‘Once Upon A Heartbeat’, ok?” I nodded, gathering my thoughts and the lyrics together within my head as I started to sing.

I hope you’re wishing on a star. I hope you let it get far; but I don’t wanna be that one who waits on a fairytale. I hope you get your wish, but I need my prince. I can’t hold these feelings inside. So I have my own fairytale, and not like the classics. I’ll have my once upon a heartbeat soon enough. I don’t wanna rush, just want my life back to normal…” I trailed off slowly and softly, soon standing there, fighting the tears back. I had sung this song at his funeral, I thought as the images came back to me. Seeing the coffin being buried six feet under ground.

A warm body hugged mine and I knew it was Judy. I just can't get over him. I bet the producer thinks I'm horrible. “Well done," Wait what, "I think I might want to sign you over. Would that be alright?”

I stared at the producer with eyes as wide as saucers before I nodding quickly, until a few thoughts ran across my mind, “That would be wonderful;" I exclaimed excited but my voice took a turn on it's own, "though I have recently gone through a departing with my boyfriend, so I’m sorry if I'm depressed.” I spoke quietly as I sat in a chair across form the producer, having Judy stand by my sitting side. 

He nodded and looked at me with pity. I hated that, but with nothing to do about it, I let it be. His tall figure left to go talk to the others in his incorporation. I'm so nervous, I could faint! I looked at my hands as a melody slowly sung itself through my lips. “I remember the day you told me you were leaving. I remember the makeup falling down your face…” I felt the tears spill out. Why am I crying?! Not here, not now, please!

Clutching my head, I felt my inner demons trying to get the best of me while taunting me with words. Worthless. Useless. You couldn't even keep your boyfriend alive. He didn't want you anymore, that's why he gave up on you, and the world. I screamed out my pain, feeling how he must have felt when he died.

Feeling the anger and unmanageable sadness rise, I screamed and punched the nearest wall until Judy grabbed me and held me against her. “Shh, I know it hurts. It’ll get better soon, I promise." Her hadn't pet my hair softly as I felt my trembling hands filled with pain, "Try to think of only the good things.”

I nodded as she sat me down, handing me a box of tissues while I calmed myself down. The producer soon came back in, having me sign a few papers and get my stuff ready. After I had done everything, I hugged Judy tightly, “Don’t get another best friend while I’m gone, okay?” I couldn't help but whisper into her ear with a sad smile. She nodded and smiled.

I walked out the door and got in his black Chevy. I found that out when I put my stuff in the trunk. I buckled up and looked back at the one person who took care of me since mom died. I'm going to miss seeing Judy, but I made a promise to myself that I would call everyday; no matter if I was busy with my new starting lifestyle. We started pulling out of the driveway and on towards the road to my new life.

I turned around when I heard my name. “We’re going to be staying with a group that a lot of girls love. You will be completing their group to have five people. I trust you will behave.” He said it like a statement, not like a question. I realized that as soon as we got away from the house, his whole demeanor changed. I didn’t like this, so I just nodded.

I looked out the window and grabbed my bag. I rummaged through it for a second and found my IPad and headphones. Going through my apps and finding my songs, I put on the first one which was a 5SOS song. At this time I was listening to “Try hard”. I was dancing in my seat until it stopped, and then Voodoo doll came on and I started singing. I didn’t realize that he was watching me until I got to the chorus, as I just then happened to look over. “What?”

He shrugged and pulling into the airport. “Umm, why are we here?” I asked, looking at all the cars and people going in and out of a heavily packed place.

He started chuckling while trying to find a place to park at. “We’re flying to Australia to meet up with the guys.” Guys? Guys?! I can't meet up with guys! I can't even be around guys, it's too early and it hurts too much still! I thought while panicking as I tried to run after opening the car door, but he seized me by the shoulders to stopping me in my place.

“I can’t meet guys. I can’t do that. I’m staying alone until I see Jimmy again.” I started to cry, thinking that it wouldn’t be loyal to see other guys so soon.

“No body said you have to hookup with any of them, besides, you’re going to be working with them. Sheesh” I nodded, taking deep breaths to calm down.After a short while I waved his hands off and hopped out of the car, fully calm and ready to brace what's about to happen.

“Are you okay now?” I nodded, noticing that my phone was beeping. With a quick flip out of my pocket, I checked it and smiled. One of my old friends from elementary through high school was finally talking to me after three years.

'Hey you, whatcha doin’ today?'

I started typing and smiling to myself, 'Nothing much. You’re the one who didn’t message me after high school even when you said you would! I've got to go, bout' to get on a plane.He sent a smily face, making me giggle. “I see someone is in a good mood now; and on that note, I ask if you can get your bag, please?” I nodded and got my bags while he went to prepare our trip.

We boarded the plane and soon took off, bringing me closer to my destination in my new life and farther from Jimmy. I swear Jimmy, I won't do anything stupid this time. I'll make you proud to have dated me. I felt a tear slip as I looked out the window, seeing the land get farther and farther away while sleep dragged me in slowly. I wonder what the guys will be like. Well, I'll find out when I get there, won't I Jimmy? I thought as a final silence filled my mind.

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