The Case of Haruki

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  • Published: 24 Jan 2017
  • Updated: 24 Jan 2017
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This story contains scenes NOT suitable for very young readers. I suggest that you think twice before you continue reading this or else you'll reach hell!!!

If you're not a fan af any YAOI (BoyxBoy) stories or if you feel that reading these sort of fictions makes you throw up, well, better get lost!!! This is not the right place for you!!! Hahah!!! *insert sadistic laugh here*. But if you're also a fujoshi like me, then please proceed to reading this stuff. ^_^)/ You're halfway into becoming a pervert!!! Hooray!!!

This story was actually from my account in Wattpad. Its my first time posting here in Movellas so please bear with me.


1. Oneshot




I woke up with a start. Feeling a bit sluggish, I lazily scanned the room. Unfamiliar with the surrounding, I realized I wasn't in my own room. I tried to sit up as I rested my head in the headboard of the queen-sized bed. I was shocked when I became fully aware of my circumstances. I was completely naked underneath the quilt and I saw few hickeys everywhere my body.


Damn! What happened? I asked myself as I began to feel a great deal of pain especially in my lower part of body. I tried to reminisce what happened yesterday but all the memory I could grasped was when I left from my part-time job yesterday and proceeded to a nearby bar. What comes after that was all blurry for me.


Suddenly, the bathroom door opened and emerged the last person I ever wanted to acquaint myself with.


"You awake?" the tall, well-built man in his mid-20's asked, drops of water were dripping from his black, wet hair down to his toned chest. He was only wearing a white towel secured around his waist and I wondered what he was sporting underneath that piece of cloth.


W-wait! Did I just think some dirty thoughts? I chastised myself the moment I realized where my thoughts led me.


"You're cute when you're sober too, Haru-chan!" Tomo teased, bringing his face closer towards mine and I instantly turned crimson red. I pushed his face away but he just chuckled. Great!


"W-what happened yesterday?" I managed to ask, clutching the sheets tightly with both hands. Tomo pulled a chair beside the bed and sat on it, directly facing me. He released a sheepish grin before answering me.


"Oh! You don't remember?" my eyebrows creased as I tried to recall yesterday's events.


"Damn! Spill it bastard!" I finally snarled in defeat.


"Eh? Chill out Haru-chan." he said with a pout. "I happened to pass by the bar yesterday and was surprised to see you almost drowning yourself with those large glasses of beer. I sat beside you but I guessed you were too drunk to recognize me because you keep on blabbering some stuffs."


"S-stuffs?" I stuttered. Tomo just grinned before he answered.


"Yep! Like how you regretted breaking up with me."


All of a sudden, I felt my cheeks turned red with embarrassment. How I prayed that the ground would split into two and swallow me whole. Did I really spouted nonsense yesterday? I don't want to believe this but taking a swift peek at Tomo's face confirmed my doubts.


Tomo, son of a well-known businessman was my lover for almost two years. Due to social status, and me thinking that I don't deserve him, I decided to break up with him four months ago and vanished from his life. I left no explanation, just a piece of paper stating that I want to cut ties with him.


I tried to move on, or so I thought. My entire life has been revolving around him that the moment I left his side I was so lost as how to start anew. With Tomo's high profile and status, the last thing that I wanted to be was to become a burden for him.


"I-I think I g-gotta go." scrambling to my feet, I fished for my clothes that has been lying crumply everywhere the carpeted floor.


"Not yet." Tomo was too quick to grab my arm and before I noticed it I was being pinned down with my back on the bed and him on top of me.


"L-let me go!" I weakly protested. I tried to squirm from his grasp but he was much stronger than me.


He caught my hands with his right hand and placed them on top of my head. His left hand began kneading my chest and I tried to stifle my groan.


"W-what do you think you're doing?" I asked feebly. Tomo smirked, his face just an inch away from mine.


"I'm not doing anything...yet." just then, I felt his wet mouth captured mine. He nibbled my lower lip but I tried to remain unresponsive. I gasped when I felt him bit my lower lip. Taking advantage of the situation, Tomo slid his tongue inside my mouth.


"Nnh!" I moaned as he found my tongue and began sucking it. I don't want this, shit, but my body says otherwise. Also, I'm starting to feel horny and I can already feel my organ becoming hard.


Tomo planted soft kisses all over my face, licking my earlobe before he finally sought the side of my neck and began sucking it. He lingered there for a few seconds before he trailed his kisses down to my chest until it nestled on my protruding nipples. His right hand began rubbing and pinching my nipple while he was gently biting and licking the other pair.

