Kingdom of Angels

After being abandoned by the world, Three- Twenty did the only thing he could do, die. Except as he almost succeeded, a hand reached out to him and showed him what it means to live.
Now with friends, Three- Twenty confess his past and his power, which is related to the now looming threat over the city. Faced against angels who plan to demolish the entire city and kill off the Mixed Bloods, and their own demons within, it is questionable as to who will live and who will die.
Follow Three- Twenty and Tear Drop as they fight against time and monsters to find saftey for themselves and others.


5. 5

~Tear Drop~


 "Where are you? Hammer just arrive with Glasses." Beanie questioned before I could ask what he wanted. Swearing I know that I had to get back and talk to Hammer, I had to know what happened while he met with the outside source and what he was told. Swearing again I looked at the hallway, half expecting the boy to come out.

 "I am busy right now. Tell Hammer that I will come in as soon as possible." I couldn't tell him about the boy just yet. If I did he would tell Hammer and nobody needed to know about this. Beanie went silent on the other line for a few moments before speaking up.

 "What is so important that you can't come here? You do realize that this is important right? This city could be demolished and we need to stop the Angels." His voice clearly emphasised the irritation that he was feeling. Closing my eyes I sighed, leaning against the kitchen counter. What do I do? I could tell the boy that I had to leave but if I did I wouldn't know when I would come back plus he was feverish and needed to be taken care of. 

 "I can't tell you." Leaving the boy would be bad. Before Beanie could say anything I hung up on him. A few seconds passed before he called me again, forcing myself to ignore it I decided to give the boy clothes and a towel before making supper. Thinking about what would make him feel better and what won't hurt his stomach too much, I settled for soup. When I got the premade soup boiling I cleaned off the couch and the table of books and once finished I poured the soup in two bowls before sitting down on the couch.

 The bathroom door opened and the boy stepped out, he looked much better cleaned and warmed up. His eyes showed fatigue and I knew he was fighting to stay awake. "Come eat. I chose something that won't hurt your stomach too much." I told him. Hesitantly he did and I watched him eat his first bite.

 He didn't say anything or really react to the food when he swallowed, was it that bad? "This is amazing." He told me and it sounded like he was telling the truth.

 I grunted letting him know I heard him and continued eating in silence. He finished and quickly after his eyes closed as he finally gave into sleep. Before I could react his body slumped against me. Being this close to him I could easily smell the inhuman part that flowed in his blood, that flowery scent consuming me. Just what is this boy? Is he even a boy? He looked young but also mature at the same time. How old was he?

 The front door rattled and opened, I jumped up ready to fight the intruder. Claws extended and ready to I switched my teeth turned into canines. Hammer, Glasses, and Beanie walked in looking irritated and exhausted. Quickly they noticed the sleeping boy behind me and Beanie made a sound of annoyance. Hammer sighed, relaxing a little bit. "Explain yourself, Tear." Hammer demanded.

 Where would I start to explain myself? I still didn't fully understand why I brought him here myself and this definitely wasn't like me. Out of the four of us I was the most cold hearted and distant. Before I could manage to think of something Beanie explained who the boy was. "Earlier today we came across pretty boy here. Tear saved him from drowning and we gained a lead on Angel's Blood, well we almost did but came up empty handed. It looks like Tear went back to fetch the boy."

 I opened my mouth to say why I went back to the factory but was cut off by a loud coughing sound. It was wet this time and continued longer than before. Worried I went to the boy and caught sight of blood forming at the corners of his mouth. "Shit!" I swore and turned his body to face the floor forcing the blood to drip to the ground.

 Dribbles of blood fell onto the wooden panels and soon enough his breathing went back to normal. This wasn't a regular fever, so what was happening to him? Why was he coughing up blood? Was this kid actually going to die on me? Tenderly I used the sleeve of my shirt to wipe off the blood from his mouth. I told this kid that I would heal him and make him better.

