Kingdom of Angels

After being abandoned by the world, Three- Twenty did the only thing he could do, die. Except as he almost succeeded, a hand reached out to him and showed him what it means to live.
Now with friends, Three- Twenty confess his past and his power, which is related to the now looming threat over the city. Faced against angels who plan to demolish the entire city and kill off the Mixed Bloods, and their own demons within, it is questionable as to who will live and who will die.
Follow Three- Twenty and Tear Drop as they fight against time and monsters to find saftey for themselves and others.


1. 1



 I knew it, the final end would come near as the seconds passed. My body flailed around, trying to clutch at anything. Trying to save itself from being tossed into the rapids below where death was sure to await. A scream pressed against my frozen lips, unable to escape as I hit the water. Air bubbled up, my body tumbling fast, hitting against the rocks below. 

 Pain spread like a wild fire within me, reaching every single cell. Yes, this was my ending to a useless story about a run away. The fire, the guilt, all of it wouldn't consume me anymore and haunt my dreams. The worries of hunger and illness will no longer would be a burden but instead I would dissappear within this damned water. The icy hands of the river bit down into my weary bones and dragged me away from those people who created this gory act above.

 They would be the only ones to see my exit, to unofficially say good bye. Even though it was their doing I was relieved that I won't die alone. That my body will not hidden and my death unknown. At least then I would have made an imprint on this cursed world, no matter how small it was. 

 My lungs burned for air but I couldn't bring myself to move, to try and fight against this cage. I wanted to die, I wanted for every struggle to be over. Grey dots danced in my vision as I felt myself fall apart. First it was my body that left me, then my mind. Once the darkness enveloped me I was only a singular thought of acceptance in the water. Nothing more, nothing less, I was no one. My past was a fabricated story. My existance questionable.

 The final word printed out. I was gone. 


 Something moved. A small ripple around me, a small hiccup in time. What was this? What was moving within me? Or was it around me? Pressure stitched the unwanted pieces back together, creating a thousand numbers, an infinity of letters. So much so that it was impossible to count, to take in. 

 Warmth splayed against my coldness, air filled my lungs almost magically. One, two, three, four, how long until I could manage to understand? How much longer until the darkness will vanished and allow me knowledge of what was going on? Was I going to live, or was this a part of the after life? So many questions without answers, my singular thought more now. My actions my own. I could move, I could breath.

 A feather of light floated to me and once it caressed me it exploded into oblivion, taking me with it. Colours whizzed by me, spinning around and around until they settled into a recognizable rythm. Above me dark eyes stared back with wonder and curiosity, framed by dark lashes. A black tear was tattooed into the skin just below the right eye. As the face slowly became clear I continued to stare at the man who saved me. He was drenched by the water, his uneven hair in tangles and sticking to his pale skin.

 "Hey, are you okay?" A rough voice came out from his pierced lips. Danger and coldness radiated from him as if he was some bad guy. But he saved me, he was asking if I was okay. I opened my mouth to answer but my throat ached. Instead I nodded and the warmth that was wrapped around me diminished as he stood up. 

 Whoever this guy was, he looked like no one to mess with. It's strange, he was nice so why did he hide that part? "Who are you?" I asked, finding my voice. He looked down at me briefly before looking behind me. I looked to where he was and seen another guy walking towards us. The new guy looked normal, a hat on his head with casual wear. He wasn't very muscular, nor did he have plenty of peircings or tattoos from what I could see. In his hand was a drink that he would take a sip out of every couple of seconds.

 Did they know each other? The other guy walked towards us as if he was familiar to me saviour. "Hey Tear, whose that?" The guy asked once he reached talking distance. Both men looked at me, waiting for an answer. But what was I supposed to say? I didn't have a name to give them, I didn't have an explination that I would willingly give them either. If that guy, Tear, found out he saved a homeless guy they would probably leave me. And this is the first time people were around me without looking to harm me.

 "Well?" Tear asked and I looked up at him. Biding time I stood up shakily but regained my balance.

 "Uh..." I looked for an answer. It was courteous to tell them a name. I was just saved after all but I drew a blank on what to say. Guilt panged in me and I offered what I could. "Three- Twenty." That was my name, my number. I was number three- twenty from the Middlestone Orphanage. "That's my number." I added.

 The other guy laughed and slapped my shoulder playfully. "That's no name. Seriously, Tear just saved you. You should be more gracious." Even though his voice was light hearted it still held a tone that was commanding. "My name is Beanie. This is Tear Drop, or his friends, including me, call him Tear. Now tell us yours."

 My face heated as I realized that they wouldn't understand without an explination. Everything within me told me to not tell them, to not trust them. Last time I did I was laughed at, cursed at, and beaten just because the group of people was bored and didn't find any worth in thinking of me as a human. I looked at the ground and my bare feet. They were slightly blue from the water and oncoming winter chill. "I am three- twenty." I said once more without looking at them. "Thank you for saving me, I don't have anything right now but if there is anything I could do to repay you I would." I offered, hoping to take the subject of this conversation elsewhere.

 The both were silent, forcing me to look up at them. Beanie smiled widley at me and Tear sighed, "Okay pretty boy. Let's jump over that name and get right to the good part. You look like you might know what the word is on the street and that would be helpful to us. See, we are looking for someone who is known for being on the streets and selling a special drug. It's called Angels Blood, do you know anything about it?" Beanie asked.

