Kingdom of Angels

After being abandoned by the world, Three- Twenty did the only thing he could do, die. Except as he almost succeeded, a hand reached out to him and showed him what it means to live.
Now with friends, Three- Twenty confess his past and his power, which is related to the now looming threat over the city. Faced against angels who plan to demolish the entire city and kill off the Mixed Bloods, and their own demons within, it is questionable as to who will live and who will die.
Follow Three- Twenty and Tear Drop as they fight against time and monsters to find saftey for themselves and others.


17. 17

~Tear Drop~


 Light snores escaped the chapped lips of a sleeping Three- Twenty. His condition from his previous attack was getting better as every minute passed as the Angels Blood started doing its magic to help his body fight against the angel within him. Somehow the drug was able to help his body cope with that damned creature within him and for every ounce of my being I will find out why and make Glasses help me create a medicine for Three- Twenty.

 It was unknown how much longer we had together and how much longer I had to get to know him. I needed to understand him and to fully know what it will be like to  truly love him. Right now I knew I wanted to love him and knew that I wanted to give my future to him right now. It was obvious that he wanted that as well. By some stroke of luck, a miracle made by the heavens, he wanted that.

 Thinking about it still I couldn't help but to be amazed. I never thought I would find someone who I was so drawn to and who completely captured my attention, my heart, my curiosity. Giggles was the only one who ever made me so defenseless to my emotions. For years after his death I thought I was bound to be tortured by not being able to have someone to love, as if I committed a horrendous crime in my past life to give me such a sad love life. 

 Sighing I stood up from the chair that was right next to the bed that Three- Twenty was in. He wouldn't be waking up soon since he was still worn out, so it gave me the perfect opportunity to think and be by myself. Those words he said before he promised to fight against his condition, both spoken and unspoken, they were still tearing me apart on the inside.

 For some reason it felt as if I was being tossed into a black void, my heart shredding into small bits and pieces as he apologized. Starting to give up on his feelings for me as if they were nothing more than trash. Yes I still felt anger for that but more than anything I felt sadness and the need to protect. I needed to protect Three- Twenty from those thoughts from anything bad in this world and from his own fate. I would be a fool to think that there is no way that he can't die from that thing inside of him but I will be a fool who won't go down trying.

 I cannot let go of him no matter what obstacle I will have to face. Already in this life I lost my last love due to stupidity and my lack of trying. This time I will save the person who I love and who loves me back. Losing him was just not an option.

 Taking two stairs at a time I got to the third floor and towards the back of the building where the temporary bedrooms were. I needed to lie down for a second and relax since I couldn't handle seeing Three- Twenty in the make shift hospital bed. He didn't belong there and he never would. He belonged in a regular bed without any problem concerning his health. 

 I didn't realize that someone followed me into the room until I heard a throat clear itself. Looking around I spotted Hammer leaning against the door frame. His muscular build took up most of the doorway and the way he stood made it look as if he was worried. "When were you going to tell us that you two were together?" He asked. "Are you sure this is what you even want? You hardly know the boy and you just found out he has a limited amount of time left to live."

 His words made my heart clench since it was just as painful as it was true. "This is what I want. Who I want. It doesn't matter how long I have with him all that matters is that I do have time. No matter how short it is. We only just got around to fully admitting our emotions to each other, so I guess you found out pretty quickly that we are now together." I explained.

 Hammer studied me before nodding, his acceptance. I knew he never had a problem about who I ended up with just that he didn't like me getting hurting by anyone. He took me in when I first ended up at the boarding school and started acting like my older brother and was always protective. No matter what happened, who we are and what we like all of us are a family. 

 "About what Three- Twenty said earlier, we believe that it has to do with the other five angels. As you know that orphanage was experimenting on those children and I only just found out that it was to start a process for them to get turned into Mixed Bloods. So it is not bad to think that there could be connections."

