What On Earth

A group of teens find something small, it holds something that has powers you can't imagine.


1. Meet the Robinson's.

I'm Peter Robinson, the laughing stock of school, my neighborhood and pretty much the entire town. The nerds are friends with me because they feel bad, there's Jake Lesley the bookworm,  Emma Beasley and Finn Planton.  They all have  crush on Emma, though Emma used to like me until Brad Jones joined. Brad Jones is the bad boy, he wears a thin leather jacket and is the only boy who smokes. He already has a girlfriend though, Taylor Davis, the "fashion queen" of the school, she is the most popular girl and will NEVER wear the same outfit over again, she says its weird. She lives next door though and every night she sings before bed, she has her curtains open and wear the same PJ's EVERY night. I don't tell anybody otherwise Brad would get Toby to beat me up. Toby is the toughest guy but never speaks, so he doesn't get a girlfriend, he says they are a waste of time to us, he probably doesn't want us having a partner because he wants his friend Brad to have all the girls. 

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