The Other Side: Exiled

For her, it was the fire.

For him, it was the voices.

Ella and Kade. They thought they were safe. That they were normal. They were totally unaware of one another's presence until fate had to draw them together.

In each other's eyes they are strangers. But in another reality they are more than friends.

It's just too bad they can't remember any of it.

Now they both face an impending doom from group of powerful people trying to kill them. At the same time trying to figure out what got them into this mess in first place.

But the answer may prove to be more terrifying than the question.

Who are they?


7. Chapter 3. Part 2



---VISION 1---


The air was around me was throbbing with heat. I looked up and saw a sky which was clear and blue. There was no sun. No clouds. Just invisible heat radiating onto my skin. The land stretching out before me was a glowing array of ambers and golds. Flat, fine sand lay motionless on the ground.


The sand shifted under my feet and I realised that my feet were not on the ground. I took a step and trod on air. Air which was my support. Invisible, unmoving and dense.


I saw a mound of scattered broken shards. More collected together as they drew closer to a lump of collapsed material. An abandoned building. Two crumbling walls remained. The rest of it had been destroyed.


I hovered upwards and to see the staggering scene of thousands of similar buildings scattered across the horizon. There were many more structures, all neglected and derelict.  Towards the vanishing point, the buildings became more distinguishable as houses. They developed panelled roofs. Some were pointed. Some were made of glass. Some were curved.


Somebody zoomed past me and I yelped. But my voice was silent.


The figure was clad in a black and red tunic. Dark hair. Pale skin. That was all I saw. He didn’t look back as he flew upwards.


He began to fly forward above the city and instinctively I followed him.


As I soared after him, we met the sea. A frothy turquoise sea with colourful mammals and large strange creatures swimming along with the current. I let my fingers skim the surface and water sprayed behind me.


I looked forwards and saw a dip in the sea a few miles away. A dip of gushing water.


The nearer we flew, the larger the dip became. I made out its sides, slowly growing wider until…I pulled to a stop. This wasn’t a dip. It was…a hole. An almighty hole tossing water into its dark centre.


I floated upwards while hovering over the hole below me. I heard the sound of a whoosh and my partner zoomed past me once again. Too fast that I couldn’t catch sight of his face. The boy soared onwards, not paying the slightest attention to the pit right beneath him.


I forced myself to move along, hurrying to catch up. My face hit something hard and I cried out.


Right before me was a gigantic levitating piece of rock hanging in the air. Long roots draped over the side.


The guy in front of me stopped rising and went out of view behind the top of the slab of earth. I hurried to catch up.


As soon as we emerged from over the side, I took in the sight of hundreds upon hundreds of skyscrapers. Frightening, glass monuments loomed overhead like giants. Diamond shards shot up from the crust, dominating the scene. Constructions were of all shapes and sizes. Architecture that defied the laws of physics was everywhere.


The figure hovered onto a road and started running. I chased after him, wondering what he was leading me to. The streets were filled with a sea of travelling men and women clothed in two distinct colours. Red or blue.


The boy was easy to find. He flew over a tall gate and pushed past a pair of brass doors.


I slipped into the building after him.


The hall we entered was dimly lit. Towering stone statues lined the sides, carved into figures of warriors and armoured horses. Their eyes were embedded with red jewels. A haunting silence filled the air until the only sound was that of the flickering torches hanging on the walls.


There came the sound of footsteps, which grew louder until a tall man turned the corner. He was clothed in a black robe adorned with red lace patterns. The unfamiliar man caught sight of the boy and stormed across the hall. Lights flickered out behind him, clothing the space in even more darkness.


He had a nasty expression, and his spiky dark hair and sharply shaven beard only added more to the fear he inflicted on his surroundings. A menacing growl was etched onto his face, exposing the many scars on his face. He took a couple of quick strides towards my partner and stopped. I looked between the two, anxiety suddenly filling me.


Who was this man? Who was this guy I’d been following all along?


I walked forwards, knowing that they were both unaware of my presence. But I felt a tempting eagerness to expose this boy’s identity. I crept forwards a little more, knowing that this discovery would be made soon.


But not before I heard the sound of hard flesh on skin.


The grown man brought his hand back and slapped the boy, sending him falling to his side.


It was so viscous. I winced as though I could almost feel the pain too.


“Father!” cried the guy who had staggered to the floor.


That voice…


“You are late, Kade!”


The boy pushed himself to his feet before facing another harsh slap to his face. His face turned my way and I saw myself.


He stared at me for a second.


Then all of the lights flickered out in the room.

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