Kingdom of Angels

After being abandoned by the world, Three- Twenty did the only thing he could do, die. Except as he almost succeeded, a hand reached out to him and showed him what it means to live.
Now with friends, Three- Twenty confess his past and his power, which is related to the now looming threat over the city. Faced against angels who plan to demolish the entire city and kill off the Mixed Bloods, and their own demons within, it is questionable as to who will live and who will die.
Follow Three- Twenty and Tear Drop as they fight against time and monsters to find saftey for themselves and others.


16. 16



 I was still ecstatic and in disbelief that Tear felt the same way as I did for him. The kisses we shared was still tattooed to my lips along with the feelings warmth and being cherished. Now though I couldn't focus on the kisses since everyone was in the room waiting for me to talk. So talking I did.

 "I want to apologize for the havoc I have created so far. I would also like to thank everyone for saving my life." I started. "I know that I should have informed everyone about myself before this happened, but I didn't expect to relapse into my illness so quickly. This was much worse than anything I had experienced in a very long time."

 Fear coiled tightly in my stomach as I thought of all the way scenarios that could take place. If they decided that I wasn't worth the wasted effort later on I could accept that. It will be painful but I would have to accept it. "I guess I should start from the beginning. It started at the orphanage I guess, I don't remember much about it except that it was complete hell. While stuck there I thought it was the worst thing that I could go through but I was wrong.

 "Fifteen years ago a room was caught on fire. I don't recall how only that all the children was stuck there. My friend, my brother Mikale saved me. He sacrificed his life to allow me to escape but it was pointless. Before I could escape the place I was captured by people who brought me to a facility. I don't know if it was just me there as a lab rat but I know that I was the only one I know of to be tortured and experimented on. Before I was captured I was fully human, but the people changed me somehow.

 "They injected me with serums as well they put me through various tests and experiments. I don't know what the serum was in fact I could hardly care enough to know since I was useless against them at the time. Soon enough I figured out that it gave me powers and that it changed me. The people said that I was the perfect vessel for Kushiel, the angel of punishment. Except half way though the transformation I started to become unstable during the injection periods. 

 "My power was starting to become out of control as they continued. I am sure that if they continued I would either be dead or consumed by Kushiel. By the end of it I was more demonic than angelic. I was fed up with their torture and treatment towards me so much so that I felt myself be pushed over the edge. During one of the injection periods I lost what was left of my sanity and it's like my soul shattered. I lost control and started taking vengeance on those who wronged me. I am certain that I killed everyone there though it is still hazy to me what has transpired that time. I can't remember losing control but I remember the bodies afterwards.

 "I spent twelve years in that place and I am glad to be out of there. After that day I sworn to myself that I would never use my powers again so to never tempt the angel within me so I won't lose control. But leaving so early was a death wish. My body is rejecting the angel within me now and I am slowly dying without the treatment they gave me. Truthfully I am surprised that I have lasted this long but I think that since I used the power again I am rejecting the angel within me more quickly than what would have happened if I didn't use it. I want to know what you have done to stop me from dying, I assume that when I was feverish it was the same as this time." 

 I couldn't bring myself to look at them yet from fear of being rejected by the ones who I only recently considered friends. Silent moments dragged by and I finally forced myself to look at everyone but Tear. I just told him that he was in love with a dead man and he must be heartbroken over this. He could either leave me now so it is not so hard on him when I died or stay with me and be crushed when I did die. A part of me wanted him to stay but I knew it would be better to give up on being with him now.

 "We used Angels Blood, nothing else." Tear spoke. "Last time we used two doses on you and this time is was four."

 "It might be that we will have to continue using more with each relapse until we can figure out what the people who changed you used to treat you. It might be alike to Angels Blood so I will have to look into it." Glasses spoke, his words making me stunned. He wanted to help, he had hope that they will fix me. They weren't kicking me out.

 Working up the courage I finally forced myself to look at Tear. He was pale and was staring at me with emotional eyes. "I'm sorry..."

 I didn't explain why I was sorry nor did I let anyone know why I was telling him that either. But by the way he reacted I could only assume that he knew what I meant. His eyes narrowed and slowly he stood up. "I know what you are thinking about but I don't agree. I won't accept that." His voice was quiet but threatening. "If you believe that leaving me would be best you couldn't be anymore wrong."

 I felt a blush cover me as he admitted our newfound relationship to the others. The fear of what they thought and their reactions were suppressed by what Tear was saying. "Tear." What do I say to him? "I..."

 "No. I almost lost you before I could even confess that I love you and that I wanted to continue on, on building a relationship with you and getting to know you better. Now that I am with you, now that I can say that we are each others I don't want to worry about wasting time until you die. I  will cherish every second with you without regret and you will not stop me."

 The blush only grew in size, covering my entire face and neck. "Can... Can we t-talk about this later? Alone?" I was still to scared to look at the others, forcing my eyes to not leave Tear.

 "You were the one to bring it up." He said then looked at the others, telling them to leave. They agreed but Hammer stayed for a second longer as if he wanted to continue talking about what I knew and what happened. Soon enough their footsteps faded away and I was left alone with Tear.

 His hands cupped my face and I looked up into his eyes. "I will never let you go. Ever." He promised me. "I will find a way to have you live a long life, with me or someone else. I will do whatever it takes for that to happen, and everyone else will to." His voice softened and become gentle. 

 Carefully he kissed my forehead and I felt him cry, his tears dropping on my face. "I finally found you. I finally can be happy, so don't take this away from me. Even if you do die, I will love you afterwards and always."

 Those words were perfect yet painful. He was promising his love to me, his loyalty and future even if I will leave it by death before his could end. Tipping my face up I kissed his jaw trailing the kisses up to his mouth. "I will hold you to that then." Offering myself to him, my future, my heart, my everything I kissed him. "I will fight this. We will find a way and I will live because I now have a reason to."

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