Count down to heaven

Every one has a watch that counts down to that one fateful day that will change their life for better or for worse


9. meeting styles 2.0


After I raised my hand security immediately came and rushed me back stage "wait" I told them " my cousin is back there he's the closest thing I have to a parent." Security went back and got Rory he had a stunned look on his face.

"Ivy what do you think this means is it a member if the band or is it a security officer." Rory questioned

" I don't know Rory I don't know."

Just them security walked back into the room and said that they needed to talk to us. " excuse me what are your names." The security guard asked I looked at his name tag and it read Lee

"My name is Ivy Johnson and this is my cousin Rory Hansen."

"Well can I have a look at your watch Ms.Johnson we just want to double check."

I held out my wrist he looked at the time which was now 12 minutes and 3 seconds.

Officer Lee looked at me and said "Well Ms.Johnson it looks like you and Mr.Styles where meant to meet.

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