Kingdom of Angels

After being abandoned by the world, Three- Twenty did the only thing he could do, die. Except as he almost succeeded, a hand reached out to him and showed him what it means to live.
Now with friends, Three- Twenty confess his past and his power, which is related to the now looming threat over the city. Faced against angels who plan to demolish the entire city and kill off the Mixed Bloods, and their own demons within, it is questionable as to who will live and who will die.
Follow Three- Twenty and Tear Drop as they fight against time and monsters to find saftey for themselves and others.


20. 20

~Tear Drop~


 The reflection of Three Twenty was clearly shown in the window from the car and I spotted unshed tears in his eyes. At first I started to worry about what was wrong until I realized what he must be going through. He was just recently on the streets for three years not to mention his situation before living on the streets. HIs life did a complete one eighty since he now had a place to call home, he was being fed and warm, he even had a family now. Whether he realized that we were his new family or not was unknown but the four of us has taken their roles towards him.

 Smiling to myself I grabbed his hand in mine and slowly rubbed my thumb over his palm in gentle circles. He visibly relaxed and closed his eyes. "Focus on driving Tear so you don't get us in an accident." He spoke lightly, almost like he was poking fun at me.

 Scoffing I raised an eye brow at him. "Are you questioning my driving skills? I will let you know that I can drive with my eyes closed and most likely not hit anyone or anything." I joked and he laughed a little bit. "Don't worry. I will make sure nothing bad happens to you, I will protect you from everything. Even my driving skills." 

 His fingers intertwined with mine and he slightly squeezed my hand. "You're not bad at driving. Better than me." He reassured me. "So when is everyone coming over?"

 Knowing Beanie I chuckled a little. He would most likley already be in the apartment making sure it was clean enough to set everything up. Glasses would be sitting on the couch drinking and complaining about spending his night trying to build something while Hammer would be preparing the food and helping Beanie clean. I told Three Twenty about it and we made a bet. Twenty dollars to the winner, I was for them being there while Three Twenty was betting on them coming later on.

 When we pulled up to the apartment complex we spotted Hammer's car. Grinning I parked next to it and turned to Three Twenty. "Ha! I win." I let my child side out. 

 Three Twenty covered his eyes with his hand, "Nope. I win, they ain't here yet. You're wrong and I am right." He denied. Laughing I kissed his hand that covered his eyes. "I will not fall into your ploy to get me to agree that you win." He said despite taking his hand down and getting out. "How will we get everything up?" He asked when I stepped out of the car.

 "Take in the two bags and I will get the tabel. When we get up we will ask for help with the bookshelves. I am glad they are here so we don't have extra work." I told him. He nodded in agreement and we went up into the complex. When we entered the apartment I almost laughed with how close my suspicion was. Beanie was pushing books to the sides after stacking them, Glasses had a drink cracked open with a book in his hand, while I could smell meat sizzling in the kitchen.

 They looked at us and Three Twenty did let out a little laugh, fishing out his wallet and handing me a twenty dollar bill. "I can't believe you actually were right." He said and laid down the bags.

 Raising an eyebrow Glasses looked at the two of us. "You two betted on us?" He asked.

 "Yeah. Tear told me how you three most likely would already be here and guess what you three would be doing. He was correct for the most part, you reading the book was the only thing wrong with his guess." Three Twenty admitted. "We need help bringing up the bookshleves though."

 Glasses put the book aside and took a sip of his drink. "I'll come down and help out." He offered and stood up. "Thank the Lord you actually persuaded Tear to buy things for this apartment. He lived here for over a year and it is still as if he just moved in." He casually insulted me to Three Twenty.

 I grinned a little and gripped Glasses' shoulder as he passed me to put on his shoes. "Thanks bud, for the compliment you know." My voice leaked sarcasm but playfullness as well. It was nice to see Glasses converse freely and more comfortably with people. Before and even still he is a man of few words, but with Three Twenty I could tell that he talks a bit more. Probably since Three Twenty can understand him better than Beanie or I, and they can talk about scientific things that the rest of us can't.

 "I can't leave the meat although it should be finished soon. Once you guys come back up we can eat before getting to work." Hammer said from the kitchen. I looked at him and spotted him in a 'Kiss the Chef' apron, most likley given to him from Beanie. Just looking at him wearing it caused me to laugh a little bit and he looked at me in question.

 "Nice apron man. Really suits you." I gave him a thumbs up and he just smiled.

 "I can pull it off better than you can. It even shows off my curves." He joked and struck a little pose. That taken me aback, it was strange to see him so relaxed and not so serious faced. In fact everyone seemed more relaxed and easy going tonight and a thought struck my head. This was the calm before the storm that is going to take place. Looking around seemed surreal to me and I wished that it would stay like this.

 All of us together being happy and living in this moment, neither of us worried or harmed, it's what I always wanted. We were like this when Giggles was here but everything seemed strained or just a little bit odd after he died. There were hardly times when we all got together and hung out, eating food and talking. "Tear? Are you okay?" Three Twenty asked.

 Looking down at him I smiled, the sad thought drifting away. It was because of Three Twenty that we are like this now, that I am able to even enjoy the moment. Whatever was going to happen I knew that I would be able to continue on if this person was at my side. "Yeah. Let's go get the bookshelves."


 "I swear they add extra pieces just to mess with us." Beanie said and he looked at the handful of unused pieces for the booksheleves. "It's not even funny either. But I swear if we move this to the side and it falls apart I am going to kill someone. How can building something so simple take so long?" He continued to rant.

