Kingdom of Angels

After being abandoned by the world, Three- Twenty did the only thing he could do, die. Except as he almost succeeded, a hand reached out to him and showed him what it means to live.
Now with friends, Three- Twenty confess his past and his power, which is related to the now looming threat over the city. Faced against angels who plan to demolish the entire city and kill off the Mixed Bloods, and their own demons within, it is questionable as to who will live and who will die.
Follow Three- Twenty and Tear Drop as they fight against time and monsters to find saftey for themselves and others.


28. 28

~Three- Twenty~


 In the conference room chairs were added around the table to accomodate the growing number of people that were trickling in to help us fight against The Angels. Five more people came in to help from around the world and all of them were highly skilled fighters. The first to arrive was Lila and Mila, two women who came from Russia. They are twins that shared the power to manipulate people's bodies like puppets. Those two women could easily take down ten people at a time but only that amount, that was their limit as to how much they could control.

 After them came Ravi who came from the UK. His powers allowed him to control electromagnetic waves which was surprisingly useful. He is also a private investigator and was already investigating The Angels before he come to help which was wonderful. His combat skills were extraordinary as well and he would often come help train me with Obi.

 Yuri arrive at the same time as Ravi but hailed from Japan. He was like Pidge in the sense that he was an elemental but he could only control water. His background is unknown but he was known for his skills in torture and fighting, he was a huge hitman that the most weathly could only afford. Luckily for us he was here on his own will to help out Glasses who helped him various times and saved his life a handful of times as well.

 Next came Shinha. They were the most mysterious and unknown of the bunch that came in. When they showed up no one but I recognized them and there was a reason to that. As far as anyone knows they had demonic powers and came from a few cities over. But for me when we seen each other we automatically recognized the other. They were in the same facility as me and I helped them escaped, letting them out of their cage when I was rampaging across the building. Surprisingly* they were not afraid of me but stayed near me for comfort. 

 Our bond grew and we became a little bit closer than the others besides Tear due to our connection. Shinha asked me not to tell about their past and how they are connected to me until I could make sure they were safe from all harm. I agreed but now I had to let their secret out only to help everyone understand the facility a little bit more and understand what happened to the humans there.

 So when I sat down in the conference room they took a seat next to me while Tear claimed the seat on my left. As I looked at Tear I noticed something was off in the way he looked at me and the way he fidgeted in his seat. So many emotions flickered in his eyes such as worry, fear, but mainly something a like to sadness. Beanie and Glasses acted the same way as Tear and right away I understood what the three of them seen in the old tapes they have watched.

 Clearing his throat to get everyone's attention Glasses started to speak. "Recently we have been able to gain information and tapes of the facility that the angel Mix Bloods visit. It has been discovered that the government along with many other organizations belonging to both humans and supernaturals, have been funding an experiment called Project Athena over the past thirty years. In the reports, Project Athena was to help progess human evolution and to lessen the possible extinction by us supernaturals.

 "This would be done by testing human children ranging from the ages of birth to twelve, to see if their bodies can hold and cope with supernatural DNA. As well they searched for children who had the ability to accept any type of supernatural DNA. If they did they would then be classified as a potential vessel to host various powerful entities and go to receive further treatment to allow them to trap those entities into the body.

 "The five main scientists to complete the vessel process were Dr. Alfred Thomas, Dr. Angilee Spruce, Dr. Liam Popovich, Dr. Kenma Yu, and Dr. Leo Seung. As of now all of them are deceased. Each one of their bodies have been found in the facility that the angel Mix Bloods have been visiting. We also found out that the facility is no longer in use due to major sections of the building being severely destroyed as well as all staff members being killed." As Glasses spoke no one interrupted him and I could feel everyone slowly starting to stare at me, it was as if they were assuming that it was the place I was held in.

 Looking at Hammer he nodded as if to tell me to tell the others what I remember. Taking a deep breath I held my back straight and looked at everyone steadily in the eyes. Right now I will tell them that I was in that facility and was the one to destroy it. I understood that I should let everyone know about what Kushiel has said about taking care of the angel Mix Bloods himself, but if I did it would be shot down. I would have to talk to Hammer alone about it and convince him that I had to go to the other angel Mix Bloods myself. "As you all know I am a vessel to an angel. And to clairfy all your assumptions, yes, I was made in that facility that Glasses spoke about. Since last week I have been able to remember my time in the facility with clarity and I have been able to know some things that will help us defeat the angel Mix Bloods."

 The silence no longer held as people, mainly the newest members started to ask me questions as to what happened, how I am related to the angel Mix Bloods, and why I kept this a secret until now. Hammer, Glasses, Beanie, Tear, Pidge, and Shinha all kept quiet and silently made gestures to let me know that they were here for me. Holding up me hand I let out the pheromone that allowed me calm people and make them more willing to listen and help me. I found out that I was able to produce such a thing when I remembered about the facility.

 In a few moments everyone was silent again and looked at me for information. "I only told half the truth to those who recently joined us due to how personal this is for me. As I explain what happened at the facility please understand that being there was like being near the brink of death everyday and was hard. As well, I am not on the side of the angel Mix Bloods and I will not betray you all."

 Before starting I had to take a deep breath and looked over at Shinha who looked at me with worried eyes. They probably understood by now that their powers would be fully told to the others. Smiling softly at them I quickly squeezed their hand before letting go. "Everyone understands that I was at an orphanage along with Pidge when I was a child. A fire destroyed that building and it was caused by a child who lost control of their powers. When I escaped the building I was quickly caught by the people working at the facility and was taken in to become a vessel. For twelve years I underwent treatment that would allow my body accept an angel and its powers. During my years there I talked to another vessel who I found out to be like me. 

