Her demons kept her from living. But what everyone didn't know....was that she needed them to survive.


3. Prologue


The small red light on the table was the only thing that held my interest. I watched the wheels spin slowly inside the plastic window to the right of it. The clock on the wall was ticking continuously, it was louder than the hum of the recorder. But nothing could drown out the sound of him.

“Ms. Minix? Did you hear me,” he asks from across the cool metal table. I look up at him from my chair uninterestedly, my eyes bore into his.

“Why are we here today?” He asks in a calm manner. I smile wickedly thinking back to this morning.

I don‘t know doctor, why don‘t you tell me? I‘m supposed to be the invalid after all.” I reply sarcastically with a smirk.

“Why do you think you‘re an invalid?” He asks, while his square rimmed glasses fall slightly down the thin bridge of his nose. My laughter drowns out the ticking of the clock and the sound of the voice in the back of my head.

Isn‘t that what your stuck up nurses and the rest of this damned ward think? Because really ‘I‘m no better than a toddler given narcotics.’ isn‘t that right?” I hiss at him through gritted teeth. My body is leaned over the table with my fingers digging into the sides. My face is only inches from his and while he’s smirking I spit at him to wipe it off his ruggedly handsome face.

“So you‘ve seen your file. How may I ask did you manage to retrieve it?” He asks coolly. I watch him take out a napkin and wipe his face and glass lens.

I tug at the straps on my wrists that keep me to the chair, they chafe the sensitive skin under them. Slowly I stick two fingers under one and massage the area. I find my way back into the comforts of the metal chair.

Do you really think I‘d tell you? Especially considering you‘re going to send me to solitary after this? No no, doctor. I‘m afraid you‘re asking the wrong person.” I smirk proudly. Fucking idiot really thinks it’s going to be that simple. I wonder how he’d feel strapped to a chair and prodded with nagging questions for hours.

“Okay, then who should I be asking? Would Lucille be more willing to talk to me?” He wonders casually. I watch him place his glasses in his coat pocket and stare at me with those piercing dark blue eyes of his. Sometimes if I stare into his rounded and wide set beauties long enough, it’s almost as if he’s chilling me from the inside out. 

She doesn‘t want to talk today doctor, I‘m afraid. She quite likes it where she is now.” I respond with a sigh. This back and forth was getting so boring. Really, if he wasn’t going to take me he’d be better use to me dead.

“Oh? Where is she now?” He asks, leaning in with his arms in the center of the table. Hmm, he’s trying to act comfortable around me. Like he isn’t the least bit frightened of me. Anyone with eyes can see he’s sweating, even now his hands are fighting to shake.

Why should I tell you? Then you‘ll make me leave…..and I like it so much more when it‘s just us, don‘t you doctor?” I ask in a soft and seductive tone. My hands slide toward the center of the table and grasp onto his forearms tightly. My body leans in toward him again and I part my lips with just a centimeter to close the gap between us.

Tell me doctor, how many times do you fantasize about stripping me of this gown? How often do you crave to touch this body with more than just your medical instruments?” I ask with a softness and inquiring eyes. His forearms tremble beneath my hands and the room gets more cramped with his ever growing discomfort.

“That‘s enough for today, Ro.” He says with a sigh, as he slinks back into his seat. But my hands remain tightened on his forearms like a snake with his meal. His muscles tighten under my hands and without a moment for me to process it, he slips out from under me and grabs my arms. Like knives in my skin, his fingernails hit home as he slams me back into my seat.

A gasp emits from me and the corners of my mouth lift up into a smirk.

Why doctor, am I getting you too excited for you own good? Can‘t you handle that fire rising in your blood?” I ask with a wide spread grin. He grunts and sighs loudly as he returns to his seat.

“I said that‘s enough for today, Ro.” He repeats with a slight hitch in his breath. My eyes bore into the side of his head as he tries to slide all his already perfect papers into place.

There’s a knock on the glass behind me. I guess the boss man isn’t happy with today’s interview. Too bad, guess this means the fun’s over.

Are you leaving me doctor? How boring, just when things were getting interesting.” I say, while sliding down my seat and inching my socked foot along his pant leg. 

He nearly falls out of his seat in his rapid standing, I watch him clear his throat and grab his now scattered documents from the floor.

I‘d help, but my hands are tied.” I reply, waving my strapped hands in the air. I chuckle at my own joke and watch him, flustered, walk out of the room with a quick pace. It wouldn’t surprise me if he faints on the way to meet with his supervisor.

A woman enters with black wavy hair and a thin waist. I watch her long legs stride across the room confidently as she takes her place in Henry’s chair. My loud sigh is heard as I fix myself inside my own chair.

Hello, Veronica. It‘s always an event seeing you.” I greet with bored sigh. She smiles and folds her hands on top the table.

“Why an event, Ro?” She wonders with a curious smile. My giggles come out as I think of explaining this to her.

