poem book

Just some random poems. they are all different types


1. Mustangs vs. ponies

I’d rather be a mustang, free on the plains.

I wouldn’t have to worry about humans like all those ponies.

I could escape my worries, leave them all behind.

I wouldn’t have to worry about whips.

I wouldn’t worry about doing stupid tricks.


I could do whatever I want.

I could do tricks to please my herd.

I would chose to, not be forced to.

I could run like the wind out on the open plains.


I wouldn’t have to care about bounderies like a cage or a pen.

I can let my mane fly free, not be held up in tight, painful braids.

I would rather be free and loved rather than caged in and never know love.


I’d rather be a mustang because then I could defend myself,

not have to depend on a human to defend me.

I could be the independent one, saving my herd and myself from danger.

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