Count down to heaven

Every one has a watch that counts down to that one fateful day that will change their life for better or for worse


5. Worry


i am worried that I will do something wrong and never meet her or she won't like me.

" Harry you have to quit stressing about it , it's fate let it happen." Liam said. He was right I just needed to calm down because look at how happy he is with Danielle.

" Harry when we get to the concert in Dallas just ask the crowd if any of their watches has the same time as you and then If someone answers have security escort her and whoever she's with if she is with anyone backstage until after the concert. " Niall said.

"Your right Niall I will do that I will just have to ask security to make sure that her watch does say the same thing as mine. I really do feel better knowing that I have a plan."

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