 Glasses started to push the bookshelf that Beanie just finished to a wall and stopped halfway. A small thud sounded and he looked at the ground behind the bookshelf. Beanie stilled and looked at him. "Oops. It broke." Glasses said with a straight voice. A groan came from Beanie and he fell back onto the floor. "I'm kidding. I just dropped a book, you should have seen your face. It looked as if you just gave up on life."

 I shook my head slightly with a small laugh. Glasses' humour was terrible so much so that it was kind of funny. "Not cool man." Beanie said still lying on the ground.

 Three Twenty was smiling at the two as he started to put the books away on a bookshelf that was set near the window. "Thanks for helping you guys, it would have taken forever if it was just Tear and I." He said.

 "Don't thank us yet, thank us when everything is cleaned up and we can drink and relax." Hammer said and picked up books to help out Three Twenty. He looked around at the mass of books piled around the living room and turned to look at me. "How did you even manage to collect all these books anyways? There is like hundreds here. Did you read them all?"

 Nodding I picked up my own books. "Of course, I have been getting them since we moved out of the Boarding School. Some of them were Giggles but he didn't read much." I let them know. I caught Three Twenty looking at me and I knew he wanted to know more about Giggles but I wasn't ready to talk about him yet. At least not with the other three here.

 Finally once the garbage was taken care of and everything put into place we all sat on chairs and the couch. Three Twenty was leaned into me on the couch and his eyes were dropping. It was a long day for the both of us but I had a hunch that something happened today that caused him to worry. I wanted to ask but didn't know if he would talk about it with everyone here. "You two seem very close." Hammer pointed out and looked at the two of us.

 I couldn't help but smile. "We are." Was all I said and Three Twenty nodded in agreement. He sat up straight and took a sip of his drink. His face expressed determination and I wondered what he planned on doing.

 "Earlier this morning Tear said something about a gang." He started and my heart dropped as I knew where he was going with this. A part of me wanted this blissful state to continue but I understood that we needed to face reality once more. "He said that they have plans to destroy this city and that there is other angels like me."

 Everyone become silent and they looked at me. They had accusing eyes and I understood why, I wasn't supposed to tell him but I had to this morning. "He already knew about it. Mostly." I backed myself up.

 "He is right. I was able to get in contact with Kushiel while sleeping. It told me how there was other Angels like me in this city and how they were forced into the bodies of humans. It also said about saving the Angels from being trapped in the bodies and the way It spoke I know how urgent it is to do so." He said. "Tear only told me how they were in a gang and that said gang has plans for this city."

 Hammer sighed and sat back into his chair. He looked defeated. "You are right. There was rumours about a gang called The Angels and how they had new recruits that were Angel Mix Bloods. We met up with an outsource that had more information about this and through them we were informed about their plans. So far it is uncertain as to why they would want to destroy this city and what the Angel Mix Bloods want, but we have back up coming in a few days to help us out."

 Three Twenty frowned and I wished that he didn't know about this. I wanted to keep him protect from this, from our world, but it was pointless. "What else did the angel in you say?" Glasses asked, interested in this new development.

 "Not much else." Three Twenty lied. He was hiding something but I didn't want to pry and ask about it. He had a reason for hiding whatever it was and I respected that. Plus I had hope that he would tell me sooner or later. "Did you find more about the Angels Blood?" He asked his own question.

 Glasses frowned and took a swig from his drink. "Not much but I am still looking into it. It will take time but hopefully I can get a better cure for you soon. Let's just hope you don't relapse until then." He took another sip of his drink. 

 This time it was Beanie who spoke. "Don't go jynxing it now. Knock on wood, hurry!" He said and pulled Glasses hand close to the bookshelf. Rolling his eyes Glasses knocked on wood before taking his hand away. "Good. Now I have my own news. I just got word back from a friend and she said that the word about The Angels if getting around now. There will be a line starting to be drawn between people now once it is fully known about The Angel's plan. Good news, we will have more people to fight with us if we can recruit them. Bad news, we have that much more people to fight."

 Hammer sighed and rubbed his head. "I also checked security before coming here and found that we have been hacked. I don't know who hacked us but they know everything about us, including Three Twenty and what he is." Glasses spoke up. "The person knows our hide out, knows where we all live, everything. I am trying to fix this but it looks like shit hit the fan."

 Out of the corner of my eye I seen Three Twenty pale. "This gang, what is their symbol?" He asked.

 "It's a pair of wings with their name tagged underneath it. Every member is supposed to have it tattooed on them." I told him. "Why?"

 His jaw clenched and he closed his eyes. Once he opened them I could tell that he was hurting. "I might know who hacked into our security. I have a close friend who has that tattoo. We don't talk much but I know that he was pulled into a gang over a year ago and that he is skilled with hacking. I ran into him at the store with Tear-" His shoulders tensed up and I could tell that he was feeling betrayed- "he acted different when I asked him to meet Tear. I guess that he knew that Tear would recognize his tattoo that he has on his neck. But near the end, he warned me not to get in his way. At first I didn't know why but I understand now."

 Trying to comfort him I wrapped my arm around his shoulder and kissed the top of his head. It is hard when someone you trust and care for betrays you, so I knew what Three Twenty was going through. "Thanks for letting us know. We will look into it." Hammer said with a nod. "We should get going now. It is late and we have a lot of work starting tomorrow. We also have to finish setting up for the people to come in."


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