I'm not good with introductions so....find out?


1. Surprise!

There I was, gaping at the most disturbing thing I've ever seen.

I know my dad can do unbelievable things sometimes but THIS was the most unbelievable thing yet.

Oh, let me introduce myself. My name is Alice Miller and I'm 15 year old eight grader (I was home schooled).

Ten years ago I used to ask for a puppy for three birthdays in a row.

Seven years later, here I am. "I'm home," My dad kicked the front door open.

"Hey Alice, guess what I got?" He sang tunefully, which he never does (I mean, the man works 24/7, I don't think he has anything to sing about anymore) so I went down stairs with a suspicious look.


There it was, the surprise, the unbelievable.

"Dad!What is that?!" I threw a stiff finger at what was next him.

"It's your puppy you've been asking for." He continued to sing.

"That is no puppy."

"Yeah you're right, it already matured." He went back to his usual dejected hoarse tone.

"But, you're matured now so, it's still the same."

"Dad stop fooling around, that's not a dog and you know it."

It was obviously not a dog. I mean, he had no fur, no tail, he wore a T-shirt and jeans, and to top it all off, he was a man! Like 20-22 year old man!He had a loosen leash around his neck and he was five inches taller than my dad. Was he okay with this?...he seemed pallid though.


"Dad, he looks sad, return him (before he dies of embarrassment)."

"I'm sorry okay, I asked them to give me the most glum one so I don't have repair everything he breaks...Now deal with it." He handed me the led and stomped his way upstairs.

This felt so uncomfortable.This guy is my elder/senior and I was holding his led. I quickly dropped it trying to avoid bad blood. He just stood there, towering over me with an empty expression on his face, not saying anything.


                                         -Ummmm, if this was you what would you do? -Feel free to replay the question above with a comment below. Thank you for reading.

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