 The scent of him became more prominent from the exposed blood. Eyes fluttering open he stared at me but they were dull and lifeless. "Mi... Mikale." That name again.

 Hammer came closer and leaned down to the boy, sniffing him. "He isn't human, what is he?" Hammer asked.

 "I don't know but it seems as if he doesn't know either." I informed him. Hammer looked at me intently and I knew he was debating what to do with the boy.

 "Obviously he is very sick so I will get medicine for him from the office building to give to him, I will also give him Angel's Blood." He said. The last part caused me worry and panic a little.

 "You can't give him that. We don't even know how much human blood is in him. If it is half or more he will die." I objected. "You know-"

 "I do. But I can hardly hear his heartbeat. It looks like he just recently got sick, if it is this bad already then he will die either way. Angel's Blood has healing properties for people like us." He explained. I understood that he was right but if I give him the drug and he dies from it...

 We both stared at each other in silence waiting for the other to give in. "Hey, hey. Let's stop this, pretty boy needs help fast. Hammer, let's go get the medicine and Glasses you stay with Tear and start filling him in on the information." Beanie spoke lightheartedly.

 A few more seconds passed before Hammer nodded and stood up. I didn't move as the two left the apartment, leaving Glasses here. "It's not like you to protect someone so much." Glasses said as he walked into the living room.

 Ignoring him I picked up the boy, his body not even heavy from sleep. It's because he was so weak that he was dying so easily. Quietly I put him on my bed and left the room, leaving the door open to hear if he had another coughing fit. Glasses was sitting on the couch reading a book. "Tell me what happened while you and Hammer were away." I said and sat down on the other end of the couch.

 "He reminds me of when you showed up at the boarding school. Is that why you are protecting him? Because you wish someone cared for you as much as you are for him right now?" He ignored my demand.

 I felt my jaw clench and unclench, unsure of what to tell him. That never fully occured to me but it made sense. "I'd just feel guilty if he died while I was watching over him." I lied.

 My voice was strained and I had to look away from Glasses. "Liar. Anyways, if the kid gets better and doesn't die while you look after him, you should make him take the test. He'd be useful to us, even if he just ends up cleaning the office building." He said.

 That seemed like a good idea. I told the kid that I'd find a way for him to repay me and since Hammer would pay him if he passed the test, I could say that that would be payment. Of course he'd keep some money to have for himself. We both sat in silence until the other two came back. It seemed like no time at all until the door opened and they came in with the medical supplies. I noticed a syringe in a clear bag filled with red liquid.

 Automatically I stood up and followed them into the room. The boys shirt was scrunched up, his back exposed. Two long scars marred his shoulder blades along with what looked like old whipping marks. No wonder why he wouldn't let me see his back when I cleaned him before.

 Beanie whistled and laid down the supplies he was holding. "Whatever happened to this kid is much worse than what we went through, I'm pretty sure." He said.

 I stayed in the door way and watched as they put an IV into him. The kid was oblivious as to what was going on but seemed to be having a nightmare. When Hammer went to reach for the Angel's Blood I hurried to stop him, taking it out of his hands. "Tear." Hammer warned, his voice low.

 "I'll wait for a day. If it gets worse than I will give it to him myself." I offered a deal.

 "You don't know if he will last that long or if it will be too late to give it to him." He said.

 I stayed still, waiting for his answer. I was all too aware of the risks of waiting, but I was also aware of the possibilty of the kid dying. "I know." It was all I could say to try and convince Hammer to agree.

 Finally he sighed and nodded. "One day, no longer than that. But if he starts to decline I will not hesitate to use the Angel's Blood and I will administer two doses. If he died before we could do anything to save him, I know you will feel terrible. I need you to be on your A game soon so I can't have you spacing out or being depressed." He said.

 I nodded and took the deal. I would make sure that giving him two doses would not happen. Even a few of the Mixed Bloods would die or be seriously harmed from that much Angels Blood.


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