Kingdom of Angels

After being abandoned by the world, Three- Twenty did the only thing he could do, die. Except as he almost succeeded, a hand reached out to him and showed him what it means to live.
Now with friends, Three- Twenty confess his past and his power, which is related to the now looming threat over the city. Faced against angels who plan to demolish the entire city and kill off the Mixed Bloods, and their own demons within, it is questionable as to who will live and who will die.
Follow Three- Twenty and Tear Drop as they fight against time and monsters to find saftey for themselves and others.


22. 22

~Three- Twenty~


 Moonlight filtered in through the cracks of the barred windows, illuminating the two girls perched on either side of me. They patiently sat and listened to the happy birthday tune playing out from the piano keys that moved underneath my shaking fingers. While playing Three Hundred stood rigid at the door way constantly checking to make sure no adult would come find us in the music room. Wounds inflicted on him from his latest trip to the punishment room just started to heal, the fear from being in there and the possibility of going back swamped his green eyes.

 As if to ease the building tension I let out my voice a little bit, softly singing happy birthday to the two girls. Three Fifty and Three Fifty One were twins that recently moved into the orphanage a few months ago. Together they didn't let anyone get close to them besides Three Hundred and I. Luckily they accepted us, allowing us to take them under our wings. To dull the pain just a little bit from being homeless and being punished here. It was like being taken out of a joyfilled dream to wake up to complete and utter hell, and neither I or Three Hundred wanted them to be in that kind of pain. At least, not anymore more pain they already feel.

 Silence fell down between us, coating the fear and the worry of being caught. Slowly I covered the piano keys and turned to look at both the girl, offering a smile to each. Settling to look down at my hands afterwards I spoke, "I am sorry that we couldn't do much today. Like get you a gift or a cake." The apology was wavering but rang true, I was embarrassed that I couldn't do anything for the twins.

 Arms wrapped around me offering warmth and comfort. "Thank you Three Twenty. Three Hundred." They spoke in unison. Their arms left me and quickly went around Three Hundred who still stood pressed to the door. He hugged the two back with a smile before all three of them sat down. No one was ready to leave yet, to go back to beds where the pain would be most prominent.

 Joining them we all stayed silent for a few moments taking in the peace that the silence offered us. Here in this small bubble of ours neither of us were in pain, never worried about what would come and what has happened. It was like this between the four of us when we were allowed to be together, a small little haven of children's hearts and tears that built a pillar of safety just for us. 

 "We have something to tell you two." Three Fifty One spoke. Her voice held confidence and hope, a twinge of fear lining the other emotions. 

 "We plan to run away tonight, to go somewhere safe. Please don't leave us. Please come with us so we can all be safe. We found a way to go unnoticed, it is all set up. Just say yes and we can leave now." Three Fifty finished her sister's sentence. An unrecognizable ball of emotions crushed my heart and I looked over at Three Hundred. Not all four of us would be able to run away without being caught, plus Three Hundred was in no physical condition to leave without medicine or a proper and clean place to heal. His eyes understood what I concluded and he nodded.

 Looking at the two I smiled, it was a genuine smile. "You two go alone tonight, we will cover for you and make sure you won't get caught. I promise that some day Three Hundred and I will find you and that the four of us will be happy okay?" I told them.

 Now that memory started to leave just as fast as it came to me. How I forgot about the twins was a mystery but now I stared at Three Fifty One, all grown up and healthy. She stared back at me with tears brightening her eyes, her lip quivering a little. Shock, relief, sadness, so many emotions filled me as I looked at her. With happiness slowly taking over me I looked at the other three behind Three Fifty One but in less than a second that happiness was crushed. It was just her, Three Fifty not here to see me. To let me know if she is okay.

 A sob spilled out of Three Fifty One's lips and without hesitation I wrapped my arms around her, trying to soothe her. She hugged me back as we let ourselves make sure it was each other and that we were really here and alive. I silently cried but Three Fifty One broke down in a mess. Her weight being heaved on me as she struggled to hold herself together. "It's you. You're actually alive. Oh God, Three- Twenty. You're alive." She repeated. "Where is he? Where is Three Hundred?"

 Her question made me lose my bearings causing the two of us falling to the floor on our kness. I could no longer be strong as everything came to a new kind of reality, as I was forced to be the barer of bad news. Pulling away a little I looked at her eyes, trying to will myself to not cry and be strong like before. "He died in the fire." That one line broke my heart again, and hers possibly more so. "Three Hundred gave up his own life for mine... He died. I couldn't save him. I couldn't save anyone."

 The guilt that was eating away at my heart spilled out in the open, I didn't want to acknowledge it before but now I had to. If I could have saved someone, anyone from that fire then I wouldn't have been alone. "His name is Mikale. He told me before we jumped out the window." By now my body was shaking, the tears coming a little bit faster. Three Fifty One soothed me, telling me that it was okay. "Where is Three Fifty? Is she okay? Is she alive?" I needed to know, needed to make sure that someone else was alive.

 She tensed up, silencing her words of comfort. Looking in her eyes I found the answer and wanted to deny it. Shaking my head a little I whispered no, over and over until she wrapped her arms around me. I was supposed to have protected the two of them. They were under my protection. Mikale and I made sure they would be okay from the people at the orphanage, made sure they had food before they left. Yet that was a childish dream, they were children who ran away from their only shelter.

 "I am sorry." She apologized. "I am so sorry. We wanted to find you and Mikale, we waited five years for you two to come find us. During that time we were safe, we lived. But she was sick, her body wasn't able to cope with the power inside of her. She named herself Alice from her favourite book." Her voice broke and she cried again. "What happened Three- Twenty? We saw the fire, we looked around but everything was cleaned out. On the news it said everyone died in the fire."

 Pulling away from her once more I frowned, wiping my eyes. Slowly standing up I held out my hand to her and she gladly took it. "You should sit down, I have something to discuss with you and the others. You need to know what I am before we take this any further, but do not jump to conclusions when I explain to you everything you need to know. To make things clear I am not here to harm anyone nor am I a threat to anyone either."

 Confusion flickered in her eyes as I went to go back to Tear who was just looking at me with his own silent questions. I sat down and everyone else followed suit, I didn't realize Hammer, Beanie, or Glasses stood up to be ready to pounce incase something happened while I was hugging Three Fifty One, now Pidge. Taking a deep breath I looked at the new comers, ready to face anything that might happen. "After the fire..." 

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