Vanilla Milkshakes (Tetsuya Kuroko)

Who would've thought that this all happened because of Vanilla Milkshakes?


1. Blue Hair, Blue Eyes (Chapter One)

~“Ichihara-san, can you please go and serve the customers?”

Ichihara Yukika, a sixteen year old student from Seirin High, nodded as she made her way towards the counter, where she would serve the customers that came to her part-time job at ‘Shake Shack’. Yukika had been working this job ever since she started at Seirin, almost immediately asking if there were any jobs available.

Yukika quickly pulled at the top of her ponytail made of her own long brown hair, tightening it before greeting the next customer with a smile on her face. Her daily routine consisted of her waking up, heading to school, heading to work, finishing her homework, before sleeping in a dream like state of mind. But of course, there was one other thing that completed her daily routine.

“Hey, welcome to Shake Shack. What would you like to order?”

She knew exactly what this boy wanted to order. He always came to Shake Shack after school, at around 5:30 every day. His light blue hair was slightly messed around, and his equally-as-blue eyes always stared at her. His face was blank, as he ordered ,what seemed to be his favourite drink, in a monotone voice.

“One vanilla milkshake, please.”

She would ring up the order, which came to 480 yen, before making her way to the milkshake machine positioned slightly behind her. She could always feel the boys bright eyes staring at her as she made the drink, and he looked away when she turned back around.

“Here is your order. Please, have a nice day.”


After getting his milkshake, he would walk to the same booth, and sit in the same spot as he always did. He would pull a book out of his bag, and read whilst quietly drinking his milkshake. After he finished his milkshake, he would place a bookmark on the page he was reading, before throwing out the empty milkshake carton, grabbing his bag, and making his way out onto the busy streets.

“Thank you for your work today, Ichihara-san.”

“Its no problem, Senpai.”

Yukika would then change back into her normal clothes in the locker room at around 6:15pm, before making her way back to her house. She would greet her dad with a peck on the cheek, before making her way upstairs where she would finish all the homework that she had been assigned. She then made her way downstairs, and made dinner for her dad and herself. After finishing their eating, and cleaning up the plates together (with her dad drying, since he just can’t seem to clean dishes well), she would retreat to her room and fall asleep whilst dreaming about the blue haired boy.

Yukika didn’t know why she would always think of the boy. She didn’t even know his name! But that didn’t stop her brain from creating impossible scenarious of her and the boy together, even though their only conversations were of him ordering a milk shake, her telling him his payment costs, handing him his milkshake, as he replied with a quiet ‘arigatou’.

But Yukika did know, that she was slowly gaining a crush on this vanilla milkshake-loving boy, and nothing seemed to be stopping her heart from feeling this way.


Hey everyone, I’m Saijou Aki, but just call me Aki! This is my first first first time writing a Kuroko no Basuke fanfiction, so I’m kind of nervous! But, I really hope you enjoy this short story! Much love xox

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