Kingdom of Angels

After being abandoned by the world, Three- Twenty did the only thing he could do, die. Except as he almost succeeded, a hand reached out to him and showed him what it means to live.
Now with friends, Three- Twenty confess his past and his power, which is related to the now looming threat over the city. Faced against angels who plan to demolish the entire city and kill off the Mixed Bloods, and their own demons within, it is questionable as to who will live and who will die.
Follow Three- Twenty and Tear Drop as they fight against time and monsters to find saftey for themselves and others.


4. 4

                                                                                          ~Tear Drop~


 "Eh, Tear. Why did you save that boy?" Beanie asked me as the both of us lounged at our desks waiting for Hammer to get back in from his flight. He met up with an outside source yesterday that had a lead on a gang that had a plan to destroy our city. 

 The gang in mention was called The Angels, and from what Hammer informed us on, it was very suiting. The Angels had members that were mixed between two races, one of the known parts to their blood was actual angel's blood, and the other unknown. The limited information of them created an unknown force on how powerful they are, but to my guess those members were strong.

 Their plan was questionable though, with an unknown reason as to why they would go as far as to destroy our city. Due to the lack of information we had about this, Hammer decided to make a short term agreement with an outside source until we could stop The Angels' plan and find more information on the half-breeds.

 Feeling something hit my head snapped me out of my thoughts. Angry I looked down at the floor and was faced with the half consumed bottle of pop that Beanie was currently drinking. Glaring at him I waited for him to explain to me why he hit me with the pop bottle. "Oops. It slipped out of my hand. Anyways, that boy. You sensed it right?" Beanie smiled, obviously lying. 

 I nodded. That boy from before wasn't fully human, his scent was off. Whatever he was, he was an unknown and it was debatable if he even realized that he was more than human. "Is that why you saved him from drowning?" Once again I nodded even though it wasn't the truth.

 Sighing I lowered my body to pick up the pop bottle. Looking at my hand I realized that the ring my mother left me with as a baby was gone. Worry set in and I looked around the floor and on my desk to see if I put it somewhere without realizing. The ring was nowhere to be found. Quickly I stood up catching Beanie's attention.

 "I'm going out." I made sure to keep my voice calm and to block out my worried emotion. Beanie only grunted in acknowledgement and went back at typing away on his computer. I must have dropped it in the car if not at the factory. Cold air hit my face as I left the office building we made as our home base. Inside was various rooms for training, sleeping, and even a small infirmary. Basically if anything happened and we had to go into hiding this building would work as our home.

 In the thoroughly checked car the ring was no where to be found. Cursing softly I concluded that it was at the factory. It had to be there. Taking a short route to the abandoned factory I parked in a parking lot that didn't have any cars and that wouldn't catch any unwanted attention.

 Walking into the building I questioned how that boy managed to live here. It wasn't a mystery why he looked so sickly and couldn't fight those thugs from before. Inside it was dirty and cold, the smell of rot and garbage filled my nose. Right away I heard something that caught my attention. Someone was crying and I could hear soft murmurs. Cautiously, I made sure to make my movements silent and switched my eyes to a panthers to see well in the dark.

 Following the hard sound of sobs I stopped when I almost tripped on someone laying on the floor. The voice that I could barely hear before belonged to the boy from earlier. He was shaking violently, his curly hair messily blanketed around him. A name he spoke was full of pain and I wondered who the person was. "Whose Mikale?" I asked him.

 Startled he looked up at me, his face full of tears and snot. From the dim light I could see that his face was flushed and sweaty, a fever must have set in from the drowning and how bad his health must have been before that, not to mention the lack of warmth in this damned place. 

 He whispered my name as if questioning my presence and I faintly smelled something like flowers. Sighing I picked him up, his body burning against mine. To my surprise he was much more lighter than I thought he would be, his small body fitting against mine perfectly. Ticked off I told him how he was dying right after I saved him.

