Kingdom of Angels

After being abandoned by the world, Three- Twenty did the only thing he could do, die. Except as he almost succeeded, a hand reached out to him and showed him what it means to live.
Now with friends, Three- Twenty confess his past and his power, which is related to the now looming threat over the city. Faced against angels who plan to demolish the entire city and kill off the Mixed Bloods, and their own demons within, it is questionable as to who will live and who will die.
Follow Three- Twenty and Tear Drop as they fight against time and monsters to find saftey for themselves and others.


21. 21

~Tear Drop~


 The next few days passed by too quickly as we prepared for the back up to arrive and whatever is to come concerning The Angels and their plans. Glasses finally was able to secure our security once again and tried to do damage control. Beanie was out trying to talk to others to regroup the sparse amount of allies we have that would help us. Due to the hacking and the fact that all our information was taken Hammer had started to form new plans and set in extra security measures.

 Beanie and Glasses decided to leave their own apartments and stay in the office building since they were the easiest to target and lived alone. We were also instructed by Hammer to not leave the office building or our homes so often and make sure to inform everyone if something suspicious is happening. I wanted to move for the saftey of Three- Twenty but he was adamant on staying here. The condition to stay was that he was not to be alone, definitley going out, and I was to follow the same rules.

 So far we had two more people come in and take residence in the office building besides Glasses and Beanie. One was Obi, a female with the gift of invisibility. She was skilled in combat so much so that she was matched with Hammer. The other was Sitch, she was medically trained with a gifted hand except that she is human. The two were close friends with Hammer and supposedly owed him their lives. The story on how they all knew each other was untold but I assume that they had a tight bond.

 As of now Beanie was on his way back to the office building from visiting the next town over to come back for the arrival of the new comers. He is bringing back another person that agreed to help us on the condition that they were able to pull out of this if things got too heated for them. The person was Slav, a gravity shifter with a sharpe eye. They use to be a detective for the police force before going underground after an accident on a mission they were on. 

 Already the eight of us looked over the profiles of the back up. There are four coming in, all picked from the top positions in their gang. Emery was a sight seer who was able to look a minute in the future and is trained martial arts. She had blood on her hands but was loyal to whoever she served. Next was Pidge, an elemental who mastered both fire and water. Her background wasn't given and she recently popped up in reccord last year. Sieve joined the same time as Pidge, the two of them told to be blood sisters. Sieve is human but is highly skilled in combat and was also a sharpe shooter. Last was Emil, a conjuror. He was able to materialize spirits and control them to his will. Like Emery he had blood on his hands but was sworn to loyalty to both Hammer and his boss.

 The four of them were a force all on their own and it was no wonder why we needed to build precautions with them, setting specific rules and guidelines for all of us. Hammer was given a promise that the four of them would be his until the end of this, temporarily a part of Crimson Dagger. Due to that we were given protection that they won't touch us in any harmful way and would obey Hammer no matter what. Still it wouldn't be harmful to be weary about them but for now I decided to trust Hammer that they would not go against us.

 We planned to introduce Three- Twenty and reveal that he is an Angel Mix Blood right away without pause. Their next move afterwards determines whether or not we can trust them. If not they would be sent back to their own gang but if they agree to not harm Three- Twenty then we will allow them to stay. Due to this I was on edge the full day worried for Three- Twenty.

 Now I paced back and forth in the conference room with Three- Twenty watching me. He took three doses of Angels Blood an hour ago just in case he felt threatened by the back up and accidently used his power. If he had a relapse now it would not go well and could put him and me in a bad situation. In all honesty everyone would be affected if something happened to Three- Twenty or anyone else, but if we showed weakness now it could result in death for someone.

 It was a make it or break it time. "Tear!" Three- Twenty raised his voice and stood in front of me, looking at me with worried eyes. "I was calling your name for the past few moments. Calm down before you burst a vessel or something." He raised to his tip toes and kissed me. "Everything will be okay Tear, don't be so tense. Everyone will show up in a couple minutes so sit down and take a breather."

 Frowning I put out my hand to stroke his cheek. He managed to take most of my nervousness away with that kiss and I needed more of him. "I hope you are right." I said against his lips before kissing him again. Being close to him helped settle my worries for the moment and make me return to my normal state of mind. I wouldn't be so stressed if Three- Twenty's health wasn't on the line but of course it would be. "If they dare lay a single finger on you they will pay a hefty price." I told him.

 A laugh spilled out of him as he pulled me to a seat. "Don't be so dramatic. I am sure they won't even get close to me since you all are protective." He said and I knew he was right. Already everyone loved him and thought of him like a young brother who needed their protection. Even Glasses who wasn't so possesive or protective about things or people, was now both possessive and protective over Three- Twenty. The two new comers even  became close to him in the few days they were here, always getting moments to talk to him or teach him about this world or the powers out there.

 Foot steps came from the hallway and we waited for everyone to come in. Beanie entered with Glasses and took a seat near Three- Twenty. The two were tense and I could tell they were worried about the reactions of the back up once they learned about him. "Hammer is going to come in, in a few minutes with the back up." Glasses informed. "How are you doing Three- Twenty? Sure you want to be in the same room with the four of them when we tell them about you?"

 Three- Twenty frowned at Glasses and sighed. "Of course I am. It is better to show them that I am not afraid of them and make it seem as if I am not guilty of being an Angel Mix Blood. Seriously if I ignore them they would get the wrong idea." He told Glasses but I knew it was for all of us including himself. 

 "They killed people." Beanie frowned. Three- Twenty raised an eye brow and Beanie held his hands up. "Okay I know. We have our own hands stained in blood but it was to duel out punishment that was much needed. Thing is they killed innocent people. That is the type of people who you are going to be in this room with."

 "You don't know everything about them Beanie. They could of had their own reasons for killing, just like all of you. No I am not taking their side but you can't draw the line between you and them so quickly." Three- Twenty said before the door opened. We went quiet and stared at the new comers standing in the door way. Hammer walked in followed by the four people.

 Pidge was the first to come in and caught sight of Three- Twenty. The two of them stared at each other in shock, recognition in their eyes. Slowly he looked behind Pidge and when he took in the others his shoulders slumped forwards, his eyes filled with a plethora of emotions. Pidge let out a small sob as Three- Twenty shakily stood up, the two quickly embracing each other. I could figure out that they knew each other but everything else was a mystery. Confused I could only look on just like everyone else, trying to understand what was happening.

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