Her demons kept her from living. But what everyone didn't know....was that she needed them to survive.


6. Chapter 3


Fight or flight. This is the moment I have to choose. But, there’s too many damn voices going off for me to concentrate.

“You are unbelievable! Do you not understand how much I had put on the line to get you out?!” Veronica screams in my face. Meanwhile Mr. Mustache is only a few feet away from us and getting closer. Cil, I’m sorry.

I grab Veronica’s head with both hands and pull her in. Her eyes are wide and I can feel her tense up in response. Only when my lips meet with hers does she loosen up and begin mimicking my actions. 

I am going to kill you. Get off of her right now! You are on the fucking sidewalk of all places! What if someone sees?! 

Titch can’t take it anymore, Lu..

The rolling in my back starts and I grunt inside her mouth. Titch’s impact hits me hard as he tries to come through, instinctively I dig my nails into her lower back and pull her closer. Our lips break apart for only a moment to inhale sharply and she’s pulling me in closer. I can feel Titch fade away as Lu talks him through it. We’re broken up by the guard tapping Veronica on the shoulder and telling us to take it home.

It’s quiet in the car as Veronica drives us to the next place. In a weird way I’m happy about it, because silence means we don’t have to talk.

I cannot believe you kissed her, Ro! After everything I said, and you chose to just jump her. What is wrong with you?! Don’t you have any fucking shame?!

Ooh, look who’s getting all testy. Sweetheart, you’re just mad I’m the one she wanted to kiss and not you.

We’re the same damn person!

But she specifically asked for me. It’s clear I won the battle and you’re just a sore loser. Anyway what are you complaining about? I had to do something to get the cop off our trail. If we make it seem like we’re just two lovers quarreling, he’ll leave it be. But a mental patient causing problems in public? That’s going to be a big red flag and then bye bye Kai and the Christmas trip.

I hate that you’re right! UGH!! Just! Ugh, next time please have the decency to take it indoors! We don’t need a scandal.

Cil, it’s the 20th century. Lighten up, honey.

Where exactly are you taking us?” I finally ask Veronica as we pull onto a street.

“Somewhere.” She says, turning onto another street with houses.

Cil, where’s Titch?

He’s resting now. This whole day has upset him and I told him when he woke it’d be over.

Do me a favor, keep him that way.


Because I think your pretty doctor has other plans for us today.

You don’t mean…

Oh but I do mean.

Dammit, Ro! See! This is why we don’t engage in physical activities with the normals! Ugh!

Uhm, I hate to burst your bubble doc, but I‘m after Dr. Mathers. Not you.” I say as she pulls into a driveway.

The light green house is huge and could easily fit a family of ten. With it’s high arches and intricate roof detail, it makes every other house next to it look dull in comparison. Her windows are large and long, some taking over an entire wall. While others move in sunlight, hinting you can’t look in from the outside.

“I‘m aware, Ro. But after that stunt you pulled at the store, I‘m afraid I think you might be wrong.” She says with that familiar smile.

Nope, I don‘t think I am.” I reply, looking over at her in the driver’s seat. We sit in the parked car with the engine off and she nods her head toward the house.

“Come on, I don‘t bite…hard.” She teases, opening her door and climbing out.

Reluctantly, I follow her into the house and we walk into the kitchen. All of her cabinets and utilities look brand new, almost like they’ve never been used before. Her counters and bar top are made with Corian and entice you to dirty it. 

My mother would love it. Your mother would love it.

She grabs a note from the fridge door and reads it while opening a beer. I take the one she offers me and chug. 

Spit that out!

No! If I have to sleep with your dyke of a doctor in order to get us home, I’m going to need this. You aren’t the only one ready to leave that damned place. Those drugs always make us sick and sometimes I never want to come out cause my head hurts too much. We have to go home, Cil. So let me help us by doing the only thing I know how.

But we’ll be going home anyway, with or without her! We don’t have to do this!

After the stunt I just pulled? Yes, we do. Do you honestly think she’s going to let us go home if we don’t? She’ll tell the doctors about the stunt we pulled in the store. Or worse, make up something and really keep us in there. If you don’t want to watch I understand. I’ll let you know when we’re through.

