Kingdom of Angels

After being abandoned by the world, Three- Twenty did the only thing he could do, die. Except as he almost succeeded, a hand reached out to him and showed him what it means to live.
Now with friends, Three- Twenty confess his past and his power, which is related to the now looming threat over the city. Faced against angels who plan to demolish the entire city and kill off the Mixed Bloods, and their own demons within, it is questionable as to who will live and who will die.
Follow Three- Twenty and Tear Drop as they fight against time and monsters to find saftey for themselves and others.


14. 14

~Tear Drop~


 Beanie must have broken a handful of laws while driving to the office building. Three- Twenty wasn't bleeding through his nose anymore but the coughing was getting more frequent and worse. Cradling him to my body I tried to warm him up as he was starting to become cold. "Hurry!" My please laced itself with fear and worry.

 Three- Twenty had to get Angels Blood into his system quickly, before he could die or come closer to death as he was already. "I'm trying, Tear. Calm down you're not helping. I will slow down near the building and you can hop out with him." Beanie said and soon enough he slowed down.

 I jumped out with Three- Twenty in my arms and ran into the office building. He had stayed quiet after speaking my name and it was worry some. Gritting my teeth together I ran into the infirmary and was greeted by Hammer and Glasses. Before I knew it Three- Twenty was taken out of my arms and into the care of the two. As much as I hated it  I could only watch as the two tended to him, two doses of Angels Blood was injected into him but unlike last time it didn't do anything.

 A cough started to shake him and he stopped breathing a second later. No...

 Hammer ordered Glasses to shove something down Three- Twenty's throat. No...

 My heart felt like it would stop beating. That I could die from fear itself. No...

 In just a few moments he made me happy. He inspired me and surprised me since I met him. Somehow he was starting to grab my soul and hold it in his hands, keeping it close to his own heart and his own soul. No...

 He made me open up and to share my emotions with him. He made me forget the sadness that I felt after Giggles. He showed me that even the weak could be strong. Everything seemed a little more better around the office building now and even at the apartment. At our home. No...

 If he left now it would feel empty again. I would feel empty again. No...

 Sometime between seeing Three- Twenty not breathing and now I was removed from the room. Beanie was in front of me saying something but I couldn't pay attention to him right now. I needed to be with Three- Twenty, I needed to protect him and save him. I tried moving my feet but they wouldn't move. "Tear Drop!" Beanie yelled my name.

 Finally I felt my feet move but Beanie grabbed my arms. "You can't go in!" He continued to loudly speak. "He is okay. He is alive." The news hit my heart and in relief I dropped to my knees lifelessly. 

 Tears fell to the floor and I covered my face. "Do you promise?" My voice trembled, muffled by my hands.

 "Yes." Beanie's voice was filled with sympathy but truth as well. "I promise. But you can't go in there right now, you will only get in their way." I nodded in response and let myself cry in relief.

 Three- Twenty was safe. He was alive. Finally I calmed down and stood up. Beanie was still with me, leaning against the wall. His eyes were following my every movement, trying to figure out what was going on with me. "Tear? Do you like Three- Twenty?" Beanie asked.

 Shocked I looked in his eyes. Of course I liked him, ever since I saw him drowning I felt a pull towards him. Every single moment being near him that pull only grew. "I..." Was it just a crush? No, it felt more than that. It was more than just a physical attraction to. 

 I wanted to protect him, to make him happy. I wanted him to be mine until the end. I wanted to share every meal with him, to read together, to sleep together, everything. If he survived this attack, whatever was happening to him, I would never neglect my feelings for him again. I will tell him how I feel and what I want. "I want to love him. I want to stay with him, to know him more." I admitted, shocking myself.

 Love? Is this what I felt towards Three- Twenty? Right now it was questionable but I did want to have him intertwined with my future. I wanted to watch him grow into someone who is strong and who is fearless, I wanted to support him and cherish him. Yes, I wanted to love him. 

 When I spoke my thoughts Beanie didn't even seem surprised. Instead he nodded and put his hand on my shoulder. "Tell him that when he is all better. In the meantime you need to get cleaned up first. No matter what happens you can't blame yourself or withdraw yourself from us again." He said.

 Leave it up to Beanie to be supportive and not worried to speak his mind. Beanie was always the one to help me and guide me through everything, including these types of feelings. He took that up ever since he met me. "Thank you. For always helping me, I mean." I said. "If he wakes up can you tell me as soon as possible? I'm going to be staying in the building but if I'm not around..."

 He nodded in agreement and I left him. Heading towards a bathroom with a shower, I could only think about being with Three- Twenty. My tears were now dried and with every step I found myself quickly calming down and becoming more in control of myself. Whenever Three- Twenty was involved everything seemed heightened and caused me to run on instincts. 

 Whether he realized it himself or not was not a question of concern. Instead I was most concerned about how to control this part of me that was so connected to him and caused me to lose myself. It didn't interfer and cause damage yet, but I knew that if I didn't get myself in check that it would in the future. The problem was how would I do that? How can I control myself when just staying distant from him felt like torture? 

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