Kingdom of Angels

After being abandoned by the world, Three- Twenty did the only thing he could do, die. Except as he almost succeeded, a hand reached out to him and showed him what it means to live.
Now with friends, Three- Twenty confess his past and his power, which is related to the now looming threat over the city. Faced against angels who plan to demolish the entire city and kill off the Mixed Bloods, and their own demons within, it is questionable as to who will live and who will die.
Follow Three- Twenty and Tear Drop as they fight against time and monsters to find saftey for themselves and others.


27. 27

~Three- Twenty~


 The air the flowed into me, wrapping around my body in its cool embrace felt so fresh and pure. Much different than the air in the city and it was quite relaxing to be able to breath such air. When I opened my eyes I found myself to be standing in a strange yet familiar place. Gold and white buildings surrounded me, people walking to and fro with smiles genuinely on their faces. This place was heavenly to be in, so much happiness and love and care here than anywhere I have ever been.

 Somehow I knew this place as my home, the place where I have always been and never wanted to leave. Here I had a family and friends that was always there for me, helping me and guiding me along the way. Despite the bad days here this place really was amazing and there was a reason that it was this way. 

 Before I could continue thinking my thoughts were interupted by my name being called out. A small part of me didn't recognize my name but at the same time I knew it belonged to me. Looking to my left I spotted Koi running to me with a worried look painted on her face. Her white hair whisped behind her as she ran with her green eyes wide and filled with concern and questions.

 "Kushiel!" Koi panted once she reached me. "Is it true? Are you really leaving?!" 

 Without needing to ask I understood what she meant. Recently a few people here has been going missing and we just got word that they were sent down to the human world. They were dragged down without their will and trapped in human bodies, but that was all that is known on this subject. The Council is looking for volunteers now to try and retrieve them before they were harmed by being down in the human world and to understand what was happening to them.

 "Yes. I want to help bring back those who were taken and to stop the humans from taking them. The ones taken down to the human world will soon become harmed by the sins and evil there, they must be saved soon before it is too late." I told Koi. Her mouth tilted into a frown as she shook her head trying to deny what I said.

 "You can't! Let someone else go down. If you allow yourself to be taken then you could also get harm, the risks are too great for you. You won't even know if the body you will be in will be able to accept you, if it doesn't then you will be at an even greater risk Kushiel. Their pain, their sins, their everything will be inflicted on you even more so if you were accepted into the body. You already know that the rate of that chance is too high." Her concern for me was strong and heartwarming since she cared so much for me.

 Smiling at her I grabbed her hand in reassurance. "Koi. You know I have to do this, not many people will allow theirselves to be taken and to save the others. I promise you that I will come back soon once I can bring them back and when I do it will be the last time I go down there."


 Standing face to face with Kushiel I slowly drifted out of that place and back into limbo. His memory somehow was shown to me and I now understood what he was doing here. Why he seemed certain that he will die once he frees the other angels. The chance of being placed in a body that isn't accepting was high and he ended up with me. The promise that he made to Koi wouldn't be fulfilled since he wouldn't be going back there.

 Knowing this I was tounge tied, what do I say to him? There isn't a way that I could help him get back to his home nor is there anything I can talk to him about this because I didn't know anything that dealt with any of this. For years I didn't believe in God or angels or supernaturals. Even if I did so many of the information out there was false and I would still be lacking in knowledge about this.

 "Don't worry, I don't expect comfort from you about this. I just wanted to let you know why I am here in your body and why I must get to the angels soon. They are getting harmed everyday and I need to save them before they get destroyed by their human hosts." Kushiel spoke.

 "I thought that they were in control of their human hosts though. Doesn't that mean that they can send themselves back or stop them from doing bad?" I asked him. 

 Kushiel shook his head and took a seat on a chair that appeared instantly below him. "It doesn't work that way. The angels can't fully control their hosts. They make majority of the decisions but they can't fully override the human souls. Plus they are in a place where there is a lot of evil so they can absorb the darkness there. There is so much they can take before they become destroyed from the inside out. As for your first question, they don't know how to send theirselves back. Plus they have to shed some of their sins before going back which means that I need to take them onto myself."

 Trying to understand this I felt sorry for Kushiel. He understood that this was a suicide mission but he knew this before leaving. This was something important to him since one of the angels taken down here was a friend of his and he just wanted everyone safe and for this to stop. "Are you sure there isn't anything that I can do to help you get back home?" I asked him.

 A small smile crinkled his eyes as he looked up at me. "All you can do is try and do as much good in this world as possible to save your own soul. Maybe then you can be saved but I am afraid that I won't be going back." He said.

 "What would happen to you then? Where would you go once you leave my body?"

 He paused for a second as if he didn't want to answer me. Then when he spoke it was with a heavy tone. "Nowhere. I will simply dissappeard in this world. As if I didn't even exsist in the first place." 


 When I opened my eyes I found myself in the living room. The still white walls stared at me as I slowly came aware of my surroundings. Tear was gone to the office building for a few minutes to finish up something and would be back for supper. This was the first time I was left alone in a week and it was welcoming.

 Since Tear told me about Giggles he did not let me out of his sight or let me be alone. He constantly asked how I was doing which was good but I got the feeling that he was scared that I would end up like his old boyfriend. Being with him or someone else was a good distraction though for me because that night after understanding what happened at the orphanage I remembered everything about the facility as well.