 Nodding I looked away from him. "He become a half angel at a facility though. Do you think the other angels could have been at the facility? We should ask Three- Twenty later on about where the facility is to try and dig up information." I said.

 "Yes. Once the back up arrives we will discus this with them. Hopefully they will have more information by then. Glasses is also working on the Angels Blood and seeing what could be helping Three- Twenty. Once he wakes up we need to get blood samples and do a full body check. See what is harmed from the angel within him and see if there is any problems, all that stuff." Hammer explained. "But I also want to keep him out of what is happening with other angels right now and that gang. We don't know how or if they are connected but if it is something personal to him later on or creates a situation where he can be put into danger by himself or others, I want to avoid it."

  With what he said I studied Hammer. He looked determined and ready to fight me about his demands. Of course Three- Twenty should know that there is other angels out there, of course he should know about the gang and why people will be coming in soon to help us with this particular problem. But I could also see where Hammer is coming from. This might get personal for Three- Twenty and there could be a possibility that he might do something reckless. Hammer is only taking him in like a new family member right now and wanting to keep him safe.

 "Only until we know more about the other angels. But he shouldn't be kept in the dark too long about this because he deserve to know the truth at some point and know that he isn't alone with his kind." I told him. Hammer hummed in agreement before leaving.

 The next day flew by. Three- Twenty was now all better and was able to get out of that room after Glasses done a check up and took blood samples. Nothing was out of the ordinary with his body and it seemed to be in tip top shape considering that he was almost dead a handful of hours ago. My job now was to watch him at home for the next few days and make sure he didn't have another episode.

 I was also ordered to keep him away from the office building a lot for when the back up arrives. Hammer was informed that they started their travels early and would come any day now. Besides that I was give Angels Blood to store at the house just in case and was told to give him an injection if he showed any sign of falling ill, no matter how small it may be.

 It was quiet on the ride home but the silence was nice and comfortable. When we parked in the parking lot I looked over at him and he looked at me. A huge smile was plastered on his face and looked kind of goofy but cute at the same time. "It is so nice out today, hard to believe that winter is just around the corner. We should go out for a walk later on." He said.

 Looking outside and taking in details I realized that it was nice out. The sun was warm and high up in the sky and there wasn't any wind so it was warm enough to melt the snow that recently fallen. "Sure. But let's eat and relax first." I said and squeezed his hand. 

 I didn't want to let go but had to to get out of the car. To my surprise when we started walking to the entrance Three- Twenty grabbed my hand as if he knew I wanted to hold it. His hand was soft and warm, welcoming even. Inside the apartment he frowned and looked around the living room and kitchen. "It's so... cold here. I can't believe that you actually live in such a place. I thought you would at least know to properly decorate. I might have been homeless but I know what a home should look like." He said.

 "I didn't think this place was bad. I find it comfortable here." I told him.

 "You don't even have a place to put your books. The curtains are black and block out any light. It's kind of depressing." He laughed.

 Raising an eyebrow at him I couldn't help to laugh at him. "Then what do you suggest we do to fix this dilemma?" I asked.

 Pursing his lips he looked around once again. "First we eat then we get ready to go outside for a small walk. Tomorrow we go shopping for this apartment and at least by a book shelf. And curtains. And a table to eat meals properly." He said and I couldn't help but laugh even more.

 "Anything for you. Now that you are here I want to make it look like this is a place where love can grow. Where we can grow together. No longer depressing but something where you can make it happier. You are like the sun to me, allowing me to grow and live. You make all my shadows not so big and making me feel warm after being so cold." I wrapped my arms around him and him me.

 "Yellow. I want the walls yellow. Not just any yellow but a sunshine yellow. So that even if I cannot be here and have to leave you alone, you will remember about your sun." He spoke into my chest.

 "I will ask the land lady then to see if we can paint the walls. Don't get your hopes up yet though since I don't know if we can." I said. "But for now we will eat. I am kind of wanting tacos. How about you?"

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