The Story Of Sansa Stark - AU Competition Entry

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  • Published: 25 Jan 2017
  • Updated: 25 Jan 2017
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What would Sansa's story look like in modern day Britain? My competition entry for the Alternate Universe Competition!


1. The Story of Sansa Stark

My name is Sansa Stark and I am an 18-year-old girl from England. Up until six years ago, my life was pretty great. I didn’t care much about anything except marrying my high school crush, Joffrey Baratheon. We dated for a couple years in which he abused me and later dropped me for cheerleader Margaery Tyrell. It was awful, but it was nothing compared to the loss of my family.

I have four siblings. Had is probably better. Two of my brothers have died over the years and I am unaware of the location of my sister Arya and brother Bran. I also have a weird half-brother, Jon Snow. Or so I thought he was my half-brother. I’ve recently discovered he was my aunt’s son who was later adopted by my own father at her death. So, I guess he’s my cousin now. My father probably didn’t know how to explain it to my mother at the time so he told her he was the offspring of a fling he had early in their marriage. I’ve only discovered this recently, but I guess it doesn’t matter.

My father died in a car accident involving Joffrey and his mother. Joffrey had just received his license and he was dangerous on the road and would often make sharp turns at the wheel just to scare his mother, Cersei. I don’t know if he knew it was my father or not, or if he even saw him. I refused to be in his presence which was hard until I left high school considering he was the jock who expected everyone to worship him. At first, I tried to resist it, but everyone in the school, students and teachers alike, kissed his butt. Probably because his grandfather is a millionaire. I don’t worry much about Joffrey now though. He chocked and died in the school cafeteria and even though I wasn’t in school that day, I was called in to the police to discuss my hatred for him.  

My mother had a heart attack at my uncle’s wedding. She was barely coping after my father’s death and I guess part of me is glad she’s joined him in the afterlife. Having already lost my father, though, it was incredibly hard. Particularly when I was put into the care of our neighbour, Petyr. It was nice though because Petyr took me out of the high school with Joffrey and placed me in one closer to my mother’s sister. That was a mess when she made a move on Petyr who decided it would be best we left.

That’s when I found myself in a relationship with the son of the Bolton’s, a family my parents were close too. With a name like Ramsey, I should have known he would be a hot-headed psycho. I never thought I’d miss Joffrey, but during that time, I often thought about how Ramsey made Joffrey look like an angel. Petyr left me there to take care of his own business, whatever that means. I feel abandoned, but with so many people dying, I can kind of shrug it off.

That’s what lead me to here, as I write this. I’m standing outside the home of my half-brother, Jon Snow. I don’t know if he will accept me in after how I mistreated him in years gone by, but I have learnt over the past years that family is more than blood. I’ve run away from Ramsey and his family and Jon is the only one I can think to go to.

Fear cannot hold me back though. With a name like Sansa Stark and the experiences I’ve faced the past six years, no one can frighten me.

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