The Other Side

For her, it was the fire.

For him, it was the voices.

Ella and Kade. They thought they were safe. That they were normal. They were totally unaware of one another's presence until fate had to draw them together.

In each other's eyes they are strangers. But in another reality they are more than friends.

It's just too bad they can't remember any of it.

Now they both face an impending doom from group of powerful people trying to kill them. At the same time trying to figure out what got them into this mess in first place.

But the answer may prove to be more terrifying than the question.

Who are they?


8. Chapter 4 – Back from the Dead

“As long as I am breathing, in my eyes, I am just beginning.”

 – Criss Jami





I inhaled and opened my eyes.


It’s the kind of shock one feels when their body cannot comprehend what has happened. When their mind has shattered and can’t even begin to pick up the pieces to fuse itself together. That’s the kind of shock I felt. I didn’t know what to feel. My mind was broken.


But I knew one thing for sure. I had seen him. Had it been before I fell or after I fell, I didn’t know. I knew I had seen him; he had seen me.


Looking down at myself, I saw that my grey pyjamas had been torn and singed, dishevelled pieces of fabric draped from my waist. I was on the ground.


What the hell just happened?


Something seemed wrong about the scene. On my left, the remains of a balcony lay on the ground like a marble-splattered masterpiece. Behind me, a house was collapsing, engulfed in flames. I could smell burning rubber, wood, and flesh….


Then it hit me - the word that had been repeating itself over and over again in my head.




I sat up, startled by the realisation. It felt like such an unbelievable theory. I immediately wanted to dismiss it. Everything around me screamed ‘dead’ to me. The darkening trees. The eerie atmosphere. The grieving wails and howls of flames nearby.


Yet through all of this, I was breathing.


Thoughts rushed through my head like the wind which was roaring through my ears. Each loud whisper was infused with confusing hysteria. Electrifying shock. I couldn’t breathe. Excitement, euphoria or trauma. I couldn’t tell. I could barely see, and yet all of my emotions flooded back like I was being showered by a waterfall.


It couldn’t be real.


I blinked, rising up and feeling the ground sway beneath my feet. It was real.


I was alive.

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