Kingdom of Angels

After being abandoned by the world, Three- Twenty did the only thing he could do, die. Except as he almost succeeded, a hand reached out to him and showed him what it means to live.
Now with friends, Three- Twenty confess his past and his power, which is related to the now looming threat over the city. Faced against angels who plan to demolish the entire city and kill off the Mixed Bloods, and their own demons within, it is questionable as to who will live and who will die.
Follow Three- Twenty and Tear Drop as they fight against time and monsters to find saftey for themselves and others.


23. 23

~Three- Twenty~


 Tension filled the air when I spoke from both parties, when I got the words out that I was a vessel for an angel Emil, Sieve, and Emery all tensed up with doubt filling their eyes. It was written on their faces that they didn't trust me nor anyone else besides their own and Sieve looked ready to kill me and book it. Of course everyone else caught on and Tear made a small growl in the back of his throat making sure to stare Sieve down into submission, letting her know that I was not allowed to be touched.

 Trying to ease this tension I cleared my throat. Finishing what I had to tell them I left out a lot of details like how I escaped, only offering that there was an accident I took advantage of. I had to make sure that they knew that I was oblivious about the gang and the other angels until recently, and that I was in control of the angel within me so they were safe. Although the fact that I was sick and had bouts of relapses and the fact that I wasn't fully in control was unspoken, this lie necessary so they could be at ease more.

 Finally when I was done speaking I could tell everyone was on edge. "I believe you Three- Twenty." Pidge spoke first. "But what we were told by our informer was that the Angel Mix Bloods had little control of those things inside of them. Said that sometimes they would return to a different person, and they usually seem to be their own selves all at the same time. Whenever that happens they would leave for two days every month." This news was nerve wrecking, my mind spinning with this. Would I end up only being in the mercy of the angel in me and only allowed to escape it for two days every month? The thought sent shivers down my spine and beside me Tear tensed up. "You seem yourself, like the old Three- Twenty I know. Of course you changed a little bit but you don't seen in the hands of something else." She continued.

 Swallowing I looked down at my hands. How could I make them believe me? Make them trust me? Glancing up I met Pidge's gaze. If I tell her everything about the angel, excluding the facility than she would be heart broken. With what I know her sister was like me, dying from the inside out because her body rejected whatever was put in her. Yet that was all I could offer right now. Taking I deep breath I held my head high. "In the past few weeks that I have been here I only lost control of my powers twice. Each time there was no casualties and no major damage to anyone or anything. My body is too weak to hold the angel within me, so I cannot be using my powers all the time nor allow the angel to take over for long periods without almost dying."

 Leaving out the gory details I let them come to their own conclusions. Looking at Pidge I seen her pale, she shook her head slightly as she realized that I am sick just like her sister was. "Glasses is working on a serum right now that will allow me to fully control the angel within me and to have my body be more receptive to the power without damage." I continued.

 Silence fell over us once more but I could tell that I eased the worries the four had before. "What you decide to do with this information now and your actions afterwards will dictate what will happen. If you promise to me that you will not harm or harass Three- Twenty and that for now you will not inform anyone about what he is, then we will allow you to continue on with us. If not you will be sent back and considered an enemy to us, no matter what Hiraku tries to do afterwards." Hammer spoke. I could only guess that Hiraku was the name of their boss, the head of the outsource gang.

 The four looked at each other, having a silent conversation. It appears that the four of them seem to know each other well, which made sense why the four of them would be sent together. People who can work well together often produce good results of the task at hand. Finally Emery looked at me with determination and fearlessness. "Three- Twenty, we will not harm you nor will we report to our master. Unless you put an immediate threat on any of us we will not interfere and work with you." She spoke clearly.

 Nodding I let her know that I understood. "Good. Now, have you learned anything else from the person you are getting information from?" Hammer asked.

 "There is another spot the angel's go to when they return to their natural state. It is some place five hours out of town, we have people going to check it out soon and report back to us. They will take pictures and a discription on the place, they will also set up video camera's to check and see when the angel's visit. You will be given access to the cameras of course." Emil spoke.

 Glasses cleared his throat to speak up. "We cannot accept any new information or access to new data or videos for a few days unless it is in person. We have been hacked into by an unknown source and until we can determine it is safe again and find out the full extent of what was accessed, I will not put this in jeapordy by allowing the possibilty of more information being leaked. Already I have rewritten the security and put up new barriers, but I need to double check to make sure we are safe."

 Emery's hands balled up in fists, her jaw clenching. "Are we compromised? Do they know about our affiliation with you?" She asked.

 "It is unknown but we are going to assume whoever hacked us knows everything. I am creating extra precautions as we speak and recruiting new people to help us. Already we have three allies downstairs in the lounge waiting to meet you four and who will help us. The change of plans are small but enough to make it more safe. We will watch the video stream at the places the angels go to like before, but we will track down one of them and get them alone so we can get information out of them. When we do find an opening everyone will go together, we will not patrol the area every night since they can show up whenever and harm whoever is out there." Hammer spoke. "When everything is set and I finalize everything, I will tell you."

 The four of them still looked doubtful but nodded. "As you know we will not put our people in harms way including us. If our lives are on the line then we will back out until further notice." Emery spoke. "For now we will continue with you and look over this inconvenience. Now we will excuse ourselves and settle in, it has been a long journey coming here and we need to prepare ourselves." Emery spoke.

 Emery, Emil, and Sieve stood up while Pidge stayed. "I want to spend time with Three- Twenty." She told the other three. They glanced at me before nodding once more and leaving. Now that we got through this meeting felt myself growing anxious. I needed to talk to Pidge and catch up with her, needed to make up for lost time and to try to fix the holes missing that once belonged to Mikale and Alice.

 "Why don't we all get drinks? There is this perfect bar down the street and it seems like you two have a lot to catch up on. Also I want to know every detail and juicy tid bit that you two share." Beanie spoke casually, trying to lighten the atomosphere. 

 "Sounds perfect." Pidge smiled and stood up, quickly coming to my side and hugging me once more. As she did Tear slightly tensed up, jealousy hiding deep in his eyes. Holding his hand I let him know that he had nothing to be jealous over.  

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