Vanilla Milkshakes (Tetsuya Kuroko)

Who would've thought that this all happened because of Vanilla Milkshakes?


3. Cuddles (Chapter Three)

~It had been seven months since that night Yukika had with Kuroko. The two of them had become extremely close, and spent almost every waking moment together. It was a Saturday morning in the Ichihara household, and Yukika was spending it by staring down at the baby blue haired boy that was holding onto her whilst in a deep slumber.

Kuroko had spent the night over at Yukika’s house, as the two often did on a Friday night. The first time Kuroko had stayed, Yukika had found out that the boy had a love for cuddling when she woke up in the middle of the night to two strong arms wrapped around her, and his head resting on top of her own. When she questioned it, Kuroko simply stated that he was used to cuddling Nigou, and must have cuddled her without knowing.

Yukika lazily swept away a stray strand of blue hair that had fallen over Kuroko’s face, smiling as the boy subconsciously leaned into her touch slightly. His eyelids fluttered, showing signs of waking up. Yukika quickly diverted her eyes to another area of the room, turning her body slightly so that Kuroko was facing her side.

“Good morning Yukika-Chan.”

Yukika felt the hold around her tighten as Kuroko pushed himself deeper into her side, burying his face in the crook of her neck.

“Good morning, Tetsu.”

The brunette felt Kuroko’s breath over her neck as he relaxed, making a shiver go up her spine. She smiled slightly before moving out of his grasp, hearing him groan as she escaped his cuddle-loving embrace.

“Do you feel like pancakes, Testu-Kun?”

“Yes, please.”

Yukika stood up, watching as Kuroko sleepily sat up. Her white sheets fell off his body, leaving his milky white torso to her viewing. A slight blush came over her face as she hurried out of the room, making her way downstairs to the kitchen.

Less than ten minutes later, as Yukika stood at the stove watching the pancakes, Kuroko managed to make his way downstairs. Yukika didn’t notice as the phantom boy slowly slid up behind her, and wrapped his arms around her from behind, resting his head on her shoulder.

Yukika stopped prodding the pancake, tensing up as the boy pulled her closer to him. Yes, she knew that Kuroko was affectionate in his sleep, but he had never been touchy after he woke up. A blush overtook her face as she felt him breath, before whispering into her ear.

“Yukika, I like you.”

Yukika turned to look at the boy, who loosened his grip. His blue eyes bore down into hers, making her feel like he could see into her soul.

“I- Y-You.. Uh, the pancakes... They’ll be ready.”

She quickly turned back to the pan, taking the pancake out and adding it to the large pile of pancakes. Kuroko’s face stayed blank as she watched her move about the kitchen, her pyjamas slightly flowing out behind her. His eyes trailed her when she picked up the stack of pancakes, setting it in the middle of the dining table, before pouring two glasses of orange juice and placing them beside the empty plates she had set out. The two of them sat down in a silence, as they grabbed pancakes from the stack.



The two of them ate in silence as Yukika’s mind went into overdrive. Kuroko Tetsuya, the one and only, liked her. She quickly finished her pancakes, as did Kuroko, before Yukika took the plates up to the sink to clean. She heard rustling coming from the living room, and what sounded like Kuroko talking to himself. She quickly shoved the plates on the drying rack, before walking out of the kitchen to see Kuroko hauling blankets down the stairs.

“Tetsu, what’re you doing?”

“We’re having a movie day, Yukika-chan.”

Yukika frowned as she watched the baby blue haired boy dump the blankets on the floor, before placing a movie in the dvd player. He then walked over to Yukika, and without warning, picked her up and walked over to the couch, sitting himself down on the couch before moving into a lying position, keeping his arms wrapped around her.


“Please let me hold you, Yukika-chan.”


She relaxed into his hold, smiling slightly. His hands soon grabbed hers, and he absent-mindedly started playing with her fingers. Yukika felt a blush rise on her face as he slowly laced his fingers between her own, holding her hand.

“Tetsu-kun, do you actually like me?”


“I- I like you two, I have for a while.”

Kuroko’s hold tightened around her waist as he buried his face in her neck, hiding a small smile from the brunette girl. His breath fanned out against her skin, as Kuroko let out a hum.

“I’m glad. So, will you accompany me on a date, Yukika-Chan?”

“I would be honoured to.”

The two of them spent the rest of the day in each others arms, stopping for food breaks once in a while, before resuming their cuddling session. Kuroko would place small kisses on Yukika’s neck every few minutes, making sure she knew that he was there with her.

Neither of them would have it any other way.




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