All she ever wanted was to discover the mysterious secret her parents kept from her for her whole life.
All he ever wanted was to be as loved and appreciated as his older brother.
Both kids escape their discomfort every year, when they go to Hogwarts for a new year.


2. Return to Sanctuary


I awoke happily, and peacefully. After all, I was going back to Hogwarts that day, for my fourth year. Sure, I barely had any friends, but it was better than being here, with my parents always neglecting me.


"Get up, loser! We're going back to Hogwarts today! Get up, now!" sounded the familiar demands of my brother, Kai, in my ear.

"Make me," I growled.

He just walked out the door, and downstairs. I rolled my eyes, and got up out of bed, the smell of scrambled eggs in the air.


My parents were still sleeping. I didn't want to wake them up, so I went downstairs to make myself some breakfast. After discovering that we were out of eggs, I made myself some oatmeal. After finishing it up, I put the dishes in the sink and went back into my bedroom.


My parents fussed over Kai and his perfect hair. I didn't look anything like my parents or Kai. Maybe I was adopted. I wish.

I ate the scrambled eggs, wishing my parents would stop obsessing over Kai before I vomited.


Did I have to go to Platform 9 3/4 by myself? My parents weren't waking up, and they hated when I woke them up. I decided to just leave, since they wouldn't care anyway.

I scribbled a quick note on a spare piece of parchment, stuck in on their door with some Spellotape, and went to my room to gather my things.


We were finished eating, and I put my dishes in the sink. I was about to walk upstairs, but my mum's voice yelled out, "Alex! Get your lazy behind back here, and clean this up!"

I turned around. They were expecting me to clean up the whole breakfast mess! I cursed under my breath and started cleaning.


Just as I was about to walk to the fireplace to use Floo Powder, my parents walked down the stairs.

"Amara, where are you going?" mum asked me, looking very puzzled.

"To Hogwarts," I answered with a sigh.

"Hogwarts? Are you sure you even want to go this year?" dad asked me.

"Yes, I'm positive," I answered, getting very impatient.

"Do you want us to see you off?" mum asked me.

"No, mum. I'm fine," I sighed.

"Okay," she said worriedly.

They both came over and gave me a quick hug, then I walked to the fireplace, grabbed some powder, stepped inside, and said, "Platform 9 3/4!"


After my parents took us to King's Cross, they walked Kai into the Platform, leaving me alone. I sighed. I was about to run into it, but a girl did it at the same time as me, and we crashed into each other.

"I'm so sorry! That was my fault!" she was saying.


How could've I been so stupid?! I just crashed into that one Slytherin boy! He kinda has anger issues...


I looked at her, getting quite angry, but, something about her calmed me down. I reached out my hand to help her up from where she'd fallen. She had a very afraid look on her face. I recognized her, but I didn't know her name. I knew she was in my year, and she was a Ravenclaw, but that's about all I knew.


I was very surprised. He actually helped me up. He didn't look angry like he usually would be if someone else did that to him.

"Th-thank you..." I said quietly.

He nodded, then ran into the Platform. I watched him go, then I eventually ran in as well.


That girl. What was her name? I wanted to know...

I wanted to say that her name was, maybe Anna? Maybe? I just didn't know.


I tried to remember his name. I didn't think anyone knew his name. Everyone just knew him as the angry Slytherin boy...

I thought about it. What was his name? I remembered his last name, it was Dash. But what about his first?


I walked into the train, and I could see Kai outside with my parents. They were telling him a bunch of stuff, and I watched as they put on his Head Boy badge, with overly proud looks on their faces. I wished I could give them a reason for them to be proud of me...


I entered the train, and found an empty compartment, and walked in. I lifted my trunk onto the luggage racks, then sat down and stared out the window.


The compartment I usually sat in was occupied. The girl I'd run into was in there, looking very lonely. I sighed, took the chance, and walked in. She looked rather alarmed to see me. She looked almost as if I was going to yell at her for running into me.


What was he going to do? Did he decide that he was angry now, and he was going to lash out at me like he did to others? Wait, he put his own trunk on the luggage racks...then sat down diagonally from me, and stared at his feet.


I knew she was staring at me, but I didn't care. I also knew she was intimidated by me, and I didn't want her to be, but I didn't really care at the moment.


He looked very sad. Very angry. Very...scared, maybe? I decided to suck it up and talk to him.

"Er...hi. I'm Amara. W-what's your name?" I asked him, trying not to sound like I was afraid he'd get mad at me.


I looked up at her. She looked very afraid, almost like I was going to attack her or something.

That was her name. Amara, not Anna.

"Alex. Most people just call me Dash, my last name," I mumbled.

"Well, it's nice to meet you, Alex," she said timidly.

"Same," I said, sounding sarcastic, without meaning to.

She looked back out the window, looking very sad.


He didn't care. I figured that I may as well not even bother. The train was just beginning to pull out, when the compartment opened. We both looked up to see who it was. It was Malfoy, the jerk of the school.

"Up. Out. This is our compartment now," he said smugly.

Then, he took a glance at Alex, and said, "You know what, you stay, Dash. The pathetic little Ravenclaw has to go, however."


I was already fed up with Malfoy. I stood up, walked over to him, saying, "No, Malfoy. We were here first, and if you don't mind, you'd better leave."

He looked offended as he said, "Do you know who you're talking to, Dash?"

"I don't care! Now scram!" I yelled at his face.

That just made him more outraged.

"My father will hear about this!" he muttered, walking out with Crabbe and Goyle.

I turned back to sit down. Amara looked completely shocked.


"Th-thanks," I said to him.

The corners of his mouth moved into a very small smile, as he nodded. I was very grateful. He'd stood up to Malfoy! Draco Malfoy! Nobody ever had he courage to do that...and I never would've done that in my life!


We exchanged glances, and then looked away again. I was pretty sure I'd made a friend, but not completely sure.

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