Kingdom of Angels

After being abandoned by the world, Three- Twenty did the only thing he could do, die. Except as he almost succeeded, a hand reached out to him and showed him what it means to live.
Now with friends, Three- Twenty confess his past and his power, which is related to the now looming threat over the city. Faced against angels who plan to demolish the entire city and kill off the Mixed Bloods, and their own demons within, it is questionable as to who will live and who will die.
Follow Three- Twenty and Tear Drop as they fight against time and monsters to find saftey for themselves and others.


7. 7

~Tear- Drop~


 I held the boy as he violently coughed, his body shaking in my arms as too much blood drenched the both of us. His heart was racing and I could tell that he was struggling to breath. Half aware of what was happening to him he clung onto me, his empty eyes crying. "You need to give him the Angels Blood." Beanie said, grabbing my arm to get my attention.

 My body was numb as worry froze my veins, that inhuman scent of him becoming overwhelming as more and more of his blood fell onto me. What do I do? Why was he getting worse? What was happening to him to make him so sick? A new spurt of blood got onto my face but I couldn't worry about it.

 Someone took him out of my arms, the emptiness and the coldness that invaded the spot he was just in snapped me out of the daze. At some point Hammer had entered the room and taken the boy from me. Grabbing the syringe Hammer injected the full two doses of Angels Blood into the boy. Right away I understood that this boy was going to die in my apartment and in my care just because of my stupidity and cowardice. Even if it was on a whim I promised this boy that I would take care of him and heal him and now that promise is broken. 

 A split second later the boy screamed in agony, his body thrashing around on the bed as the drug started taking effect. Quickly Hammer spouted orders to Beanie and Glasses, their frantic movements so confusing. Still in shock I stopped paying attention to the two and focused on the dying boy. He looked like he was in pain as his screams bounced off the walls. Surely everybody in this building can hear him scream his last screams. Hammer already took this into consideration and tried to muffle the boy's screams until Beanie injected something else in him. Whatever it was forced him to stop moving and screaming.

 "What did you do?!" I yelled at them, my emotions spiked as my body became sensitive to everything around me. The smell, the sounds, the texture of whatever I touched became unbearable. It was as if I was becoming intoxicated. "What the fuck-"

 Hammer slapped me hard and grabbed my face to force me to stare up at him. "Tear! Calm down. We gave him a sedative so he wouldn't be in so much pain or cause the cops to come here." He explained.

 He then turned me to face the boy laying in my bed, everything slowly calmed down and I started to return to myself, to my usual state. "Look, he is breathing better. If you listen closely to his heartbeat you can tell it is getting better. The drug is working."

 I waited until I noticed his chest rise and fall evenly, closely listening to his heartbeat. Until I was satisfied I didn't look away from him, still ready to hurt these two if they killed him. Finally I allowed myself to relax and question my own actions. I was useless and acted out of line over a stranger. "Calm down and shower." Hammer said.

 I was dragged out of the bedroom and into the bathroom. Before I could protest he closed the door, holding it shut so I couldn't get out. I didn't need to shower, I needed to make sure the boy wouldn't take a turn for the worse. It was either he would survive and be healed, or die. This drug was new and impossible to predict the outcome. Taking a deep breath I looked around and caught my reflection, I was covered in blood and was pale. Without my noticing I changed into my half state of panther and human.

 Dazed I turned on the hot water and climbed in, still clothed and just stood under the water. This was the first time in a long time that I let my emotions control me and make me lose my composure. What was it about that kid that was causing me to lose control? I just met him and yet I felt so protective over him. Was it because he was so weak and dying? Or was it something else?

 The smell of the boy that lingered on me slowly took over my senses. The way it embedded deep within me and slightly blurred my thoughts had to be the cause to my lack of sanity. It was a floral scent mixed with honey and something else that I couldn't place, it radiated innocence and was nothing I smelled before. When I got out of the shower, I took off the clothes and wrapped a towel around me before leaving. Hammer was cleaning the bedroom and the boy when I exited the bathroom.

 "Feel better?" He asked me, his voice not hinting to what he was thinking.

 "Yeah, sorry about that." I spent most of my life with Hammer for so long and he was basically my older brother, but I still couldn't control the embarrassment that was knotted in me. "Do you smell something floral- like from the boy's blood?" I asked him.

 He looked at me in confusion before bringing the bloodied cloth to his face. He took a deep breath and his eyebrows furrowed. "Slightly. I didn't even notice it before until now. I smelled that something was off about him to know he wasn't human but I couldn't make out the smell. Why?"

 "It smells strong to me, I noticed it when I went back to the factory. He wasn't even bleeding then. It must be because of my heightened sense smell." That was the only explanation I could think of.

 Grabbing clothes from my dresser I turned to leave back for the bathroom. Before I left Hammer started to speak. "Glasses is gone back to the office building while Beanie is gone to clear things up with the landlord as to why someone was screaming in here. You should thank them for helping out and try to explain yourself. You did act quite different." He said. "And whatever happens, happens. It's up to him now if he survives or not so try not to burden yourself with him." 

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