 Kushiel asked me when I was asleep if I wanted to know and he let me remember everything. When I was able to recall what happened it felt as if my soul shattered over again. There were other angels there and one of them saved my life the night of the fire. I only met that one who saved me, but she told me that there were others like us. I also remembered what happened to us and the other humans there, along with the night that I destroyed the place. 

 Being able to remember everything now I was scared to tell the others because I was worried what they would think of me, I was worried if they would think that I lied to them about not remembering anything before. I was worried that Tear would turn his back on me once he finds out just how bad it was the night I escaped. And a part of me was scared to admit what happened and speak about what happened throught the years there. To voice them would make them even more real then they already were.

 Taking a deep breath I got off the couch and felt a little dizzy from getting up so fast. This time it was longer than before being so close to the angel inside of me and it left me in a worse state than usual. A trickle of blood slowly oozed from my nose and dropped down to my lap. 

 Beside me my phone buzzed and I looked at it. It was an unknown number that was calling me. Tentatively I picked it up worried about who was on the other line. "Hello?" I spoke after accepting the call.

 "Three- Twenty? It's me, Hammer. I am at a store near your home and I forgot my wallet. Can you come help me out?" Hammer asked. I physically relaxed once I heard his voice and nodded. Realizing that he couldn't see my I agreed and hung up to get ready to leave. Quickly I got cleaned up and changed into a new pair of pants that didn't have blood on them.

 A few minutes later I found Hammer in a store at the check out. He smiled and waved me over once he saw me. "Thank you so much, I will repay you." He said once I was in hearing range.

 "No worries about this. What are you doing anyways?" I asked him and looked at what he was buying. A variety of things were bagged and ready to go. Deoderant, tooth paste and brushes, hats and mits, pads, anything you could think of for hygiene was there. Paying for the things I looked at Hammer with a raised eyebrow.

 He smiled a little bit and looked away from me. "I thought about trying out something new. Before I didn't really think of trying to help out those who are homeless or in need of the basic neccessities but a couple days ago I thought about how you used to be homeless and how happy I am that you are off the streets. I know that it isn't much but I would like to try and help out those who need it." He admitted.

 My heart warmed up and I couldn't help but smile at him. To me he didn't seem like the type who thought about doing this much less actually helping out. Yet here he was buying things for those who couldn't afford products like these. It was like he was growing more as a person and it was wonderful. "I will help you then. I know some places to find people who need this stuff and I will pitch in to give." I told him.

 Hammer just smiled back and nodded. "Thank you."

 Being with Hammer alone wasn't as awkward as I thought it would have been before. We were able to casually talk and the silence that did happen was comfortable. He paid close attention to what was going on around him and the others that we gave the few things we bought to. Without problems he chatted with a lot of them and I could tell that he wanted to help out as much as he could.

 At the end of it he was slightly frowning. The sun was setting now as we drove back to the office building to catch up with Glasses on what he found recently in the old video tapes he had. Beanie and Tear was with him so it should be going by a bit more quicker than if it was just Glasses doing it. Hammer told me that he had to go through old documents that they found at the facility but couldn't focus on them when he tried reading what was there. 

 When I thought abou the facility I got a small feeling churning in my stomach. A part of me knew that it would be the facility that I destroyed but another part of me wanted to deny it all and ignore it. Taking a deep breath I looked at Hammer. Would he accept what I have learned and remember from the angel within me? Already he knew that I killed people to survive and he accepted that, but if he understood that I killed human children and let out the angel Mix Bloods, would he still be as accepting?

 "What is it?" Hammer asked taking me out of my thoughts. "I can basically see the gears turning in that head of yours. Don't worry, you can tell me anything." Would he really accept me after this though? Looking out the window I understood that there was only one way to find out.

 "The night after we went to the bar I talked to the angel again. He was holding back my memories to help me a little bit." I started to say. "He asked if I wanted to remember what happened all those years ago. I thought that if I let myself remember, if I said yes to him than it would help us out more. In a way it did but I feel so ashamed of what has happen, I am scared of what I am and what I allowed to happen. While there I was able to talk to another angel Mix Blood in the first few years before I didn't see her again. She helped me a little bit in coping and understanding what was happening to me. So when I escaped I let her along with the other angel Mix Bloods out."

 I waited to hear what Hammer had to say about this. Slowly I looked at him and found him relaxed and staring at the road ahead. "How are you doing now? Remember what happened must be hard on you."

 His words set me a little aback. "What?" I was completely confused. "Are you not angry that I let out the angel Mix Bloods? I basically made all of this happen."

 "Not at all. If you didn't let them out then you wouldn't have gotten out yourself. It was something that I assume couldn't be controlled. Don't blame yourself about this Three- Twenty." I felt myself relax a little bit and nodded, not sure what to say to him. "When we get to the office building we should let the others know what you can remember though."

 What he wanted was something I could agree to. It was time to let the others know what I remembered and it was time to finally let things fall into place. The angel within me made sure that I understand how imperative that it was for me to go to the other angel Mix Bloods and to help them. I also had to let everyone know about the angel Mix Bloods and what I had to do. 

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