The Other Side: Exiled

For her, it was the fire.

For him, it was the voices.

Ella and Kade. They thought they were safe. That they were normal. They were totally unaware of one another's presence until fate had to draw them together.

In each other's eyes they are strangers. But in another reality they are more than friends.

It's just too bad they can't remember any of it.

Now they both face an impending doom from group of powerful people trying to kill them. At the same time trying to figure out what got them into this mess in first place.

But the answer may prove to be more terrifying than the question.

Who are they?


15. Chapter 6.2 – The First Time We Met

“Before we belonged to anyone else, we were each other's.”

― Elizabeth Noble




At first, there was silence. The kind of silence that keeps you in a state of serenity. I felt like my body was floating on a peaceful ocean, ebbing and flowing along with the current. There was no need to disturb it. Every single organ and vessel of this body were in sync. The blood pumping through my system was a low orchestrated thump of a bass drum, mixed with my shallow breathing and slow beating heart, I was in a dreamer’s paradise.


Then came the noise. The slow monotone beeping of a device next to me. A monitor, I thought.


A clatter of shoes infiltrating my paradise. A low and hushed murmur of voices.


“Why? Tell me. Why has he been like this?” somebody asked. I recognised that voice. Mum?


“He’s already told you, darling. He’s unconscious,” said someone else. Dad.


“Comatose,” a person whose voice I couldn’t recognise.


“We know that!” shouted my mother. “Just tell us when he’ll wake up.”


I wanted to speak. My eyes wanted to open and my fingers wanted to move, to give them an indication that I was listening. That I was very much aware. My body refused to move.


“I’m sorry, Mr and Mrs Smith. That information is not yet certain. I cannot determine it,” the other voice said.


My mother broke down into tears.


“Let’s go, Monica,” my father said, his voice dry and cracked.


There was a long pause, followed by some sniffling, and finally, I heard my parents’ receding footsteps.


“Hang on in there, boy,” said the third unknown voice, before leaving me alone again.

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