 I thought about it. It did sound familiar to me, I overheard a group of teenagers talking about it in the abandoned factory last week. About how one of them scored it off of some guy in a gang. I nodded in response. "Only once, some group of teenagers were talking about having some last week. I haven't heard anything about it since then."

 Tear cursed under his breath. "Where did you see them last?" He asked.

 "At the abandoned factory near here. They haven't showed up there since last week though." I said.

 "Take us there now." He commanded in a cold voice. I hesitantly nodded, wondering if I could even manage to make it there. Every part of me was still screaming in pain, and despite being able to stand I was just coming back from the brink of death. The factory was a fifteen minute walk from here, if I faint or something it would only slow them down and would embarrasse me.

 Focusing on not falling down, I started to walk up the grassy hill we occupied. The two followed me and halfway up I lost breath and had to stop. My head was pounding as my body felt like giving out, the movement caused the blood flow to go faster and seep out of the cuts. "Wow, you're really worse for wear. What happened to you anyways?" Beanie asked me. I looked at him and he handed out his half gone drink. "Here, looks like you could use it."

 I was skeptical of accepting it but did anyways. I couldn't remember when I consumed anything the past two days. When I took a sip it hurt my stomach a little bit but I was still grateful. "Thank you. A group of people ganged up on me and tossed me into the river." I said.

 "Ah. I seen that, you really are weak aren't you, Pretty Boy?" Beanie chuckled. If they seen me getting beaten up why didn't they save me then instead of letting me get tossed into the water? My jaw clenched and I forced myself to look away from them.

 "Yeah." I could only agree though. I was weak, I had no strength in me. I only decided to leave the factory today because I was hoping to find food. It was a Thrusday and there was a guy who would always eat a bagel at the bench near the river and I realized that he would only eat half of it before throwing the rest out. Today he was yet to show, which means I probably won't be able to eat anything today except this drink of sweet tea. Even still this was a luxury for me, I couldn't remember when I had anything but water.

 I forced myself to continue walking and I was pretty sure they both expected me to fall down any second. They were silent as we walked and soon enough we managed to make it to the factory. I didn't see anyone here today since the police were patrolling this place more frequently. Luckily for me I knew this place off by hand and knew where to go to get in quietly without getting caught.

 Once inside I sat on the ground to slow down my heartbeat. "They were only on the first floor and it was in that room over there." I pointed to an open door that lead to a small room. "They took the drug there and left after a while. Why do you guys need to know? Are you cops?" If they were I was hoping that they wouldn't bring me into the police station and lock me up. I liked my freedom even though it was tough.

 Beanie laughed while Tear walked into the room. "Nope. We are part of the Crimson Dagger." He said. Crimson Dagger? How come that name was so familiar?

 I stared at Beanie who was casted in shadows from the setting sun. Finally that name clicked in, Crimson Dagger was a fabled gang that had few people in it. Apparently they attacked other gangs that stepped out of bounds or was constantly breaking the law such as publically killing people. It is rumoured that they were all strong and undefeatable, as if they weren't actually humans.

 I felt my eyes widened and Beanie grinned when he noticed my reaction. "No shit." It tumbled out of my mouth before I could stop it. "Please don't hurt me. I'm not part of any gang, I swear." I started to worry about being with these two. Tear looked like he definitley could hurt me without a second thought but Beanie looked like he would think about it.

 "Ha ha. Don't worry, we saved you after all. Plus you don't even seem like you would be in a gang. Just seems like you are a regular homeless guy." So he did know. Well it wouldn't be hard to guess, I didn't have shoes on since they were taken from me not to mention that my clothes are tattered and I probably reek.

 I noticed Tear come out of the room while putting something in his pocket. "Let's go Beanie. It stinks in here." Tear ordered without emotion and ignored me. It kind of hurt, this was where I lived. I know it isn't perfect and got cold a lot, other people came here to and it wasn't easy on the nose either. But it wasn't that bad.

 "Bye, Pretty Boy." Beanie said and started to catch up to Tear. They were almost out the door when I stood up and called out to them.

 "Why did you save me?" I asked. Tear stopped and looked at me, his eyes narrowed as he fully turned around. He was silent for a couple seconds and Beanie looked at him to as if waiting for an answer to.

 "I felt like it." Was all he said before he turned around. I didn't want to be alone again, I didn't want to feel that ache of loneliness. But why? I was use to it by now but for some reason I didn't want them to leave me behind. Beanie shrugged and started to leave once more. Were they actually going to leave me?

 Seconds passed into minutes and they didn't come back. I didn't hear their voices anymore, instead the silence was almost deafening. A sigh passed my chapped lips as I decided to look into the room Tear visited. What was so important about that drug? Was it sold by them and they were going to get caught if they didn't cover up any tracks or something? Curious I went into the room and seen nothing out of place. Only a couple of garbage items and smokes crumpled on the floor. 

 I turned to walk out of the room but something glinted in my peripheral vision. I looked back and seen something metalic on the floor. Picking it up I was greeted to a ring pinched between my fingers. It had a black line in the middle with a carving on the inside, spelling out something but it was too small to read it. My eyes were bad to begin with since I needed glasses so it would be impossible to see what was carved in it.

 Was it left behind by the teenagers or something? If so one of them might come back and get it since it felt and looked expensive. I shoved it into my pocket to not lose it and if anyone came back to get it I would give it to them.  

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