Count down to heaven

Every one has a watch that counts down to that one fateful day that will change their life for better or for worse




" Why...Why would you do this to me Ivy, you know that I have issues with one direction." Rory questioned " Rory, all my life I have had to been that perfect little genius, but when I listen to there music that pressure all goes away."

Rory just stared at me I could tell that he didn't know how to answer that. After a long pause he finally gives me a answer " Ivy I never knew that you felt that way, I guess that the only thing that we can do is to go to the concert, maybe it isn't a member of the band maybe it's the cab driver or a guy at the concert or security guard."

"Yeah that's true."

" I want to go with you just to make sure that your safe."

"Ok I will look at tickets when we get home from school."

"Thank you Ivy I know that you can't control the watch but I just want to make sure that whoever this person is only has your needs as there best interest."

" Hey Rory."


"Your going to a one direction concert!!"

"Never thought that I would hear those words"

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