“What‘s so funny?” She asks in a rigid tone. Someone’s getting uptight, she must think I’m laughing at her….she’d be right.

Nothing. How much longer is this going to be? If I‘m going to be stuck in solitary for twenty four hours, I‘d like for it to start soon. I‘d hate to think I missed out on seeing Dr. Mathers at lunch.” I reply with an irritated tone.

She sighs and looks behind me at the mirror. I watch her nod and stare back at me with those spring green eyes of hers. They always seem to dance happily in her small and tight sockets, no matter what I say to her.

“Ro, we‘ve noticed something about Lucille that we‘d like to discuss with you,” Veronica claims in her calm and practiced doctor’s tone.

“We think you can help us. You are after all the only personality who likes to talk to us.” She admits while pushing her thick hair behind her right ear. I watch her wedding ring glint off the florescent lights above us.

Yeah well, it’s kinda hard to get anything out of Titch. He just likes to smash things. Lucille and I often think he‘s pretending to be hulk. You know, I haven‘t seen that movie in ages! Do you think it‘ll be on tv?” I ask with a fake sense of interest. The only way I’m going to get this bitch to shut the hell up, is to make her think she’s winning me over. She crosses her legs under the table and I watch her skirt hitch up her thighs. 

Titch seems to love watching the way she moves. He’s making my heart race frantically and my blood rise with heat. The damn fool’s in love with a married woman. While he’s in a woman’s body, no less! We’ve tried to explain she doesn’t roll that way but he has hopes. 

There’s something in the way she smile at us, watch her mouth.

My eyes focus on her thin pink lips, heavily smeared with burgundy red lipstick to match her olive skin tone. Words come out but I stopped listening long ago. Her perfect, white, crown capped teeth are flawless and hold her jaw daintily and gracefully. Wait, not perfect. There, in the back on the left hand side is a silver filling. Someone has a sweet tooth.

“Ro? Have you heard a word I‘ve said?” She asks in a demanding tone. I clear my throat and sigh in exhaustion.

Listen doc, I‘m quite bored of this get up. Can we just get this show on the road?” I ask, not hiding my lack of patience. She shuffles slightly in her seat and tugs at the bottom of her shirt. I can just see the crack of her cleavage on her chest. Hm, a happily married woman never flaunts unless it’s for someone.

Then, I watch her lean forward across the table. Titch is having a field day with the view of her chest that she’s gifted us with. Her arms are pulled in tightly to her sides, making her chest rise and pop out more.

“Alright, Ro. Let‘s talk.” She says in a tone I think is supposed to be seductful. 

“How many men has Lucille slept with within this last year?” She asks, staring intently at me. 

There it is! Just look, Ro! I told you how she sees something in us. In me.

Her mouth has curved up on the right side into a smirk. I can just make out the slight tug on her lip from where she bit it. Dammit, the stupid shit is right. Lucille has a dyke for a fucking doctor! 

That’s not a nice word, Ro. It could hurt someone’s feelings. Lucille, if I cared at all about what you thought, or people’s feelings, we wouldn’t be here right now.

I don’t know doc, why don‘t you ask her? I‘m not her fucking diary.” I spit out with an unease. I hated talking about Lucille’s life. Especially considering I could hear everything she thought while they asked them. I’d much rather talk about things that I do here at the hospital and make Dr. Mathers’ skin crawl.

“Ro, that‘s not what we agreed.” Veronica says with a sneer. I watch her get up from her position and walk around it toward us. Titch and I watch her hips sway carefully before she sits on top the table.

We didn‘t agree on anything, technically.” I reply with a finger raised to stop and correct her. Her lips curl into that familiar smile she saves for us. Because I’ve never seen it used on any of the employees or patients.

She leans in close so a foot is between us and we’re greeted with more of her cleavage. We can smell her violet shampoo from her hair and it’s driving Titch crazy. Dammit Titch! Keep it in your pants! 

“Is it because you don‘t know how many men she‘s slept with, or because Lucille won‘t allow you to answer?” She asks in a matter of fact tone. This fucking bitch.

I AM THE FUCKING ALPHA OF THIS TRIO! No one, does or says anything unless I say, understand?!” The chair scrapes against the floor as I burst forward to get in her face, screaming in irritation. Her lips are so close, I can smell the vanilla scented lip gloss smeared across them to hide the taste of her lipstick. There’s a knock on the glass behind me.

The rolling starts in my body,

DAMMIT TITCH, NO!!” I shout in frustration. My body falls, as Veronica runs toward the door. Her heels clack along the tile rapidly. It makes the process move faster. I can feel the white, hot heat expel from me and his mind clouds over everything. 

Her body, her lips, the smell of vanilla and violets. He breaks us out of one of the straps and together we scream in agony. Veronica is fumbling with the locking mechanism on the door, her once happy eyes are now wide and panicked as Titch breaks through.

Dr. Loiston is now a whimpering mess on the floor and her dancing eyes, are now broken like us.

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