What Happens Now(The Walking Dead And The Maze Runner Crossover)

When Ella and Thomas get separated from the rest, they find a group that takes them in, but sparks fly when she meets a certain sheriff's son.

I own nothing except Ella and my ideas. :-)
All rights go to Robert Kirkman, James Dashner, and Wes Ball.


1. Ch.1 Introduction

Ella's P.O.V.
"Thomas where are we going" I asked.
"I don't know" was all he says.
Then out of nowhere, a dead person attacked. How I know it's not a Crank, because Cranks have there veins popping out. I shot at it it didn't fall, it just won't stop. Thomas shot it in the forehead. It fell.

"What was that" Thomas asks.
I just simply shrugged.
Oh I forgot to mention that me and Thomas got separated from the rest, so it's just me and him, for now.

"Come on, let's go"
Everything was fine until I felt a gun to my head.
"Drop everything you have, now."

Me and Thomas dropped everything.
"Turn around"said a man.

"Rick, there just kids" I heard when me and Thomas turned around.

When we turned around we saw 10 survivors

The man with the gun, a man with a crossbow, a women who looks like she's pregnant, a black(not to be racist or anything), tall man, a Korean guy, a girl with brown hair, a blonde 17 years old, a woman with grey hair, an old man, a boy that looks my age wearing a sheriff hat.

"What's your names" he said kneeling in front of me.

"Ella and Thomas" we both say at the same time.

"Last names too " said the man with the crossbow.

Me and Thomas both looked at each other nervously.

After about 5 minutes of that,I finally spoke up.

"We don't exactly know"

"How can you not know" asked the boy

Me and Thomas again looked at each other.

"We don't know anything about our past live, like they were stolen from us" Thomas said.

"So you two can't remember anything" said the pregnant woman.

Me and Thomas nodded.

"Yep" we both said at the same time like we can read minds, which we can.

"Come with us" was all the man with the gun said.



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