"Nnh! Tomo... Stop-nnh!" I tried to kick back some senses into my cloudy head. I can feel my body twitching and squirming beneath Tomo's hold.


"I dont think your body wants me to stop." he said between licking my nipples. His right hand slid down to my stomach until I felt his warm big hand wrapped my length.


"Nnh-ah!" a moan escaped my lips as he began rubbing my shaft. He sought for my mouth once again and began sucking my tongue while his right hand was still pumping my manhood.


Suddenly, he increased the tempo of his hand and I felt like I'm on the verge of losing sanity. I tightly clutched the sheets around me as I was nearing my release. A few more strokes from him and I already cum in his hand.


"Eh... I just barely touched you and yet you came already?" he smirked , licking the sticky fluid from his hand. He reversed our position and I found myself on top of his naked body. I didn't even noticed that he had discarded his towel earlier while he was pleasuring me.


"U-uhm, Tomo-kun..."


"My turn, Haru-chan." grinning, he pulled me for a deep kiss before releasing me. I nervously glanced at him but he just answered me with a playful wink. This damn brute wanted me to pleasure him!


I started licking his chest down to his nipple. I gently grazed it with my teeth before dragging my face unto his lower part. I gulped when my face was just few inches away from his throbbing cock. I nervously stroke his manhood before kissing the sides. I heaved a deep sigh, licking the tip of his pre-cum before taking him with my mouth. I slowly moved my head in up and down movement while my hands were busy toying with his balls. I heard him groan.


"Aah! Shit! Feels good, Haru-chan!" he was panting while his eyes were closed. "Deeper Haruki."


I almost choked when he suddenly moved and pushed his lengthy shaft deep that it almost touched the base of my throat. I felt him twitched and the next thing I knew he came in my mouth. I gulped his fluid in immediate response. I saw him smirked and he pulled me upward, giving me an intimate kiss. The kiss was stimulating, with the mixture of his bitter-sweet juice.


Tomo produced a small bottle of what seemed to be lube and I wasn't given the chance to ask where the hell did that came from because he inserted one finger inside my hole without preamble. My entire body began twitching again.


"Ah-nnh!" sensing that I was starting to adjust to his thrust he then added another finger and continued his wild strokes. I felt a tingling sensation and I can't help myself from moaning louder.


"You are so lewd, Haru-chan." Tomo teased as he inserted the third finger inside while pumping my cock with his free hand.


"Nnh! Tomo-kun... I w-want-ah!"


Tomo smiled before he abruptly pulled out his fingers and pushed me down unto my back. Our positions now being switched, he shove my legs apart and drove his still throbbing manhood deep into my twitching hole in a sudden impulse.


Even though he had prepared me, I still winced in pain from his sudden intrusion. Wiping a tear that escaped my eye, he stilled himself for a few seconds before thrusting slowly.


Our moans and the smell of our sweaty bodies resonated the whole room. Adapting to his pace, I began wanting for more. My resolved for four months had crumbled. All I know is I love him. And I want him.


"Tomo-kun... Ha-harder!"


"As you wish." he abruptly pushed almost his length inside mine and drove wildly. He began pumping and thrusting and I was jerking spasmodically between pain and pleasure.


"Hah... Haruki, so tight... your insides are squeezing me." he groaned between his thrusts. "Nnh!"


The thrusts eventually attained a constant rhythm and I felt like I was on the verge of melting from the intensity. I can feel my insides quivering continuously as Tomo drove harder and faster into me.


"...feeling good?" he asked, his breathing heavy.


"Mnh...dont...ah...ask me!" I couldn't quite fathom why he would asked me a question he himself knew the answer. He's really mean, this guy.


"I-I feel amazing I could die." those words escaped my quivering lips.


I suddenly felt his thrusts come at an ever-quickening speed. He squeezed in tight and my mind almost went black. With one deep thrust my passion burst forth. Still pumping harder, he came inside me few seconds later.


Waiting for our heartbeats to returned to normal, I laid restless and spent beneath him, our lower bodies still entwined. He nuzzled the crook of my neck as he hugged me closer to his chest. I sighed, filling my lungs with the smell of him. Having him in my arms feels nostalgic, and it seemed like forever since I felt this kind of calmness.


"I love you Haruki, and I'm never gonna let you disappear from my life ever again." he stated with total resolved. He tilted my head and gave me a passionate kiss before I felt him moved inside me once again.



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