 I felt him shake in my arms and the wet feeling of him crying soaked my shirt. "Why are you crying?" I asked him. Was this boy just an emotional wreck? His sobs irritated me but I couldn't figure out why. Was it because he reminded of myself as a child? "People who only cry is good for nothing." I quoted Hammer. 

 He said that to me when I use to lock myself away in a closet and cry. It took me a while to figure out that if I stopped crying and being stuck in the self- loathing and sadness that I would finally start to change and become a stronger person who will create their own future.

 "Where are you taking me?" The boy asked into my chest. His shivers slightly decreased as I started to warm him up with my body heat. His question hit hard and dumbfounded me as I realized that I was acting on a whim and didn't have a plan in mind. The only place I could think of was my place since I couldn't risk bringing him to the office building.

 This kid was a wild card and I didn't know anything about him, if handled without caution he could lead us down a path that could harm. Yet as I thought about bringing him to my apartment I felt a little bit embarrassed about it. Since I lived alone and was constantly changing places to live I didn't have much to claim as my own.

 "Somewhere where you can get better and healed. It's not much but it is better than the factory." I told him and headed to the parking lot. Nearing the car I grew a tail and opened the passenger door, strapping him safely in. Once I got in he looked at me with questioning eyes.

  "Why?" Was all he spoke. What did he mean by that? "You saved me before and now you're going out of your way to help me again. I have nothing to offer you, I am homeless too. So why?"

 Ah, that's what he meant. If he believes that he does not have anything to offer me does that mean that he doesn't know he has a hidden power? Or possibly he didn't want it to be known, scared that I was human? That didn't make sense either though, since every non- human could smell others and determine their race.

 Tightening my hold on the steering wheel I came to the conclusion that this boy didn't know about the non- human part within him. How could I dodge this question, what do I tell him? "I only went back to look for something and heard you crying like a child. Seeing you dying after I saved you pisses me off." I went with a vague reason why I went back, ignoring the reason as to why I was helping him.

 He held something up and from the corner of my eyes I saw the ring. "I found this in the room you went into. Is it yours?" He asked me.

 Nodding I took it and put it back on, glad to have it back into possession. Thanking him I focused on driving to my apartment. Parking in my usual spot I stopped the car and turned to look at him. His body was still shaking and he looked extremely weak from the fever. "Can you move on your own or do you need me to carry you?" I asked him.

 How he was still conscious and able to move was beyond me. The boy blushed and tried to find an opening to the door. Did he ever be in one before? I opened it for him and before he got out he thanked me, saying he could walk on his own. Worried I watched him find strength to move but once he managed to walk a little bit alone I started to the door. "Where do we go?" He asked me.

 I made sure to be cautious of him, ready to catch him in case he fell. Holding the door open for him he passed me, that flowery smell gently filling my mind. I went up the stairs and halfway up I heard him coughing. It sounded bad and worrisome, something that I had to fix soon. Quickly I went to him, lifting his fragile body against me. He thrashed about blushing furiously. "Stop fighting me." I ordered him, waiting for him to trust me enough so I could tend to him.

 He put up a small fight but stopped. His bones pressed into me, it felt like he was just a skeleton only without flesh or fat. "You're too light, it's like you're skin and bones." The thought was spoken before I could stop it.

 I felt embarrassed but made sure that he didn't realize it. At the door I opened it with my tail again, making it disappear before I entered the house. Taking him to the bathroom I set him on the toilet and told him to take off the dirty clothes so I could clean up his wounds. Carefully I washed his body, scared that I would break him if I grabbed too hard. He winced when I applied the rubbing alcohol to his open wounds and I told him that the pain was good, that it was cleaning his cuts.

 Finally done I filled the bathtub with hot water and threw out the used cleaning supplies and his ragged clothes, telling him that I would lend him some when he was about to protest. Leaving him alone to wash up, I went into the kitchen when my phone started to ring. Looking at the number I knew it was Beanie. 

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