What Happens Now(The Walking Dead And The Maze Runner Crossover)

When Ella and Thomas get separated from the rest, they find a group that takes them in, but sparks fly when she meets a certain sheriff's son.

I own nothing except Ella and my ideas. :-)
All rights go to Robert Kirkman, James Dashner, and Wes Ball.


4. Ch.4 Safe Place

Ella's P.o.v.
"Wait how so you know all this" said Lori.
"I was a Medjack" I said.
"What's a Medjack"
"It's our word for doctors" said Thomas.
"Wait you have medical experience" asked Lori.
"Yeah I once saved a boys life"
"What happened to him" said a new voice. I turned around, it was Carl.
"He was a Slicer and he cut himself along his arm right here" I said pointing to my arm.
"What's a Slicer" he said.
"Thomas, we have a lot of explaining to do"
"Yes we do"
"A slicer is a boy who chops up all the meat"
We all went in the prison gates and killed the dead ones that were in there. We set our stuff down and settled down.
"So Ella, Thomas what's your story" said Rick.
"Well I was trapped in a maze for three years  Thomas was trapped for about a week and we finally got out of there and then we got caught up with the Flare and the Cranks"
"What are Cranks and the Flare" asked Carl.


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