Vanilla Milkshakes (Tetsuya Kuroko)

Who would've thought that this all happened because of Vanilla Milkshakes?


2. Swing Sets (Chapter Two)

~It had been a week since the last encounter with Kuroko. A whole week. Seven whole days of a Kuroko-less lifestyle. Yukika hadn’t been able to work, due to a nasty cold that she had caught. It must’ve been from that sick teenager that came in that same day, and sneezed on her. She had silently cursed that boy in her head when she woke up the next morning with a stuffed-up nose and a raging headache.

But after a full week of medicine, sleep, and drinking hot soup, Yukika had managed to fend off the cold, making her able to finally get back to school, work, and making vanilla milkshakes. So here she was, standing at the counter of Shake Shack, waiting for a customer to come through the doors. It was nearing 5:30, and Yukika could barely hold in her excitement. She was finally going to see the blue-haired boy again.

“Ichihra-San, can you come help me for a second?”

Yukika sighed and made her way to the back room, where her boss was sorting out paperwork on a run-down table.

“Yes, Senpai?”

The kind man turned towards Yukika, with a glint in his eyes. Yukika stared back at him with her dark green eyes, tilting her head slightly to the left.

“There’s been a boy coming in every day for the past week asking when you’d be back. Do you know who he is? He’s got blue hair, and blue eyes.”

Yukika couldn’t help the squeal of delight that left her lips, before slowly straightening herself up and smiling sweetly at her boss, “He’s a regular customer, Senpai. No need to be worried.”

Senpai nodded slowly at her, before ushering Yukika back out to the counter, where a certain blue haired boy was stood, waiting patiently. Yukika felt a genuine smile paint its self on her face, as she walked over to take his order.

“Hey, welcome to Shake Shack. What would you like to order?”

“Two vanilla milkshakes, please.”

Yukika’s eyes slightly widened at the boy. Was he here on a date? Just the thought made Yukika feel a wave of jealousy wash over herself, and she tried to refrain a tear from escaping her right eye.

“That will be 960 yen, please.”

Kuroko handed her the money, and Yukika quickly got to making his order of two vanilla milkshakes. Not long after, she placed the two milkshake cartons in front of him, smiling as best as she could.

“Here is your order. Please, have a nice day.”


The blue haired male seemed to hesitate for a bit, before pulling a piece of paper out of his jacket’s pocket and picking up one of the milkshakes. Yukika watched as he slowly held out the two items to her, his eyes boring into her own.

“For you.”

Yukika stood there, shocked, before carefully grabbing the two items off of the boy. He hastily picked up the other vanilla milkshake and scurried off to his usual seat, pulling out yet another book. Yukika took a small sip of the milkshake, before opening the piece of paper.

I’ll wait for you to finish your shift. I’ll stay in my usual spot (it’s the booth in the corner).

- Kuroko T.

Yukika smiled at the note, and happily served the rest of her customers, stopping to take small sips of the vanilla milkshake every once in a while. As soon as 6:15 rolled around, Yukika practically ran to the locker room to get changed. She pulled on her white mini-skirt, and a light blue tank top keeping her white converse on her feet (as they were the only shoes she had). She made her way out to see the blue haired boy, Kuroko. There he was, as promised, still sitting in his usual spot.

“U-um, gomen for interrupting.”

Kuroko looked up at her, before sliding his bookmark into the page. He quickly put his book in his bag, and stood up, slinging the bag over one shoulder.

“You didn’t interrupt.”

Kuroko grabbed Yukika’s hand, and dragged her out onto the busy streets, through the large crowds of people. A heavy blush was on her face, as she realised that her slight-crush was practically holding her hand. The two walked for what seemed like eternity, until they reached a park. The sun was setting as the two arrived, making everything seem to be covered in a warm glow.

Kuroko sat down on one of the swings, dropping his bag down beside him. Yukika sat on the swing beside him, not making any move to start off a conversation. She felt that, even if she did, the butterflies in her stomach would just make her stutter.

“Are you okay?”

She looked over at Kuroko, who was staring at her with slight worry written in his mesmerizing eyes.

“Of course.”

“You weren’t at work for a while, so I started to get worried.”

Despite his monotone voice and blank expression, that one sentence made Yukika’s face feel like a forest fire.

“I was sick, its no big deal.”

“It’s a big deal to me.”

The park turned silent yet again, until Yukika heard a slight rustling movement. She was about to turn to see what it was, but she soon felt her swing being pushed into the air. She squealed, and quickly gripped onto the chains that were positioned on the sides of the swings seat.

“What’re you doing, Kuroko?”

“Pushing you.”

And so he did, for at least the next ten minutes. Yukika would squeal everytime the swing got too high, and that would make a slight smile appear on Kuroko’s face. Not that she saw.

“Kuroko, what school do you go to?”


“Really? I do too!”

Kuroko let the swing slow down, before pulling Yukika up off of it. Yukika stumbled a bit, before falling forward. She braced herself for the impact of the ground, but it never came. She opened her eyes to see Kuroko pulling her back up, not letting her go until he was sure she was stable.

“What’s your name?”


Kuroko stared at her, and blinked, before repeating himself, “What is your name?”

“Ichihara Yukika.”

“I’m Kuroko Tetsuya.”

Kuroko picked up his bag and started walking away. Yukika ran to catch up with him, stopping to walk beside him.

“Where are we going?”

“I’m walking you home.”

“You don’t know where I live, Kuroko.”

Yukika swore she saw a slight blush on his cheeks as he looked away, mumbling, “Lead the way. I want to make sure you get home safe.”

Yukika smiled brightly at him, and lead him back to her house. It was nearing 10:00 as you arrived, and she turned to look at the blue-haired boy.

“Thank you for tonight, Kuroko. I enjoyed it.”

“I also enjoyed it.”

Before Yukika could think twice, she leaned in and kissed Kuroko on the cheek, before hurriedly bidding him a goodnight and rushing inside. Kuroko stood outside her front door with a blush on his face, as he held two fingers up to where Yukika had kissed him.

Yukika grinned as she fell back into her bed less than half an hour later, her mind replaying the night with Kuroko. She wrapped her blankets around her, falling asleep to those thoughts running through her head. And unbeknownst to her, the same process was happening in Tetsuya Kuroko’s house, not too long after.


Hey everyone, Aki here! I wanted to quickly say thank you for everyone that has viewed/liked/favourite/followed this story! It honestly means the world to me! Also, this fanfiction is only aimed to have about five chapters, because it’s kind of just a short story so I can get back into writing again :) But I wanted to hear some opinions... For my first ‘long’ fanfiction, would you guys rather it be Akashi Seijuro, or Kise Ryouta? Let me know! Much love xox

- Aki

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