The Other Side: Exiled

For her, it was the fire.

For him, it was the voices.

Ella and Kade. They thought they were safe. That they were normal. They were totally unaware of one another's presence until fate had to draw them together.

In each other's eyes they are strangers. But in another reality they are more than friends.

It's just too bad they can't remember any of it.

Now they both face an impending doom from group of powerful people trying to kill them. At the same time trying to figure out what got them into this mess in first place.

But the answer may prove to be more terrifying than the question.

Who are they?


2. Chapter 1. Part 2




‘I hope I can make it across the border. I hope to see my friend and shake his hand. I hope the Pacific is as blue as it has been in my dreams. I hope.’


As the last words of the movie rolled in my ears, I felt an urge to cry. ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ was a classic.


Georgia’s loud snore interrupted my thoughts and I squinted at her in the dim light of the TV. It was ten o’clock and I had agreed to let her stay over to watch a movie so she didn’t have to stay with her arguing parents. She hadn’t lasted long though. Her body was in an askew position on the sofa, with half her body slipped over the side. Her head lolled backwards past the armrest, leaving her mouth hanging open. She had to wake up and go home. The exam was tomorrow.


“Georgia!” I whispered loudly.


“Uh!” Her eyes jerked open. She slapped her messy hair out of her face and mouth and stretched.


“The movie’s finished.”


“Right,” she yawned, slipping on her shoes and rubbing her eyes.


“I’ll see you tomorrow in school?”


She only grunted in response and headed for the front door.


I went to my room and got undressed. In my reflection, I saw my dark skin overlapping my slinky figure. Black spirals of hair fell down my shoulders. My mother liked to call my features elegant. There was nothing elegant about the skinny figure standing before me. I stared inquisitively at my brown eyes as they stared at me.


The time for wondering is the time for sleep, I thought as I slipped into my grey nightie and plopped down on my mattress. The temperature outside was surprisingly bitter cold and the icy wind swept through my window.


I lay down shivering, and I briefly looked outside to see the darkness of the night, a vast open void swallowing the light of the world. To think, perhaps there was someone standing down there, staring at me as I looked over the trees beyond. They could see me. I was oblivious to their existence. A creeping sensation made me quiver in uneasiness and I quickly bolted the window shut. Nothing’s going to hurt you, I reassured myself, and soon enough I was engulfed in the warmth and safety of my bed.



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