Ro, you don’t-

Go hide, Cil. It’s the only thing you’re good at.

“Yes honey, I know you do. We‘ll see how long it‘ll take you this time.” Veronica says, after setting the note down on the counter and chugging her beer. I look it over from my seat at the bar top and see her husband is working late, but he sends his love.

Why are you doing this with patients if you‘re happily married?” I ask, turning my whole body to look at her.

“Who said anything about happy? We‘re both using each other for money. Cause see, we both knew going in that I wouldn‘t be faithful. Sometimes I have a tendency to dabble in the opposite sex.” She says, wrapping her legs around me from her seat.

Her hands tug on my belt loops as she pulls them down toward my ass. I let her tongue explore my mouth and feel her create friction between herself and my leg.

“Mmm, you’re not playing too, Ro. What is it? You want to be the dominant one? I’ll play the submissive part for you.” She mumbles into my mouth with a purr. 

I told you, Dr. Loiston. You‘re no fun to me. You give it away too easy for it to be any fun, and I always prefer the actual chase. Which is why I want Dr. Mathers. He‘s so fragile.” I smile thinking of the last time we spoke.

“Well, you aren‘t my idea of perfection either sweetheart, but I‘m willing to make the sacrifice.” She says, before unbuttoning my jeans and sticking her hand inside them. 

Her breath tickles my ear as we lie on her bar top. Every now and again she’ll nibble on it and drag her nails across my flat stomach.

“It‘s a shame you‘re leaving us. We could‘ve made this a weekly thing.” She states in a tone that’s meant to be seductive.

Yeah, well just make sure we‘re going home. The last thing I want to learn is that we did this and you claimed we were still too troublesome.” I state, looking to her with a fiery glare.

“Relax, you‘re going home. Believe me, Henry is all bent up about it because Lucille won‘t be his little ray of sunshine anymore.” She says with a sigh.

I sit up with my coat covering myself and search the floor for my clothes.

“Have you seen my-” I begin to ask, when she holds my panties in the air tauntingly. As I grab them, she pulls and I come with them. I feel her fingers trail up my inner thigh,

“Wouldn‘t you like a second round?” she asks.

No. Thank you.” I state, walking it off and putting on my clothes. 


Why did you choose me? Why not Lucille? This is her body after all…” I ask, curious about the reasoning.

“Because you‘re the dominant one. You always know what you want and you aren‘t afraid to share your opinions. It‘s a huge turn on for me. Which is why I almost always want the interviews when you make an appearance…which is almost always.” She says with a smile, while her eyes roll back into her head. I watch her hand slide down her stomach and look away when it stops between her legs.

Lu, the pretty lady-she’s


Cil! I thought you said he was sleeping! Get him to look away, now! At least until I can reach a safe place!

I can hear her trying to divert his attention away from Veronica’s naked body. But he’s seen it all and his arousal has heightened.

Lu, I’m sorry. But I have to TOUCH-

No! Titch, don’t!

Even after my running to the nearest bathroom, I can feel him erupt inside of me. His mind clouding over everything, the surroundings becoming that vile red haze and my thoughts getting silenced in the mix.

Ro, RO! Wake UP!

My head is groggy and the throbbing inside it makes it hard to open my eyes. I groan at the feeling and run my fingers along my forehead. 

Please, Ro. Titch is sorry, please don’t be dead because of stupid me. Stupid, stupid, STUPID!

His shouting amplifies the pain. Oh, great. Now I think I’ve landed in something wet. With my luck its-

Titch? Why are you sorry?

Titch is stupid. Stupid, stupid, STUPID!

Enough, enough of that! Why is Titch stupid?

Because, the pretty lady-she’s..


My eyes fly open and at first I’m confused because the only time we see red is when Titch takes over. But…there’s red everywhere. I slowly stand and take a deep breath with eyes closed. When I open them, I’m covered in thick, sticky and copper smelling grime.

We're never going home. We're never going home.

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