Passionate Love

Casey Wilbur. A mysterious boy for sure. Katelin knew that. For some reason, she found herself mesmerized and captivated by him. She had to get closer to him and his distant heart for sure. But will Kate regret her decision after finding out Casey's secret?


1. Chapter 1- Love At First Sight




The dark brunette shakes herself from her lost mind as blue, manicured nails snapped in her face. She looks over to her best friend who was sitting across from her at the science lab table. She seemed annoying, resting her head on her hands. "Thank god! I was starting to accept slapping you back into conciseness in front of the class." She grimaced in annoyance.

Kate gives her friend a soft, apologetic smile. "Sorry, Sara." How long was she off for?

Sara and Katelin looked like two different people, but they couldn't have made a lovelier pair. Sara had long, red waves which today where pulled back in a long ponytail. She had shimmery, green eyes that seemed to reflect in even the tiniest of light and nice pinkish toned skin that really went with it all including the light freckles under her eyes. She was in a blue top with a white shirt underneath and blue jeans along with blue, polka-dotted flats. Katelin was different and was never high in fashion and wore a black sweatshirt and dark blue jeans with old, dirty dark red sneakers that she had for probably a year already. Her hair wasn't nicely done like Sara's either. It was in dark, frizzy waves and her eyes were a dark hazel. Sara was more bubbly, preppy, and sometimes bossy but a great friend. She was loyal, honest, and always willing to listen out unlike most girls. She was all the excitement Katelin needed in her dull, easygoing life.

The red head let's out a sigh and grumbles, "I guess you weren't even listening to me... What is that crazy head of yours thinking about anyway?"

"You know my sister Cat, right? She just announced she's getting married and, of coarse being her amazing little sister, I'm supposed to be the maid-of-honor." Kate stated. Her parents thought it would be nice to name them after each other (though naturally that is what people did with twins, but Cat and Kate were six years apart), so their parents name them Caitlin and Katelin Foster. Their middle names were even close. Caitlin Adele Foster and Katelin Della Foster.

Sara raised a brow at her. "Um... I don't get it. Are you complaining or..?"

Kate shakes her head. "Of coarse not! I'm honored of coarse. Im just not the type to be in front of a crowd." She points out with a nervousness in her voice. Her being in front of a crowd was far from her thing.

"Just remember: They aren't looking at you. They are looking at your sister and the man she's marrying." She chuckles. Kate chuckles along and gives a faint nod.

"Honestly, I was wondering... How do you know when you have found 'the one'?" She questions in all seriousness.

Her friend gives her a perplexed looked for a moment then shrugs. "I don't know. I guess you just know." She states then shrugs again, wishing she could give her friend better advice. "Um... You don't happen to know if um..."

Katelin smiles, knowing exactly what she was asking and nods. "Yes, Sara. You are invited." She watches her friend do a victory pose and under her breath stretch the word, "Yeesss!" The act makes Kate laugh softly at her friend's reaction. "Why wouldn't you be invited? You have been my best friend since fifth grade. You are practically family." She points out and watches her friend beam, taking it as a complement then shrugs happily.


Later that afternoon, everyone was finally taking their leave of the school. All of them seemed ready to get the heck out of there and start their weekend. Kate moved her way to her dark blue Nissan Altima. It wasn't exactly brand new since it did belong to her sister before. It was her first car anyway and now it's Kate's first car. She jumps in the driver seat and starts the car. It didn't start. She tried again. Again, didn't start up. She tried once more. Nothing.

"Dammit.." She cursed under her breath. She had no one still at school to bring her home and her parents were probably at work. She might can call Sara to come back and pick her up real fast.

"Are you having trouble?" A voice calls out making Kate almost leap out of her skin. She turns to the door to see that her window had been slightly open and a tall, dirty blonde guy stood outside her door eyeing her and the car.

"Um.. yes. My car seems to have trouble starting." She calls out to him, not knowing if she was being too loud or not.

"I'll see what I can do." He states and moves to the front of the car, lifting up the hood. She tried to see what he was exactly doing but only could see his hands fiddling inside the car, trying to work their magic. "Try now!" He shouts and Kate tries turning the car back on. Only for it to shut back off on her. She could see the man shaking his head on the other side of the hood. He shuts it then walks back over to her door. "There is nothing much I can do really. You should probably call a tow truck."

Kate frowns and slumps in her seat feeling hopeless. Now what was she going to do? "I have no one to drive me.." She mutters.