 "She only was able to talk to me every once in a while to help me understand what was happening to me and what to expect. I did not see her after my first five years and thought of her as dead. I also seen other human children trapped in cages and tortured just to see if they could become vessels. During one of my injection periods I lost control of myself and destroyed the building and those in it. I did not realize that there were other vessels still alive and that they escaped execpt for one. They are a vessel to a powerful demon and they mean no harm. Shinha, I am sorry to tell the others but they must know."

 I looked over at Shinha and they were shaking a little bit and not looking at anyone. "I am sorry that I kept this a secret from everyone, but I didn't know if it was safe to tell you all what I am and where I came from. Those like me who hold these monsters inside of us, we are thrown out of homes or beaten up. Ever since Three- Twenty saved me from the facility I jumped from place to place but couldn't stay once my identity was found out. Just to let everyone know I was kept away from the angels and their vessels so I would not know anything about them, but I do know that other vessels for demons are out there. I know some of them and I can ask them to come here but I would need for everyone to not touch them or try to kill them." They spoke.

 "Thank you for telling us and confiding in us Shinha. We understand how scared you are to let your secret be revealed but I promise you that no one here will hurt you." Hammer spoke gently.

 Shinha looked up at Hammer and smiled a little bit, their body relaxing a degree with his words. I could tell now that since Shinha knew that they would be safe here they could thrive and get closer to the others. I know that Pidge would take them under her wing and that Obi would ask if they would like to train with them. Those two were the most open armed people I know here and who want everyone to get along with each other the most and grow together.

 "So when you escaped the place... was it you who destroyed the building and killed the people inside of it?" Ravi asked. Looking at him I nodded, catching a glint of fear in his eyes.

 "That's right. I destroyed the building and killed the people in it, including the human children. They were already close to death and could not be salvaged. I also killed the scientists so they could not continue on their work and I was dueling out their punishment. I do not regret what I have done and will not try to defend myself or fully justify me killing everyone. I know what I have done and that I will be sent to hell, but I will accept that."

 Many of the people here slightly moved away from me, trying to hide their fear of me. It was only the people closest to me that seemed unaffected. "Like I said before, I will not cause harm to anyone nor will I betray you all. Please understand that I am in control of the angel inside of me for now and will not allow him to hurt anyone." I spoke to try and ease their worries.

 "And what about Shinha? They hold a demon inside of them. Are they in control of it? Will they kill us without trying to?" Slav asked. Already I could see chaos errupting from all of this and I knew that it had to be fixed soon so no one was harmed.

 "I am in control of the demon inside of me. As of now it is asleep and I will not hurt anyone. I did not lose control of the demon within me because I am a true vessel. Besides that, the demon inside of me has no intention of getting invloved with this world. I am able to talk with it every now and then and every time I ask why it won't take over me, it says this. 'I am safe in this body of yours. I will lend you the power but only half for you cannot handle all of it. This world bores me so I will stay in here and sleep. When the time comes and you need me to help you out, all you need to do is ask'. Three- Twenty can only cope with the power inside of him so much before it gets the best of him, he isn't fully a vessel. His body rejects it, not mine." Shinha defended themselves. It sounded more accusing but I understood what they were trying to get at.

 Nodding at this I put my body infront of Shinha a bit to show that I will protect them. "That is true. I am not a true vessel, my body rejects the angel within me. That is why I lost control and why I relapse sometimes and fall ill. Luckily I did not relapse while people started to arrive and that is because Glasses and I are testing new serums to help me accept the angel within me. Do not think ill of Shinha and do not harm them. If you do you will be sent out on my will and I will defend them until the attacker cannot try to harm them. Do you understand."

 Everyone, including those close to me, went rigid and I could see fear in their eyes a little bit. I allowed it, I made sure that everyone understood that I was more pwoerful then all of them and will protect Shinha. Hopefully they understood that I was protective of all of them and to understand that I will protect them until I can no longer. "I agree." Hammer spoke. "Shinha is not to be touched or doubted or treated badly. Everyone is allies here and on the same footing. We cannot have conflict between us if we want to have a chance to win in this battle."

 Seconds passed before everyone was relaxed and calmed down before Hammer started to speak again. Luckily no one went against Hammer and accepted what they just learned. Still I would be watching over Shinaha for the next while until I had no worries about the newcomers reacting badly to them. 

 Looking over at Hammer to listen to his next few words the room started to dim a little bit. The edges of my vision turned hazy and grey. "Three- Twenty." Someone whispered my name but it sounded like no one in this room. Again my name was called out and somehow I understood that it was Kushiel inside of me, trying to talk to me. "Three- Twenty. Let me take over for a little bit, I need to know about the angels and I need to know what they look like. Your friend has a folder in front of him, whatever is in there has to deal with the angels. I know it."

 Fear spiked in my chest a little bit. If I let him take over than I would fall ill again. It was unknown if I would make it this time since the last relapse took a huge toll on my body. I barely lived after that and now Kushiel wants out again. Yet a small part of me needed to have him take over, understood that once he does take over I can look into his memories. When I got shown my memories I had a nagging feeling that he was holding something back from me and I needed to know what it was. 

 Slowly I nodded, letting Kushiel know that I was okay with him taking over my body. "I have about fifteen minutes to get the information. If I stay in control for longer you will become in danger, your body will not hold and you will die if I let you take control. I will tell you this now, if your body is severly damaged I will not let you take control and I will go find the angels and take them with me. But if not, I need you to fight to live with all you got. I have a way for you to live after your next relapse but it is up to your friends whether your die or not."

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