She didn't think she said it loud enough for anyone could here till the boy spoke. "I could drive you if you need a ride." He offers and Katelin looks at him in shock and a bit of fear of the stranger. I mean, "Stranger! Danger!" duh! He smiles a pretty, toothful grin and puts his hands up as in surrendering. "Don't worry! I won't bite!" He calls out from reading her mind through her expression.

Katelin puts her phone in her black, leather purse and gets out of the car. She looks up at him as he towered over her at a good six feet. His skin had a slight tan on his slight muscular build. His dirty blonde hair was shoulder length and messy like some punk-rocker look. His eyes were a beautiful deep ocean blue, which like Sara, lit up in direct light. She thought she could get lost in them as they looked at each other. A smile crossed his lips and she didn't noticed early the small dimples that formed when he did. He was handsome and seemed breathtaking.

"You okay?" He questions her, seeming concerned.

Ah oh! She was staring too long. "Oh yes! I'm fine! Thank you for stopping to help me."

He shrugs at her like it's no big deal though it really meant a lot to her. "It's nothing. Just glad to help." He smiles his charming smile once again at her and she can't help but feel lightened by it and smiles too.

They have called a tow truck and waited for it's arrival before getting in the guy's red Dodge Charger. She gave him the address and directions and they started on their way.

"My name is Casey, by the way." He states after their long moments of silence.

Kate looks over only to see him too focused on the road ahead to even catch a glance at her. She believed his name suited him nicely. He was cute, handsome, charming, and definitely seemed different from most as his name seems to give away. Casey, Casey, Casey. She smiles glueing the name and the face in her memory. "I'm Kate. It's very nice to meet you." She replies, sounding way more formal than she intended but watching the grin creep up on the boy's face made her not worry about it.

"So how has your day been, Ms. Kate?" He asks. It made it sound like they were just two old friends catching up instead complete strangers who happen to pop around at a good time when someone needed a ride.

"Eh. Same old, same old. Same boring everyday school life." She replied and waved her hand in the air as she spoke. This made the pretty boy give an adorable chuckle and all Kate could think of was "Score!".

Soon, the Charger pulled up to a lovely two-story home in what seemed like a nice neighborhood and it was. "Thankfully, your neighborhood isn't too far from mine." He states as he takes in the look of the house before smiling at Katelin again. "Do you want to exchange numbers? Just in case this happens again, you know who to call to pick you up. Don't even need to hesitate! I will come straight to wherever you are."

This made Katelin feel pleased. Naturally when a guy did this (which was rare), she would turn it down. Too scared to give such personal things. But a part of Kate felt closely drawn to him and just nodded. "Sure. That's a relief to know." She replies and writes her number on a notepad from her purse then rips it out and hands it to him before getting out. Casey looked pleased and Kate definitely was too.

Katelin hears the car backing out of the driveway behind her and turns on her heals to get one last look. She sees Casey in the windshield and his piercing blue eyes seemed to smile along with him. He waves at her as he backs out into the road and Kate waves and smiles back, trying not to seem overjoyed, as Casey drove away and seemed to take Katelin along with him. She only wish they could stay like that in his car a little bit longer.

She heads inside where her parents walked in and asked where she's been. The sun was already setting and it was definitely past the time she naturally gets home. She could have at least called them but it never crossed her mind. She tells them everything except stating Casey as a "friend" instead of a "stranger who came to help." She didn't want to freak out her parents anymore than she already has.

She pushes past them and up the stairs to her room. She stops at the top when she hears her phone go off in her purse. Her mind could only think it was Casey. She takes out her phone and grins immediately. It is.

I told you I don't live far off. ;)

Kate could feel her heart swell in her chest and if she could she would be dancing on air. She moves into her room, throwing her backpack and purse to the side and kicking off her shoes before jumping on her bed, excited to reply.

Hey! Yep you told me so. Thanks again for taking me home. I don't know what I would have done.

Kate sends the message and bites her lip, trying not to squeal from her pounding heart. A second later, her phone buzzes from a new message.

I'm always here to help a damsel in distress.

Kate rolled her eyes at that statement making her sound like she couldn't do anything on her own. She then gives a quick and single reply.

Thank you

She lies flat on her back and stares at her ceiling that seemed closer then it actually was. Her mind was whirling with different scenarios and thoughts of him. The image of him burned in her mind. His long, messy, dirty blonde hair. His deep ocean blue eyes that seemed to pull you in. That beautiful smile and laugh that pulls her into complete joy and at peace. All seemed perfect about him. Her heart pounded at the thought of him. The same question whirls through her mind:

Was this love?

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